月刊少女野崎くん 🖌️ (Beginner Book Club) ・ Week 2

Week 2 14 January 2023
Chapter 3 and 4
End page 60
Page count 30
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Kindle page 38

No idea what Mikorin is saying in the two lower panels:

  • ここはつむじに一度印つけて…

  • ここがポイントだぞ‼

  • And what does the page have to do with the title, 接待?

Kindle page 41

Mikorin: 見た目で言うな
I can see the 言うな being “Don’t say”, but what’s the 見た目で then? “Don’t say that while looking like this”?
Or is it something like “Can’t you tell from the appearance?”

Kndle page 44
  • Mikorin: ひくな!!!
    …what does that mean?
  • What’s next to the 「ひくな!!!」? 「ノれよ!!」 and 「ノッ?こいよ!!!」? What does that mean?

Haha, Mikorin is great. He might be such a pain to be around in real life, but reading about him is fun. Sort of a tsundere + ikemen who gets embarassed by himself. I love that Nozaki has him completely figured out apparently.

Page 38 (35)

I feel this is probably vocab related to mangaka work, so not really sure, but here is my best guess.


So Chiyo is asking how to do a glossy fill (ツヤベタ). It seems this is usually related to making a character’s hair look shiny / glossy. It appears that Mikorin is explaining that you do this by using a stamp and using it in a hair-whorl pattern (つむじ) (which is the whirlpool like shape people’s hair have at the top of their heads).

Not confident on that at all. I’d really like to hear other people’s understanding of what he means.


I believe this is just Mikorin saying that this main point, or one of the important parts, of the procedure that he’s explaining.

Regarding the title. 接待 means “entertainment of guests” and in this case it’s being used in the sense that Chiyo is humoring Mikorin’s desire to be asked for instructions, which Nozaki pointed out in the previous page. She doesn’t really care about his explanation - she only asked to entertain him, which I think is clear by the way she behaves while he’s explaining.

Page 41 (38)

Not sure either, but I feel this is something like “Don’t say that just because of the appearance (of that drawing)”. He means that he does a good job with backgrounds despite his terrible house-drawing skills - which gets demonstrated in the last panel of that page.

Page 44 (41)

I believe ひく is to “draw back” in this case; used in the sense of someone moving themselves backwards because they are disgusted / annoyed / disappointed about something.

Regarding ノれ, I think this is a slightly weird way to write 乗れ.


Among it’s various meanings, 乗る also means “to take part / to participate”, and in this case it’s being used in the sense of playing along (with the joke that he made in the previous panel).

So basically he’s saying “Don’t draw back! Play along!”. He’s hoping she will retort something to his joke, that’s why he says 乗ってこい.


Thanks for the help, all of that makes sense!

And man, that handwritten て… I guess I should’ve gotten it, but it looks more like a Z than anything else.


I like the fact that the heroine is using the same exact fonts Mikoshiba does a bit earlier. It really adds to the experience.


This isn’t a dog, this is a cat with a bone.


Finished chapter three today! I watched the anime a while ago, and I forgot how much I like these characters haha

Page 34 (p.32 physical)

Does anyone know why Nozaki calls him みこりん/what it really means? I assume the みこ comes from his real name みこしば but. Maybe it’s just supposed to sound a little bit cuter based on his soft/easily embarrassed nature?


yeah ch3 done…


Doing better than I am. I’ll be super catching up this week on this one. :sweat_smile:


that’s debatable… I’m so behind in Shadow House… that one takes me more time than this one…
maybe I’ll read ahead another week of Takagi san :wink:

page 32 / 34

りん is a diminutive suffix used to convey cuteness, according to jisho!


Ah that makes more sense, and now I see it in jisho, thank you!!


I hope everyone has been enjoying the story so far! I’ll have a busy week so decided to start early with Chapter 4. One small question:

Kindle Page 52

Does anyone know what Seo is saying in the last panel that is making Nozaki angry?




Oh boy, no wonder he was mad with her! She sure has a way with words :sweat_smile:


I asked a native speaker at a meet up because I couldn’t read the first character. He said ロリコン, but was too embarrassed to explain what that was, then all the otaku boys in the group chimed in saying “how do you read manga and not know what that is??” :sweat_smile: I think we may read very different kinds of manga…


I’m just now catching up with this >.< sorry for being late~

Page 33:


I’m not sure what exactly やんねえ means


Informal contraction of やっていない, or in this case to take (seriously)
Two forces are at play here, ねぇ being a slangish version of ない, and the replacing of certain structures with ん, here for example the whole ている part is basically replaced. There’s an article about this in Tae Kim’s guide


You’re a real one, Gorbit99. I hope all your days are blessed and that you find joy and happiness in all avenues of your life.