月刊少女野崎くん 🖌️ (Beginner Book Club) ・ Week 1

Week 1 7 January 2023
Chapter 1 and 2
End page 30
Page count 28
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Hey guys :hugs:

so… guess I’m gonna jump in with some questions x)

page 5

Is this 重い子 some kind of standing expression? I doubt it’s just gonna mean “heavy child”, maybe something along the lines of exhausting…? Couldn’t find it in the dictionary :see_no_evil:

page 9

What is it 井上 is saying (outside of her speechbubble)? I don’t know if I’m having difficulty deciphering the Katakana or can’t understand/properly look up the word… でそかしー…? (sorry I can’t get my keyboard to write this in Katakana somehow :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:)

Just had a revelation… it’s not a ソ but a リ which gives デリカシー (delicacy; tact; sensitivity; consideration; thoughtfulness)) - in case anybody else has the same problem ^^’

page 12

I don’t quite understand what’s going on…
The protagonist is watching TV with … her father? (or someone?)
and the first girl on TV is complaining about how the guys are only interested in her looks (?)
then the 2nd one is complaining about her guy only liking her money, protagonist expresses sympathy and her father (or whoever he’s supposed to be) is flabbergasted thinking she’s (also) supporting someone financially…? or what’s happening? :see_no_evil:

page 13

again… problem with the out-of-speechbubble text :see_no_evil: 1st panel: そのまま ???

I couldn’t get myself to get through all the text on page 16 and stopping for now
will probably go through chapter 2 some time this afternoon or evening
hey at least I started! ^^’


page 5

someone who is very serious about the relationship. “I love you and I want to be with you until one of us dies” kind of person.

page 13

it is ノリ: feeling, mood, motivation, vibe, flow…

Page 12 answer

First the woman complains about men only being interested in her face and the protag kind of gets jealous because she probably hasn’t had that happen to her, especially not with Nozaki-kun. Her father (?) is kind of taken aback by that, because he probably hopes that his daughter would have higher standards.

The second woman is complaining about the guy she is seeing only valuing her money and not her. The protagonist expresses that she understands that feeling and her father (?) questions why the she would understand that and is questioning if she is supporting someone financially.

As for why she is saying 「あー、わかるー」in the first place my guess is that she wants to be seen as a love interest/girlfriend by Nozaki-kun but he only sees her as an assistant.


general question… my book page numbers don’t line up with what’s in the sheet… is the sheet wrong or are there various book versions out there? (wouldn’t be the first time)

I’ve got the first page starting on page 3 and then 発端 ends up on page 4… and it continues that my page numbering differs by 2 pages…

my version is physical (paperback) and looks like it was from 2012 reprinted in 2021年2月10日

is the sheet messed up or are there different paperback versions out there or is someone using a digital copy with different page nos?

was going to try to fix the page numbering but didn’t want to start trying to do that if there are other versions out there… not really sure because the main thread also matches my page numbering…

so??? thoughts?


huh… that’s funny :thinking:
I was going to take the “blame” for that, since I put in quite some words yesterday
but my page numbers are the same as yours ^^’
for some reason my additions were “shifted” too, though :thinking:
so… when I put in for example すける as on page 9, it now says page 11 as well :worried::woman_shrugging::face_with_monocle:

thanks to everyone for answering my questions :smiling_face::innocent:
truly appreciated :blush:
(just didn’t want to flush the thread with a mere “thank you” post :see_no_evil:)


@shuly @hiukan

Ah, my bad. While I was adding words my page numbers only matched for half of the existing entries so I normalized it based on the numbers in my copies contents page to make it consistent.
I’m reading the bookwalker edition, and Chapter 1 starts on Page 5 for me.

If somebody wants to change it to match the physical version instead then obviously thats fine.
Its probably just a case of lowering all the numbers by 2, but I don’t want to do it blind since sometimes physical and digital releases handle chapter breaks differently.
So probably best if I don’t risk messing up the numbering a second time. :grimacing:


Does your Bookwalker version maybe have two ‘page counts’? One in the Bookwalker app UI and one ‘hardprinted’ onto the pages? If so, go with the second.

EDIT: Never mind, that only seems to be the case for the translated version. There it’s out of whack as well.


The bookwalker UI and the contents page match up for me.
Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 11.13.37

I guess the physical copy must be different though!
I’ll be careful with adding page numbers for future chapters.
Does your chapter 1 start on p3 and Chapter 2 on 17?


Ahhh, I guess you’re right, they’re actually different versions then! Cause mine starts at 3 instead of 5.

Should’ve kept that second column in the vocab list after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the simplest solution is to insert another column not a big issue…

we had this issue with Kikis…it’s been a while but I think we had 3 columns because of the various printed and digital versions…
with Teasing Master we have two columns one for vol page num and one for chap page number (that series has individual chapter numbering)…which is actually really convenient

easy to just add another column and be done with it :wink: makes it easy for everyone on whatever version they are using…

only did Ch1 and needs to be populated but easy solution if people like it… if it’s hated can be deleted

The only thing I’m not sure about is with the digital copy are there multiple versions like a Bookwalker digital copy vs some other version… then I might change the title from digital copy to BW copy


I’m reading a digital version from Kobo / Rakuten and the page numbers are the same as bookwalker.


Nowadays, more often than not the digital versions match up, and there’s only a difference if the different stores sell different editions (like a color version vs a regular black and white version)


(Physical copy)

page 19

Does Nozaki-kun say that Sakura-chan aims at/has her eye on his job?

page 20

The title “言ったもん勝ち” means “first come, first served”. I don’t understand the title’s relation to the story. :sweat_smile:

page 19

Here’s how I understood it:

Refering to the last page, Sakura says that she thought that his injuries (see previous page) were caused by deliquents.

Nozaki answers with a (literally speaking) “Only to be aimed at the neck… scary” (because that’s where most of his bandages are). So “Deliquents who only aim at the neck… scary.”


It makes sense. I’m making stuff complicated for myself by finding phrases here and there :joy:


Just wanted to say I officially got my copy of 月刊少女な野崎くん on Bookwalker and I’ll be joining you all in this read through!

This is my first time joining a WK or Japanese book club and I’m excited and nervous. I already had a copy of Komi Can’t Communicate and I figured I may as well join everyone on the first book, too. よろしくお願いします!


Welcome to your first club, then! I hope’ll you enjoy both the book and the club experience.

And don’t hold back any questions you might have - getting my own answered and helping others is at least for me one of the best parts of being in a language learning book club, and there are usually plenty of people willing to help out!

page 20

I was just about to ask if anyone knew what it meant! Now that I know, I believe it’s because the “Hero” has three bicycle seats and is saying that the first three girls who come can have them. :sweat_smile:

page 21 Does anyone know what this means? マイナー

page 27 Likewise, does anyone know what the だせぇ part is?

page 30 力業 The dictionary meaning doesn’t seem to match up, but I think maybe Chio is saying that he’s thought about it too much?

Edit to add: Oh right, thoughts! Yay, we’re finally reading Nozaki-kun! I actually got too impatient and read both chapters a week early, then reread them this week. :joy:

Various answers

I believe this is used in the sense of “obscure” or “unknown”. Like this is a bit of an obscure law.

I believe this is the informal version of ださい, which means “lame” or “uncool”

My interpretation is that 力技 is used here because going back and changing all the heroine’s lines to Hiroshima-ben would be a lot of manual work. So Chio is saying that it would take too much effort.