Finally got my Apprentice items under 100 but

This is going to hurt for a while…

With 70+ lessons too, I’m limiting myself to 10 lessons a day until it all starts looking a little more manageable.


Haha I know how you feel. I came back from a verrrry long break and was struggling for a couple of weeks because my Apprentice was over 100 and I was taking all lessons as they came. Nice to be under 100 and have 0 lessons. I’m scared of the future seeing you more advanced members. I cant imagine how many reviews you do daily. Haha


If it helps, I came back from a huge break too (600 days!), so my huge guru pileup was because of that. If you keep going the way you are you’ll be just fine :blush:

I’m only just restarting my Japanese study and at the moment it’s nearly entirely Wanikani, though I do need to bring in some other books or methods to complement it soon


I always keep my apprentice reviews between 100-200 :sweat_smile: Although, more often the lower end. I felt like I was going to slow and didnt like waiting for new lessons and reviews, so this allows me to keep going at a steady pace.


I honestly don’t mind having a lot of apprentice items! But that many guru will all hit me at once if I’m not careful :joy: I like going steady, I find regularly levelling up motivating!

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I use the wanikani ultimate timeline and the wanikani srs totals scripts to manage that. Or at least it won’t be a surprise when I do have a large amount to review, I know not to do more lessons and to put time aside to tackle the amount :woman_shrugging:

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Aye, in addition to 100 Apprentice, I also tried to keep Guru around 500. I found that was a good balance for me.


Nice, it feels good when your apprentice items go down. Mine usually sits around 110 but this week I took it easy a bit! So here’s how it’s looking now:


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I’ll post something opposite to show how extreme that Guru is…

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I can see exactly where you are coming from. I’m using WaniKani, Genki (I have the textbook, workbook and answer key), I use TokiniAndi(?) on youtube along side my lessons for Genki, i use about 3 website for grammer and I make Anki decks with them.

I’m upset I’ve been taking Wanikani for granted it has been great when it comes vocabulary list and recognizing Kanji. So far as of today I am doing pretty good I stuggle the most with 先々月、何月、来月、毎月、and 今月. Its hard for me to know if its getsu or gatsu. Hahaha

Is this on your phone? Is it a certain app?

Tsurukame for iOS

right now trying to make the descion of continuing wanikani. I finished level 3. right now,

GURU: 38

My mnemonics for the whole がつ or げつ thing go like this (maybe they can help you too?), after struggling with it for weeks:
先々月 = e because “month beforE last” has an e in it
何月 = a because “what month” doesn’t have an e in it
来月 = e because “nExt month” has, you’ve guessed it, an e in it
毎月 = e because… well, you can guess what’s up with Each and EvEry month" at this point.

And then there’s 今月 where the pattern falls apart and Ra (from the original 今 mnemonic) is laughing his butt off at me getting stumped by these letters and coming up with (gestures) all this. ( and also for somehow being in a moon-related mnemonic when he’s a sun god I guess. Point is, he’s laughing and that throws me off enough to remember something is “off” about this reading.)

And to get vaguely back on topic, grats to OP for managing all those apprentice items! I’m going way slower and my head starts spinning when mine go above fifty or sixty, so this is even more impressive to me!

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I struggled with differentiating those, and this actually really helps thanks!

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There’s actually a simpler pattern. がつ is for numbered months like 一月, 二月, etc. Note that 何月 is included because you’re looking for the specific numbered month.

All the other ones that are relative like 今月, 先々月, etc use げつ.


Oooooh. (imagine me looking like the shocked pikachu from that one screenshot.) That is even easier to remember than whatever I had going on, thank you!


I’ve found it really useful! But it’s totally up to you, and WK works best with other material in combination.

I made it up to the 30s in the past but had to restart ages ago, but I still think it’s worth it :blush:

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