100 days to go?

I just reached level 49, so there are 11 levelups until level 60.

So far my average is 8 days, 2 hours, 17 minutes, but the number of leeches is increasing and so is the number of daily reviews (about 200). Currently I have about 1100 apprentice and guru items which I want to reduce in the next days before starting the level 49 lessons.

Therefore I will not rush through the remaining levels and plan with an average of 9 days per level, which would get me at level 60 in the middle of February (no Christmas break thanks to Covid-19).



That’s a pretty reasonable pace. I’ve kept the same speed of 11 days since hitting the fast levels so I’m going slower even though the level up time is the same.

Also, I’ve been splitting up the items on my own just to spread out the workload and keep my apprentice around 100.


Why would one need to take a break for Christmas even if there wasn’t a pandemic??!?

Isn’t that when you have time off from work so you should have even more time to spend on Japanese studies.

理解できない。 :neutral_face:


I’ve been thinking about the fast levels and how to approach them, but this really appeals to me. I think that while I’ve been binging lessons before, I might actually stop and do like you…slow down and add a couple of days per level and split up the burden in 2-3 chunks to keep apprentice items at a good spot.

@2000kanji That’s some great consistency and a good plan for moving forward. :smiley: But you sure have a ton of apprentice items! :sweat_smile: (I’ve never had those numbers ^^)

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1100 is the sum of apprentice + guru. There are “only” some 100+ apprentice and about 1000 guru.

The fast levels have as many items to learn as other levels, so if you go at maximum speed you’ll amass a lot of review items. Therefore I prefer to keep my pace, even for the fast levels.


I guess, I wasn’t completely awake when I commented! ^^; But, good to know…I do have fewer guru items now…it’s been around 700-ish and is now around 600-ish which I do feel when it comes to reviewing (smaller review piles).

And, I kinda thought the fast levels also had fewer items, but it makes even more sense then to keep to your routine - what’s working for you - and not to try to sprint the finish line. My yearlong subscription ends in august next year (I think), so I there is no need to hurry. ^^

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