Unsure about progress

Recently, I read the post How NOT to get to level 60. My experience with WaniKani, and ever since I have had many doubts about the progress I am making.
Lately, I have gotten very unsure about whether or not continuing at this pace (approx. one new level every month) will make me accomplish my goal of reaching level 60 in two years from now. I am scared of going faster with my lessons, because whenever I get to burn vocabs in my reviews, I only get 50-70% of it right. My average completion rate last month was about 88%.

My progression in SRS: 20190921_203630|375x499

Should I go faster, should I slow down?

I’m not a specialist, but I think you 11 apprentice and 176 guru is impressive :+1:

Well technically if you do about a level per month, it would take 3+ years from your level to get to 60. Depending on your schedule, if you can fit in more time for reviews then you can do more lessons. I feel like most users here agree around 100 apprentice items is a good average.


If you have the time I’d recommend going faster until around level 40. Maybe double your pace to two new levels a month and see how it goes. I wouldn’t worry too much about the 50-70% rate for burn reviews. It’s hard to remember stuff you don’t see for four months. As long as a faster pace doesn’t eat up all of your time (you want to make sure you have time for “practical” practice, like reading) then you should be fine.


Thank you very much for your advice.

That’s good to know, thanks a lot!

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Your low apprentice levels suggest that you can go faster, if you want to. Also your guru count is less than your master, which also suggests not too many items are slipping back. You’re fine.


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