舞妓さんちのまかないさん・Kiyo in Kyoto 👘 (Beginner Book Club) - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the 舞妓さんちのまかないさん・Kiyo in Kyoto :kimono: Book Club!

Week 5 28th of October 2023
Start Page 71
End Page 82
Chapters Chapter 4
Pages 12
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舞妓さんちのまかないさん Volume 1 Vocabulary Sheet

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Name Reading Notes
キヨ きよ Main character
すみれ aka すーちゃん Kiyo’s best friend
健太 けんた Kiyo and Sumire’s childhood friend


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This week's dish...

Looks like it’s “Kayaki Miso” this time, a dish local to Aomori.

It’s apparently so local that one time viewers figured out Aomori as a vtuber’s home area just by her talking about “tamago miso”. Also made by her grandma, haha. (Also a bit of dialect in the video, but no idea if it’s the same dialect the characters in this chapter would be speaking.)


Alas, baachan was difficult to understand, but at least everyone else was pretty standard. I think kiyo was removing the tails from bean sprouts on the table - the bottom bits are weird and stringy and not as great to fry.


Did I miss a week? :stuck_out_tongue:

Love to, but your post isn’t a wiki. New character names this week are すみれ (aka すーちゃん, and finally one of the interchangeable maiko girls has a name) and 健太.

Yep, now that everyone’s getting the hang of Kansai-ben, have some Tsugaru-ben! One of the distinctive features being an overabundance of dakuten. Also, べ as a sentence ender.


I, too, get confused by the chapter and week number not being the same :joy:

Thanks for letting me know for the character names, I haven’t been able to read along for a while so I don’t know who’s appearing when (by the way, I don’t really know how to make a post a wiki, but will look that up :thinking:)


Regulars can make their own posts into wikis by hitting the … menu button, but you’re only a Member, so all you can do is tag a Mod and ask them to do it.


Everybody is getting confused, pretty sure this should be saying chapter 5 and not chapter 4, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to keep reading :thinking:

First page of chapter 5



I think the confusion earlier was just an (already fixed) error in the opening post:


But yeah, looks like there’s a misprint in the manga too. (I didn’t even realize and just stopped when the previous chaper was over.)


Hah, I didn’t even notice that. I guess someone copied and pasted the title so they wouldn’t have to retype the whole thing, and forgot to change the chapter number.


I don’t believe this is a typo - it’s just that this chapter is split in two parts the 前編 (first part, what we read this week) and the 後編 (latter part, what we’ll read next week). So it’s a single chapter (about how キヨ arrived to Kyoto), but told in two parts.

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It’s a typo:

(And the next chapter afterwards is chapter 6.)


Every winter I wonder why people in Japan use the metal hot water bottles that Kiyo uses in this chapter, rubber ones seem so much more comfortable.


We never see the actual water bottle, so who’s to say it’s made of metal?

I’ve never seen a hot water bottle before, so I wondered why it seemed to always perfectly keep its shape when empty, even when held up in the air from the bottom. Is that normal for a rubber one?

It’s shown in a panel on chapter title page, when it’s being filled with water from a tea pot. It’s definitely a metal one because of where the hole is.


Well, they’re fairly stiff, so they’d hold their shape a bit, but probably not to the extent shown in the manga. Was willing to chalk that up to it being a manga, though.

Yeah, I just noticed that literally ten seconds ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the metal ones are easier to fill since the opening stays put, so you can just pour the hot water in. With my rubber one, I always find it really difficult keeping it still with one hand while pouring water in with my other hand! I’ve also heard that the metal ones last a lot longer. I believe rubber degrades over time, and you want to be extra cautious about not using a rubber hot water bottle that’s too old, since leakages or bursts could lead to scalding burns.

Not at all. You have to hold it to keep it upright while you pour water in.

The metal ones look like this:


So they stay still!


Since no one had added any vocab for this week to the sheet yet I went ahead and added some. It’s always nice to fill them as much as possible for other readers with baby sized vocabs like me. :joy:

This week was surprisingly easy considering the amount of chatting.


The discussion will continue on next week’s thread:


I am only noticing this now, but that typo is is not in my version :thinking: Maybe they fixed it for a reprint.