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Just finished Volume 5! Took me just shy of 1 week to get through so I have a little extra time (like, 8 days instead of 7 :joy:) to get through Volume 6 before it’s do back to the library on April 3rd. I also ordered Volume 4 so that I can go back and read it as soon as I finish Volume 6 next week. I don’t like having skipped it, even if each book, or even chapter, is (more or less, I’m finding out) a stand-alone story.

@Radish8 @Voi Enjoy your read-through of Volume 2! If you guys come across anything and have any questions, I’d be happy to try to help if y’all want to post them here :slightly_smiling_face: I own that volume, so it’s easy enough for me to look back at it and check if I’m not sure.


Sorry for the double post, but my copy of Volume 4 came in, and attached to the front…

I thought I must be mistaken, but no! At the end of April we’re getting an Anime Movie adaptation of Zenitendo!!! Subtitle is 釣り鯛焼き so I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be based off the identically named chapter in Volume 1 which was my favorite of that book! Idk how they’ll stretch that one chapter into a full movie, but maybe if it does well enough we’ll get an actual full blow anime, which would be amazing! Here’s a site with more info on the movie (though it’s in Japanese).


My copy of volume 2 arrived! :tada: kind of annoyed with myself for not ordering volume 3 at the same time… hey ho.

The schedule I’m planning to follow:

Date          Chapter                          Page Numbers    Page Count
May 2nd プロローグ
7 - 9
11 - 31
May 9th ドクターラムネキット 33 - 62 27
May 16th お稲荷せんべい 63 - 88 23
May 23rd ミュージックスナック 89 - 111 20
May 30th しっぺがえしメンコ 113 - 129 14
June 6th おもてなしティー
131 - 157
158 - 159

…wow, I feel like the chapters were much more even lengths in the first volume!


That second chapter is almost twice the length of the fifth chapter!

Right?! Maybe I counted wrong, haha :grin: can just see myself getting behind schedule in only week 2 and then clinging on until the 30th…!

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I can’t help with page numbers (ebook) but here’s the percentages, starting from the title pages of each chapter:

Chapter Location (%) Chapter Length (%)
Prologue 3% 2%
Chapter 1 5% 13%
Chapter 2 18% 20%
Chapter 3 38% 16%
Chapter 4 54% 15%
Chapter 5 69% 11%
Chapter 6 80% 17%
Epilogue 97% 1%

So by week we’d be reading 15%, 20%, 16%, 15%, 11%, 18%.

Edit: updated the epilogue count to not include the notes and copyright pages.

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Looks like 13 books in the series are available as Kindle book now! Yay!

I just started the first book, but when I finish it I plan to continue reading volume 2. I may not be able to join you on May 1st, but I’ll try!


2nd May: Prologue & Chapter 1 (vol 2)

And so the attempt begins!

Hope you’re still able to join, @Voi! By the way, @Kawazoe, I notice you mentioned back in February wanting to read volume 2 - are you interested in joining us?


I had forgotten how much these books love onomatopoeia :sweat_smile:

Favourite new word: 鬼火

What the hell is a たる adjective? Oh, of course, Leebo has me covered. And this page was also helpful.

Who you talking to, lady? :grin: also I’m really not sure it’s safe a plonk a Zenitendou vending machine down somewhere - your customers get along badly enough when you are around to give them some advice at the point of sale…

Aah, even just reading this short bit (and feeling the need to double-check onomatopoeia every other word) reminds me how nice it is to read a book :blush: I honestly find it much easier to read prose than manga dialogue, so it’s just perfection when the book is nicely within my reading ability.


I read the first story in the first book and I love it. Should I finish the rest of the first book or can I jump straight to the second book and finish the first book later? Do the stories build on each other or are they completely stand alone?

They’re episodic. So far (as of finishing book 1) there hasn’t been any reoocuring characters except the candy seller.

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Yes, the only thing I’d add to Voi’s answer is that it might be worth reading the epilogue of the first book before jumping ahead, just because it gives you a little insight into the shop (definitely a little!) which might be nice to have.


I also find it easier to read prose than manga dialogue. It also helps that prose can be copy-pasted from Kindle into a dictionary app. I really struggle with Manga when I have to figure out the characters manually before I can look them up in a dictionary. Kindle app plus Akebi or Imiwa really helps a lot!

The Zenitendou books are a little too difficult for me still, but I really enjoy reading them. Hopefully they’ll be OK by the time I reach the end of the last book :wink:


I’m joining! I plan to start tomorrow with the prologue, then divide ch1 up by equal percentages each day.

tldr; I'm behind

The last two weeks were rough for no real reason, and I basically did no WK or reading or anything productive IRL. Also for no real reason as of this weekend I’m refreshed and motivated, but now I have to catch up on the last few pages of Kiri and 600 reviews. Hardships of my own making, lol.

I didn’t see an answer in the thread if a vocab sheet would be wanted. I plan to make my own if we don’t want one for the thread. I can share if we change our minds.

HOORAY! :tada: :grin:

Don’t worry about it at all. Goodness knows I’ve had enough experiences falling behind on things just because of motivation :sweat_smile: and then you get into the guilt spiral…

If you’re happy to share a vocab sheet I’ll happily add to it. We might as well make it available to others, unless you’d rather not use an online sheet in the first place - then don’t worry about it.

I’m probably going to make one post for Chapter 1 which I’ll update with my thoughts as I go… will see how it goes for this chapter at least.

Also, I meant to say, @Marifly - it’s awesome that you love the book :blush: you will definitely find it easier to read the more of it you do! And I agree that it’s just really enjoyable to read, which makes it a lot easier to plough through. Sometimes I was so eager to find out what happened I even managed to shake my usual need to look up every unknown word and just read through.

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I would love to have a vocab sheet and work on it with everyone. I started to make one today but it doesn’t make sense for all three of us to do the same work separately when we can work together.

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Chapter 1 (vol 2)

Thoughts on page 12

I literally thought it was a classic “being chased by bullies” scene when I started reading, so it was much more interesting to realise it was a petty thief we were following :smiley: I know we saw some perhaps undeserving customers in book one, but it’s still always interesting to see what we get.

Thoughts on page 15

You know, it almost started to irritate me in book one, how it would describe Beniko every single time the POV character first saw her. But by this point it’s such a fixture that I well-nigh look forward to it each time :grin:

I wasn’t really planning to ask many questions, but I already have three :confused: no worries if we can’t work them out collectively - it’s at least sharing what I’m struggling with!

Questions from page 15


I’m not clear what’s going on with the grammar in お客さまが必要としている品 bit - any ideas? I think としてmeans “as” (i.e. “in the role of”), so it’s like… An article as a necessity?


ぬいとめられる?? Literally no idea, except for it maybe being a verb smooshed up with 止める in the passive.

Questions from page 16


(1) What is going on with すごいでで there?
(2) What do we think つかまることなんて考えられない means? A robber who doesn’t even ponder arrest or whatever? But then I don’t get the use of the passive… [People] don’t even think of arresting him?

Page 15

必要とする is itself a phrase that means ‘to need’. She is saying that she can definitely find a product for him that he needs.

縫いとめる means ‘to sew together’, so it is “as though he was sewn together with his own shadow”.

Page 16

(1) The word is 凄腕(すごうで), which means a ‘remarkable ability’. Just one hiragana off. :wink:

(2) I think in this case it might be potential. “A legendary thief they couldn’t even think of catching”.


Woah, catbus to the rescue - thank you so much! I am annoyed with literally every single answer, haha :grin: I could swear I looked up ぬいとめる! And the fact that potential and passive are the same for some verbs is always such a kick in the teeth :unamused:


The potential/passive thing is definitely annoying. :smile:

@Radish8 @Marifly

I tried my hand at making a shared GoogleDocs like the bookclubs. Let me know if it’s not working. I’ve not made one of these in a loooong time. also I can’t figure out how to format the link in the box like the clubs do

銭天堂 ふしぎ駄菓子屋 Volume 2 Vocab

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