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If this it your first Japanese paper book I can see why you were suprised.
Japanese novels are tiny.
I guess it makes the easier to stick into a pocket and to store.


Ooh, thanks! I didn’t know, haha. That’s so cool. I really like the size, too.

Yeah, I usually buy everything as ebook or a physical manga here and there (buying physical is quite expensive unfortunately… $5 for the book and about $15 shipping :persevere:). I also got the Kitty Detective book which is bigger than a manga. But when it comes to true novels, this is my first buy, yeah. :smile:

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I bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Japanese. At least I thought I did. Turns out I only bought half of it. :sweat_smile:

They split it up into two books so they could keep it that small pocketable size. They do it with all of them, though some are made up of more volumes than others.

I like it too, means I’m definitely more likely to read on the go :slight_smile:


Also keep in mind that this is a children’s novel, not a full novel. This is pretty well in line, sizewise, with what I was reading around 12 years old. A bit bigger than one of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books, a fair bit smaller than Harry potter.

That said, the red-border hardcover version is pretty sizable. You’d have trouble fitting it in a pocket.


Memories! :smiley:


Week 8 - start of Chapter 5

I feel like such a rebel every time I necro these threads :grin:


Didn’t post in chapter 4 thread yesterday, but I did read! I was obsessively working on 3d prints, and understood the pages well.

Now, you might wonder, what could I have been working on that would be more important than talking about 魔女の宅急便?

A 3d printed and hand-painted Jiji! He’s sizable, too, at about half a foot tall.


OMG he’s amazing!! Now all you need is a 鳥かご for him to sit in, ha.


Ooh, and a 銀色のざぶとん as well.

I’m actually getting a larger printer in the next month or so, with nearly three times the print volume, so a cage isn’t out of the question.


You could do the cage in 4 curving sides that meet, and a base (that has cushion, remember–it doesn’t fall out). OMG …Jiji is aDORable!!!


I’m trying to start writing more in Japanese… sorry about sounding “bossy”–I’m overly excited about the project that you have made.

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I’ve nearly caught up! I think I’ve read 18 pages in the last 2 days, only have 2 pages left of chapter 4. But I really have to try not to get so behind again…


Same for me. I’m trying to keep up with the group but I’ve been behind in the last few weeks. I’m taking time to read all the explanations provided in each thread and this is immensely useful!

Also, really nice job @Sharpevil for your 3d Jiji, as well as for your daily posts full of useful questions.


Me three. Got the book four weeks late due to the :roll_eyes: virus :roll_eyes:, and since then I’ve only managed to stay a consistent four weeks behind lol. Turns out it’s quite a jump from Nyan Nyan or Yuru Camp!


@Cathm2 and @nienque hard same on the catchup game haha. I’ve been powering through ~20 pages this weekend because real life made it hard for me to sneak in reading.

I’ve conceded on finally lowering my expectations for reading, haha. Not to say that this isn’t still valuable for me learning-wise, but I’ve taken more of a lenient approach that doesn’t involve meticulous parsing out of every sentence to make sure I have total comprehension. While that would certainly be nice, I’m learning to be quite happy with just getting the general idea of a phrase down and not necessarily worrying about getting stuff like conjugation right on the first try.

What really helped was that I finally buckled and have been using an English translation of the book to double check my answers, which keeps my pacing a lot steadier. I’d say 9/10 times I’m pretty dang close to getting the meaning spot on. It takes away a lot of the stress of being stuck on a single page for half an hour, and is honestly a lot easier than cross-referencing Jisho or ichi.moe.

That said, with meaning being less of an issue, syntax is now the main offender haha. A particularly notable one for me was on page 84, where Kiki is getting ready to deliver the birdcage. As she’s prepping, the prose is written as a list of itemized clauses:


It struck me as odd to have Kiki’s instructions to Jiji written as dialogue instead of narrative prose, which is how the translation did it and just sounds more natural in English.

Kiki passed the broom’s handle through the bird-cage ring, hung the radio above it, and set Jiji on the whisk of the broom, telling him to keep a careful eye on their cargo.

I’d say I’m at a point now where, odd syntax aside, I can generally understand a phrase. I just don’t necessarily know how to construct phrases myself, haha.



Hi @mintyfresh!

I read that as the first of the annoyance “needles” as far as Jiji was concerned. Because Jiji was directed to sit waaay back on the bristles of the broom… I think was like “[Uh uh] You have to watch FROM BACK HERE.” Then Jiji starts grumbling about “fancy fashion boy” up in the front, in the gilded cage…


Oh yeah for sure, as far as intent and meaning behind that totally makes sense. My confusion was in the syntax, which was as a quote rather than descriptive prose of Kiki saying it.

For example:

John got his car keys, put on his jacket, and told his friend to hurry up, saying that they were going to be late.


John got his car keys, put on his jacket, “We’re going to be late”, he told his friend to hurry up.

Contextual grammar is still something I’m trying to wrap my head around haha. I’m getting better about thinking in Japanese rather than translating from Japanese into English (wherein I often make the mistake of doing so literally). This particular passage threw me for a loop just because I hadn’t seen things written this way before.

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Is it up in the front at that point, though? I think it’s behind Kiki at that point because

  1. Jiji can reach it.
  2. later, after they look for the dropped doll, it says キキはこんどは、用心して、鳥かごを自分の前にぶらさげ、おおいそぎでとびあがります。
    Which suggests that hanging the birdcage in front of her is different than last time.

I think it was behind Kiki, but in front of Jiji?

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Oh, totally. I see what you mean by “in front” now-- just in front of Jiji, who is in the way back.

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Oh, I see @mintyfresh. Syntax like that is sooo waaay over my head! I’m barely getting the verb forms!! お邪魔しました。 頑張りましょう。

@Wildjinjer, I agree with you, Jiji had to reach the cage for “hijinx to ensue…”

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