100 Apprentice?

  • I think I am progressing too slow? I am not sure? But I tried keeping my apprentice around 100 or less, and not doing lessons if the count is too high because I heard from many people this is what to do so you don`t get overwhelmed.

  • However, I feel like I am going to slow, and that when I finish a level, it takes a couple of days to work down through all the lessons before I can even start the new level, which is making the level time a lot longer than it previously was.

  • Has anyone got any tips or can they share any experience on how to speed things up a bit?
    (side note, I can only do reviews 2ish times a day as I have a busy life)
    Thanks in advance.


I think the general advice is that you should try to keep apprentice items to an amount that you can handle, and whatever that number is varies from person to person. I think 80 to 150 seems to be the most commonly given range among people who talk about this.

People who have 250 apprentice items are probably just less likely to discuss the topic.


I tend to hover around 200 apprentice, but wouldn’t really recommend it. I’m pretty much fluctuating on the border of tolerable and overload. 100-150 would nice, but I can’t get myself to get it down there before I cave and push on.


If you want to get started on a level right away, check out [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter. This script lets you do radical, kanji, and vocab lessons all together. So you can start learning new radicals and kanji while finishing the previous level’s vocab.


Like @seanblue says, the easiest way to speed up is to prioritise radicals and kanji when you level up. ^^

My pattern was: 18-24 lessons a day. With reorder, I would do a level’s kanji first (doesn’t all have to be in one go) and in the days it takes to get first and second wave of kanji to Guru, all my vocab would be taken care of.

I did keep this up while being able to review more than twice a day. If that is what you have time for, it will probably also slow your level-ups a teensy bit.

For example, for those that can review at least three times a day, they can do lessons in the morning, review them four hours later, and review again in the evening eight hours after that. That means a word hits Apprentice III on day 1, rather than the Apprentice II you can get it to with 2 review sessions. Those people will clear items out of their Apprentice pile more quickly, so if they’re sticking to max 100, they’d be moving a bit more quickly. Not saying you have to magically find the time for more reviewing, just that it does impact speed.

Hitting those early intervals often also helps retention, so some items may not be moving out of Apprentice as quickly as some errors may be made. But you would know that better than me. If your retention is fine: great! :smile:

I’d say experiment if you feel a need to speed up. To possibly avoid leaving yourself with too many reviews during those two times a day, maybe something like @Kumirei 's Expected Daily Review Script can help.

Good luck! :muscle:


I don’t mind saying that I prefer my count to be around 200-225. I’m level 21 (started early December 2108). It goes against conventional wisdom but… My first run through the levels is more about exposure than accuracy. If high accuracy is important , then keeping your apprentice count low will help with that.
FWIW I have an odd schedule that either allows only two review sessions per day or as many as WK offers per day. I aim to do 20 lessons per day when possible/available.


Probably because they’re too busy with reviews.


I only have ~50 apprentice items at any given time - but then, I only learn 10 new items per day. I think more might overwhelm me and I want to keep plugging along at this after school starts back up.


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