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Chapter 3, Part 1: 幼獣の献上、神速のイアル

Start Date: April 4th
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Phew, this week‘s chapter was a bit harder for me than the previous ones. That’s probably due to it being a completely new scenery with lots of new words. On the upside, we got a little break from the bees‘ business :wink:


This week’s section is a bit challenging, and also not that interesting. I’m probably about halfway through, and it’s dragging, which is also making it hard to focus enough to figure things out that I’d probably normally figure out. But I also don’t care enough to go back and read a bunch of it again…


Caught up on this today! I enjoyed this section a lot. Then again, I also enjoyed the stuff with bees a lot, lol.


Yes, I liked it too! Curious to find out how this will connect to the story that we heard about so far. There was one mention of the アルハン already, but how will the pieces fit together? …


I also enjoyed this part! While there’s not much going on action wise, especially as connects with エリン, there was a lot of world building and character introductions. The 堅き盾 especially received a much more mature backstory than I was necessarily expecting from a children’s book. 獣の奏者 has been overwhelmingly good in that regard though, for me.

Now I’m looking forward to finding out how they tie into エリン’s story. :slight_smile: Same as @NicoleIsEnough! I expect we’ll find out next week, at least the title is promising. :smiley:


Edit: First page was too hard and I misunderstood it twice. Chapter was good, but I am not invested in the new characters enough yet. Also felt more difficult overall.


At first I completly misundertood what was happening. Took me a while to understand that erin was not there.

There is two things I’m not sure about.


At the beginning there is a flashback about the character. When he was little he had gone to give his father his lunch with his friend then the builder where is father was working was attacked by beast(I think) so the guy just ran pass between two chariot that was crashing into another then ride the horse and when he was back 12 years later as a 堅き盾 right?

Later on he is walking pass a merchand kicking a kick. He stop his comrade and say “明日は大公に一行が王都に入る。何起きても不思議じゃない。オッサレのことを忘れたわけではないだろう。それでも行くというなら、好きにするがいい”
Tomorow the people from ario nare coming to the royal city. Whaterver happen is not abnormal. Forget about them but if you want to go do as you like?

Did I get that right, because the other guys felt convinced but I don’t. Or is it like they come from somewhere else so they are obviously criminal kinda mentality(even though they doesn’t seem to think that way)
Thanks for your help

Uhmm I understood that he was getting the lunch to his father with a little friend…there was a earthquacke and the home where their father where working collapsed. The father of his friend was killed while his father was not…the friend start running to get a doctor and he was chasing after him. He arrived to a big road and saw his friend injured by a carrier?
The family of his friend was poor and with several children…his friend was chosen to got into a special guard, that could get him honor and a noble status, the aruan.

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Let me fill in that last bit. The friend (who is actually our main character here, as I perceive it) runs to get a doctor and runs past a chariot that had crashed due to the earthquake. When he was just next to that chariot, an oncoming second chariot was bound to crash into the first one right where he was standing. He was sure to be killed under it but he made a swift move and jumped onto the horse‘s back. This move was seen by a high-ranking soldier. He spent 5 days to search for the boy and offered him to join the army. He could do nothing but accept as his parents were both dead.


Oh thank you, I didn’t get that point around the horse actually :+1:

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Well I’m done the reading for the week. Was super underwhelming, so hopefully it at least connects nicely to the main story (I imagine it will).

Like @icefang97, I didn’t really understand that end bit where イアル convinced カイル not to intervene. Also, did they explain what オッサル was at any point?

Finally, doesイアル’s regret killing too many people? For some reason I was having trouble working out that line. Line for reference: おれは、いまさら迷うには、人を殺しすぎた。. Or is he saying that at this point he’s killed too many people to have doubts? I’m getting lost by the いまさら and the には.

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オッサル does not get explained as far as I see. I‘m guessing it’s a person (it says のこと and と一緒に in connection to that word).
Also (spoiler!) it’s not mentioned in book 1 any more…

For your translation, I agree with your second version; いまさら means „after such a long/too long of a time“, and I think には denotes the object with contrast. (But I‘m not very sure why it is directly attached to a verb/relative clause… maybe he is omitting the nominalizer?)

That was my confusion too. I kept wanting to read it as のは.

The には is the “to” of “to have doubts now”
For me to have doubts now, I have killed too many people already.

I found a link about のは and には: 株式会社アルク
They use the sentence 「コーヒーを飲むにはこの時間帯は遅すぎる」
(again with the には acting as the connecting “to” between “It’s too late” and “drink coffee”)

What I understand from the post is that basically, the main clause is この時間帯は遅すぎる, and by using には you can add additional qualifications to further describe the situation/limitations.
While on the other hand if you were to use のは, you make the コーヒーを飲む part the main clause and then you somehow have this other whole sentence of この時間帯は遅すぎる as the predicate. Basically they say it becomes unnatural and weird because the コーヒーを飲む is then not just an embellishment to the main sentence, but becomes the main clause (I think).

So in the case of 獣の奏者, the main sentence is “おれは、人を殺しすぎた”. And he inserts the いまさら迷うには as a qualifier, he has killed too many people to… what? To have doubts at this point.


Hm? But his mom’s not dead? She didn’t produce milk when イアル was born so ヤントク’s mom nursed him, but he has a little sister, and it says that the family’s lost its main breadwinner, which isn’t true of ヤントク’s family as his father survived. His mom is who accepted the huge sum of money to let the royal guard guy take him. No?


At 52% it says
Therefore I think she died? The foster parents are the ones who accept the money iirc.

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It’s not the mother who dies, but her children. The only children of hers left are イアル and his sister.
I also think it was his biological mother who accepted the money iirc.


What @Myria said, but also:


It said that イアル’s mom was left with his little sister (still nursing) and an eight-year-old, with no one left to bring home money. Other than the royal guard’s offer, she had no choices left. If you put ヤントク’s parents in for her, that doesn’t make sense–they didn’t lose anyone, the dad didn’t die, he still keeps his business and earns money even in the present.


I understood this too :eyes:

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