少女終末旅行: Chapter 8 Discussion [end of volume 1]

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少女終末旅行 home thread

Chapter 8: 街灯


Start Date: April 20th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 7

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Now that we’re on the last chapter I’m going to try to read all three connected chapters together on Sunday.


I’m really surprised that they didn’t stick together. I thought the plot would go forward by progressively adding new members to the team, with Yu progressively complaining at how crowded the back was getting. I guess I was wrong.



Can someone please clarify these questions for me?

Page 134

I have little idea what that might mean. My best attempt at breaking down the sentence is:
こいつは => this guy / this thing
楽観の行きすぎで => (by) going forward too optimistically (?)
ネジが飛んでる => a (screw?) is flying (?)

Page 138

Is that や actually “いや” abbreviated or something?

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You want to know how the plot goes forward?

Yeah, now I’m picturing something like this

It’s basically the same as the English saying “she’s got a few screws loose”, I suspect. “She’s gone so far past optimistic that she’s losing screws.” Or something?



I kind of suspected it could be something similar, but wasn’t sure such a phrase existed in japanese.

Now that you clarified that, I googled around a bit it seems the phrase 頭のネジが飛んでいる is actually somewhat common, so that’s probably being referenced here.

Thanks for the help!


Pretty much. The actual expression is 頭のネジが飛んでいる, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

About the rest of the story:
Not really? I don’t know if anyone will try to keep reading it, but I might just check if it’s available at my local library. If it is, I’ll just rent it and read it in a week-end or something.


I am definitely going to continue reading it.

I must have gotten confused somewhere because I thought the book club was going to do volume 2 too…

The Shirokuma Cafe book club is doing parts of volume two if you have the original non-bis version, but I don’t recall that ever being the plan for this one. Perhaps you’re being confused by the decision to read the top two results in the last poll?


Someone should make a Japanese library in my area. That’d be cool.


yeah!!! just finished chapter 7… I’ll start this chapter 8 tomorrow…

and now I want to know what happens in the rest of the story…and I have the other vols 2-6…but I will probably have to wait a couple of months before cracking open volume 2 on my own…this has been hard :slight_smile: But I’ve learned a lot!


I thought so too! That would have been fun to watch.

Now that’s a business idea! Maybe that someone should be you? [quote=“Naphthalene, post:7, topic:36254”]
I don’t know if anyone will try to keep reading it

Yep, I’m planning to. Now that this one is officially finished, I’ll try to speed through the rest. Might work out well. Maybe not. :woman_shrugging:


They do not have 少女終末旅行 anyway, so we are basically at the same level :upside_down_face:

They do have Naruto, but there’s an 8 month line of reservations :sweat_smile:

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I just bought Volume 2, so I’m also planning to read it. I’m thinking of going somewhat fast, once I’ve managed to catch up with キノ (ahem)

Is anybody interested in setting up a thread for it? (Not me, sorry, way too overcommitted already :unamused: )

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I wish i could ready it now! if no one does, maybe I’ll create one when I do finally start reading it. Everyone here knows I’ll need the help :rofl:

I’m still debating about the next book…it looks really cute and interesting…but so much text…it’s scary, but all furigana so might truly be easier :smiley: (the informal speech and grammar are slowly killing me :dizzy_face:)

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@Naphthalene @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz @shuly @Belerith @NicoleIsEnough

I’ve converted the home thread to a wiki, so if people are interesting in continuing to read the series you can use the same thread.

This is the kind of series that I’d gladly borrow (from my fictional Japanese library :disappointed:) to read over a few weeks, but I’m not inclined to buy it. For now I’ll just wait for season two of anime to come out. As if that will ever happen…


At the very least, a movie might be nice…


I prefer reading books exactly because they don’t exclusively consist of direct speech but also of „normal“ text that is written in „normal“ Japanese without casual speech / contractions / swallowed parts / …
I find that much easier to read (and to look up). If you‘re in doubt, you can have a look at the first few pages of the book (on bookwalker or amazon, or in the book‘s nomination post).

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I have it here as well as vol 2-10 maybe 11…(nope…don’t have 11…it hadn’t come out yet)…anyway…Since this current book is officially the first real book I’ll have ever really read (completely cover to cover) in Japanese, thus I don’t have a good feed for the level of difficulty. Furigana makes reading easy but my lack of skills, especially N4/N3 grammar stuff that pops up…

The one I was really confused about tonight, until I figured out it wasn’t grammar but an expression was on the first page…stupid Mr Kanazawa’s bubbles again… he said というわけさ when the expression that’s easy to look up is というわけだ. Ichimoe parsed it as という and わけ … I found という in bunpro N3 grammar…even looked it up in my little yellow book so I’m going ok how does this work…that was a deep rabbit hole…lol…

Finally a less specific search on jisho popped up giving it as an expression and suddenly the whole thing made sense… :slight_smile: There you have it…aside from being a complete idiot, there’s proof that I do try to do my research before posting my questions to you folks … and every once a blind squirrel finds a nut! :peanuts: darn no squirrel emoji! denied twice tonight first easter eggs and now this! what’s the world coming to when you can’t find the emoji you hoped existed?!

Well, I mean, you can just try it and see how it goes :joy_cat: Read like the first few sentences and then decide whether you understood anything, or try to look up stuff and see how difficult it gets. That’s what I do when I want to read a book I’m not sure about.

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