舞妓さんちのまかないさん・Kiyo in Kyoto 👘 (Beginner Book Club) - Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the 舞妓さんちのまかないさん・Kiyo in Kyoto :kimono: Book Club!

Week 8 18th of November 2023
Start Page 111
End Page 137
Chapters Chapter 7 and 8
Pages 27
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舞妓さんちのまかないさん Volume 1 Vocabulary Sheet

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Name Reading Notes
キヨ きよ Main character
すみれ aka すーちゃん Kiyo’s best friend
健太 けんた Kiyo and Sumire’s childhood friend


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So, the third panel on page 113, I’m fairly sure that’s Uzumasa-Koryuji Station on the Randen line. Here is the nearest equivalent image I can find on Google Maps. The building to the left with the truck parked in front in the manga has evidently been replaced with a new building in real life, but you can see the shape of the stairs and the windows on the next building along.

Panel four is here (note the statue on the left edge of the panel), though considering that’s much closer to the next station on the Randen line, I’m not sure why she got off at Uzumasa-Koryuji.

Page 121, in the title of the omake page, does anyone else’s copy seem to have a 7 and a 0 overlaid on top of each other?





I’m beginning to question the production values of this series.


it’s not as good as kiyo’s cooking that’s for sure


It’s hard to compare with someone who’s so into cooking that she wears her apron before she puts on her apron!


除雪車 is a cool word, although a bit of a mouthful to say!

The ひっつみ汁 looks great food for a cold day. That chapter made me nostalgic for snuggling under a kotatsu too!


If I get it right, キヨ didn’t know how to make curry. Is this just an odd thing about her, or is there some reason behind it, like maybe curry is uncommon in 青森?


No, she knows how to make curry, it’s just that she’s not allowed to make it at the house.

Chapter 7 questions

Page 111: was anyone able to decipher the handwritten kanji in panel 3, where it says “おこづかい (?)すし”? I thought it looked like 寝, but that can’t be right.

Page 121 (omake page): I’m also having trouble figuring out one of the kanji in the last line of the paragraph, where it says “(?) 性ですよね”. Does anyone know what that one is?


Yeah, precisely my thought process too, so I eventually gave up and skipped over it. This time, I tried just straight-up searching for all the ~す verbs in a list of all verbs in Japanese, and… I think it’s 渡す.

Reckon that’s 小生, rather than 性, but I’m drawing a blank for the first. 麿 maybe? It doesn’t fill me with great joy, because both Jisho and Google aren’t coughing up anything for 麿小生 as a whole, but both are obscure first person pronouns, so perhaps there’s some Kansai-ben meaning?


And finished. What a wonderful read. Now the only question is to continue with the digitals or pay through the nose for more physicals and sacrifice my shelf space…


For what it’s worth, checking the TOC of volumes in previews on BookWalker, it looks like the image quality of the digital manga goes up later on.

…starting with volume 17.


That would make a lot of sense in this context. Thank you for looking through all the ~す verbs! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you! It does look very like 麿. I also thought maybe it was 小生, but just couldn’t figure out how that would fit here. Also, this is probably quite a stretch, but I found the words 惰性 and 慣性, which both mean “inertia” and would fit very well in the context, but the first kanji looks SO different from both of those that it can’t possibly be that…unless there’s a similar word written with a different first kanji?


Maybe 魔性? Means - devilishness.

Deepl translates 魔性ですよね as “It’s magical isn’t it?”


Welp, that makes more sense than my hypothesis.

Given the context of “It takes me three days to finish a pot of curry, I’m so lonely… and then I just make it again” I reckon this is intended to be some sort of self-deprecation. Like “How devilish of me” or something.


Ohhh that makes a lot of sense, thank you!

Or could they be saying curry is devilish (for making them make it over and over)?


I didn’t end up posting very much, but I enjoyed the first volume a lot!
Here’s the notes I wrote on my thoughts about it, such as they are.


I also didn’t comment as much as I should’ve. That one hairdresser visit chapter discouraged me a little bit from continuing this manga for a while, but I’m glad I decided to go back and finish it. Those later chapters weren’t so difficult at all, or at least I think it helped me to look at it with fresh eyes.

In the end, I got used to the dialect so I could still get the main gist even if words ended strangely :sweat_smile:

I had some emotional moments with the hot bottle scenes, they made me think of my grandma and all that… It was a beautiful manga! I hope to join on the next volumes :slight_smile: thank you everyone :sparkles:


With only this last week left, I got sidetracked reading a light novel, and then a visual novel book club started and I wanted to build a buffer there… but now I finally finished this first volume! Yay!

I have one question:

Page 112

I have a bit of trouble parsing this hiragana salad. What are the parts here, and what does it mean?