銭天堂 | General Discussion Thread - Volumes 2+

This thread is for discussion of volumes 2+ of the children’s book series 銭天堂 (yes there’s an awesome website), as a casual follow-on to the book club which ran for volume one.


Those who participated in the book club generally agreed that it was an enjoyable read well-pitched for those trying to progress from manga onto books, so I’m hoping this thread will encourage people to consider picking up the series, and perhaps keep reading beyond volume one!

You’re welcome to post any thoughts or questions you have on any of the books from the second volume onwards, whether you need help with some of the text or just want to gush about one of the stories.

2020 Volume 2 Club

There is currently a small group effort reading volume two together. The discussion starts here.

Date          Chapter                          Page Numbers    Page Count
May 2nd プロローグ
7 - 9
11 - 31
May 9th ドクターラムネキット 33 - 62 27
May 16th お稲荷せんべい 63 - 88 23
May 23rd ミュージックスナック 89 - 111 20
May 30th しっぺがえしメンコ 113 - 129 14
June 6th おもてなしティー
131 - 157
158 - 159


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  2. Please use the appropriate discussion threads for volume 1 if you’re reading that (linked from the book club home thread), rather than posting here.


The series is still actively publishing new volumes, so I’m just including a volume 2-focused poll and people can post their own celebrations if they finish further volumes :wink:

  • I’m intending to read the second volume
  • I am reading the second volume
  • I have read the second volume!
  • I’m not planning to read past the first volume
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Vocab Spreadsheet?

Would people find a vocab spreadsheet useful?

Volume 2 Group?

Although this thread is mainly for self-paced reading, if there’s enough interest I’d like to facilitate a group to read the second volume together. This would be much more casual than the normal book club: we’d have a suggested pace but all of the discussion would remain within this thread.

I just find it more fun and motivational reading stuff along with others ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know when it would happen (not for a while), but would people be interested in principle?

  • I’d be interested in reading as a group, at a similar pace to the first volume
  • I’d be interested in reading as a group, but at a faster pace (one chapter per week)
  • I’m planning to read it in my own time

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I clearly need to pay more attention to the club threads, because I had no idea there were more volumes! I definitely want to read those, currently going to find them on Amazon :eyes:

Edit: Just ordered the second and third volume! I doubt I’ll be patient enough not to start tomorrow since I’ve got the week off from work :sweat_smile:


I actually went ahead and bought volume two when I placed a cdjapan order the other day, so I’ll definitely be reading it in the future. Still got quite a reading back log before I get to that point, though.


Aw it’s not available on Kindle yet…

Started reading Volume Two tonight, and I’m already loving it! The prologue has me imagining there’s a whole network of these magic candy shops aside from 銭天堂 and 鬼火堂, and the descriptions of the crow boy are spectacular. Seriously looking forward to the rest of the book!

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Oh my gosh I couldn’t help myself and started reading as well. Finished chapter one today. Did you find it more difficult than the first book? I found a lot of kanji above my WK level.

Edit edit edits:

Chapter 3


Oh my goodness, there is yet another magical candy shop and the (un)lucky MC got to go to that, too! I was losing my mind with the ending. How dark! This chapter scared me.

Chapter 5


I love how the author connected this story to the one in the first book. It took me by surprise and made the story even more interesting, knowing how people can cross paths with Zenitendou. Looking forward to the next chapter.

6 days later…
DONE! Off to book 3!


Goodness did I fall behind on this one :sweat_smile: I finally finished book 2! Gotta say, I actually really really enjoyed the second volume. I felt like the final outcomes in each chapter were more varied and the characters were really fun to get to know! I’ve got volume 3 sitting at home, and the local library carries the whole series, so I can definitely seeing myself come back to these books any time I want to read something a little lighter. If anyone was considering reading beyond volume one, I highly recommend it! You could even start with Volume 2, technically, since none of the stories are intertwined.


Woah nice! Don’t forget to update the poll in the OP :wink:

I’m really itching to read more of this series, but guess I gotta finish Mysterious Town first… Planning to pick up volumes 2 and 3 in anticipation whenever I next place an order though.

Envious :sob:


Oh my gosh volume 2 came out on Kindle finally :')


I literally updated the original home thread to include a direct Kindle link today, so I had no idea it wasn’t available on Kindle before now! I think I remember seeing it had at least up to volume four?

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Yeah, that’s what I can see, pretty exciting considering I checked a month or so ago and there was no volume 2.

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Just found out that Zenitendou continued beyond the 1st volume, that’s really great news! The first book was really nice to read - good plot, short stories, comfortable pace coupled with acceptable level of challenge.
Fascinated to see that at least on BookLive the reviews go higher with each next volume, so it is probable the next ones would be even more enjoyable than the previous.
I am jumping in too then! Can’t say what the pace would be, but will try to set up some certain schedule anyway. Last time small milestones helped me immensely to organize myself.


Currently about halfway through Vol. 5 (skipped 4 temportarily because I still can’t find it at the library, but 3 was pretty good!) and it may overtake Vol. 2 as my favorite in the series so far. I won’t spoil anything, but it takes a different approach than Vol. 1-3 that I’m really enjoying! I’ll probably end up reading the entire series this year, and buying all of them down the road just because they’re so dang enjoyable.


:open_mouth: well now I have to read all of them to find out what this means :sweat_smile:

So, I’m planning to start reading Volume Two, assuming my copy arrives in time (surely!), on the 2nd of May.

I’m going to try reading it a bit faster and more freely than the first volume, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to manage a chapter a week. If anyone else wants to join (@Voi?) please do!


I definitely enjoyed the later volumes more. I have read volumes 1-4 at this point, and the first is probably my least favorite (although I do love the description in the epilogue). I’m taking a break now since I finished all the volumes I had, and also to read other things. It’s fun to see that other people are also continuing on after the first one!


Definitely! I can start anytime, the only other book I’m reading right now is Kiri, which were almost done with. I have the ebook so I’m good to go.


Hooray! Does a chapter a week suit you? I hope I can manage that :sweat_smile:


Yeah, if it’s like volume 1, it’s a pretty quick read so that’s doable.

Would you be okay with grouping the prologue with chapter 1, and epilogue with chapter 6 since they’re so short?


Sure! My copy hasn’t arrived yet so I wasn’t even completely sure there were 6 chapters again. Sounds good to me :+1:

@catbus it’s really interesting to see that the consensus seems to be that future volumes are better than the first. Definitely glad to be reading more of them.