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Vocab Sheet: Original Club

  • キキ - a young witch
  • ジジ - Kiki’s black cat (黒猫)

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We’re discussing grammar, vocab usage and its context, checking if our reading comprehension is right, interesting plot/character development, etc.

Wooh, someone is flying through this chapter.


Can you customize your anonymous name in Google Sheets? Either someone did that or Google is getting awfully stalkery about the content of our spreadsheets.


I would be (not very) anonymous dragonfly if that was the case! :joy:
I thought I’d get cracking on this chapter because it’s Eurovision this week and I’m going to be spending several evenings watching hilariously appalling Europop and not thinking about Kiki. (Kind of appropriate that it’s a music-themed chapter though!)


@Kyasurin So naturally the book should be getting easier as we keep reading (and has been for me) as we get more used to the writing style used in novels in general and in this book in particular. But does it feel like this chapter and the previous chapter have be objectively easier?

I’m voting for “we’re getting better at it” rather than “the book is getting easier” :wink:
I seem to be looking up just as many words per page in most cases. However I think perhaps the grammar has been more straightforward the past two chapters?
I’m kind of missing being able to ask/answer questions but I haven’t really had any.
I will upload this chapter’s pictures for you soon. :smile:

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Yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling too.

I look forward to the pictures. I have 5 pages left in the chapter and should finish up this weekend.

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Another chapter done and dusted! お疲れ様でした。

I have to say, this chapter actually surprised me with the ending.
I was expecting the miserable musicians to start playing and thaw themselves out in the process.

Aspects of this chapter I enjoyed:

  • the irony of the musician saying they were not the sort of musicians who could perform with「風が吹いても鳴るようなへぼ楽器」- given that the concert ended up being exactly that.
  • the excitement of Kiki trying to get the rather reluctant Jiji into the moving train (Subtitle for this chapter: “Don’t try this at home children!”)
  • the image of Kiki & Jiji flying along like a giant wind chime, having a great time making a racket with the precious instruments

So just to be clear,「風が吹いても鳴るようなへぼ楽器」is still in response to Kiki’s recommendation that they just borrow instruments, right?

Full sentence:

Translates to something like:
“Can we even perform with inferior instruments that sound like the wind is blowing?”

I’m not 100% sure I can associate the 風が吹いても part with the 楽器, but I don’t know how else I’d translate it. Is 風が吹いても modifying 鳴る?

Did they even make clear how they made the 首飾り of instruments? It was pretty interesting either way, but if they explained it I didn’t catch it.

This was a pretty fun chapter though, just like the last one. Only one to go!

I read this as “Can we perform with the sort of mediocre instruments that will sound even if the wind blows them?”
I’m guessing the implication is that crappy instrument -> anyone can play it but it doesn’t sound good, in contrast to quality instrument -.> sounds good but requires skilled musician to play it.

See the middle of p232 red book = p210 blue book I think

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Nice, close to what I had but definitely better.

Thanks, I found it on the first line of page 211. I understood that Kiki suggested connecting the trumpets together and hanging them from the broom. But apparently I missed (or forgot) the line 「そこにある荷物のひもを、少しずつもらってさ」. So I guess they got some string from some of the luggage and used that to tie the trumpets together.

I envisaged the ひも as being used to hold the 荷物の山 together on the train. Lucky no-one else was in the luggage compartment to watch this brazen act of Junior Great Train Robbery! :rofl:

Anyway, here are the illustrations from the red book for this chapter.

The cranky musicians

Jiji not at all interested in life as a cat burglar on a fast-moving train

The sound of spring

Although only the word ラッパ (which Jisho defines as trumpet, horn, bugle) is used in the book, I see the illustrator has included other brass instruments. My paper dictionary has ラッパ only meaning (military) bugle, the sort you . So I googled it (as you do) and found the following random fun facts for you.

(From https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ラッパ)
ラッパ in slang/metaphor


  • “to blow a rappa” indicates exaggerated or boastful stories (making a small thing larger)


  • “a rappa sounds” can be used to indicate the sound made by an empty stomach when you are fasting

I know there is another week set aside for this chapter, but I hope to crack on with Ch 11 fairly soon.


The picture of them flying with the instruments is pretty cool, especially Jiji clutching the violin.

I wish I could start the last chapter early too, but I’m going on vacation in a few days, and there’s no way I could finish the chapter in that time. So I probably won’t be starting the last chapter for about two weeks.

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No worries. I will hold off posting any spoilers!

I hope you have a great vacation. Going anywhere interesting?

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Combination cruise/wedding. Should be fun. :slight_smile:


Here’s Chapter 11’s discussion thread, last one! ^^


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These senteces at the very beginning are going over my head:


“what’s important, is whether or not the people of this town can hear well. It’s quite the concern.”

most unsure about the next one: “in any case someting seems to be left out.”
This has to tie in to the luggage left on the train so, even if it seems far fetched to me, does 耳がいいか refer to the station staff’s mistake?