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Week 8 February 3 2024
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Chapter 11
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All read. Here are the details I struggled with :


Is this : “I’m already not that handsome, it will get things worse…” ?

“I made her worry again” ?
Someone can explain to me this かけちゃった form ? I don’t really understand what it is.


Is this : “these things are not normally said without surprise” ?


I don’t understand the end of the sentence (I think it’s interrupted ?)


Something like : “turning back wasn’t a good idea” ?

I suppose it’s “the next class is going to begin”, but I don"t understand the form in bold.

On the content : Very nice scene and pictures with Shikimori stroking Izumi’s hair. They’re really cute. I like how she isn’t always confortable with her own boldness :laughing:


蒸し返す is “to rehash”, like an argument, or “to bring back up”
カッコ悪い is “uncool”, not really “not handsome”
And the sentence ends with ないで, short for ないでください, “please don’t”

So, put together “It [was] very uncool, please don’t bring it back up”

It’s 掛ける from the word combination 心配を掛ける, in the ちゃう form, which is shortened てしまう, and carries a meaning of “done without meaning to”.
So “I [accidentally] made her worry again”


もう - already
何 - here: anything
言われても - ても is sort of “even if”
驚きません - not get surprised
“I don’t get surprised anymore, whatever you say”

The sentence ending から in this situation acts as a strengthener thing here


[っ]てば is a sort of “I already told you X”. “I told you I’m fine”


She’s saying “I am quitting my returning”, “I won’t go back [to class]”

Same ちゃう as earlier, but here as a sort of “out of my control” thing.


This is short for かけてしまった。The grammar pattern 〜てしまう indicates that something has been completed, or was an unfortunate result.


It’s not interrupted. This means “I said it was fine.” (with some emphasis).
ってば・ったら (JLPT N1) | Bunpro – Japanese Grammar Explained


I had some sentences really wrong, thank you for dissecting them for me so clearly @Gorbit99 ! :slightly_smiling_face:
It happens to me quite a bit those times : I really read faster and better, but sometimes I do really bad misinterpretations. I have to slow down a bit :sweat_smile:

Thank you to you two ! :pray:


It happens to all of us I’m pretty sure. Don’t need to worry much about it, over time as you see more and more of these sort of sentences, you’ll eventually learn the pattern behind them, even if you sometimes get them wrong in your head.


Ok, I read this section. I like the chapters where it’s sillier better. (skiing chapter best so far)


And I like the romantic chapters more^^ This one was one of my favorites so far :orange_heart:


Story remark, p.80 spoilers

Shikimori actually tells him that getting hit in the face with a basketball wasn’t due to his usual bad luck. This time, he was just being clumsy. That’s harsh and rather unkind! :expressionless:
(Izumi seems to feel the same way, if I’ve interpreted そんなバッサリ… correctly.)

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So far so good this week. Comments above helped to clear up my questions so far!


Sorry to hop on this answer, but I am having trouble with the meaning/use of 掛ける.
I have heard it on 迷惑(めいわく)をかける, and the meaning of the verb as per jisho.org is wide, but probably here is “to burden”. So because it is 心配, is this verb is used? I thought this was one of those “very polite” verbs, but Shikimori and Izumi aren’t specially polite on the way they talk to each other…
Because 心配 is used instead of 迷惑, it makes it “peer level speach”?

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They are quite polite with each other. 心配をかける isn’t inherently impolite. And かける is just a word often paired with 心配, there’s a fancy grammar term for this I’ve forgotten


Aside from the politeness/inpoliteness, it’s also a grammar structure in this case - try this explanation.

You’ll also see it in places like 話しかける or 声かける as a meaning of ‘to start Ving with someone’ (eg to start a conversation), though I don’t know if that’s a proper grammar form or not…


I caught up?




Also wow this boy really is cursed. Truck -kun wanted so badly to send him to a different dimension that it crashed INTO HIS HOUSE

Edit: why is my spoiler dropdown not working

Edit 2 oh NOW it works, after I blurred it :roll_eyes:


You don’t need both details and spoiler, just do

[details=title here, usually a page number or something]
Spoilers here


slight typo, キレイ, one イ

Specifically she said that his hair is pretty


That’s what I had, but it wasn’t working, hence the blur. Now I’m worried it’ll stop working again if I take the blur off :sweat_smile:

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I mean, you should be able to see what the end result of your post will look like before sending it.


I saw it before your edit and you didn’t have the closing slash on [/details]. When you added the blur, the editor automatically corrected that for you at the same time I would imagine.


That would make sense! Thanks


Thank you both for your input!
The Bunpro link was specially useful :tada: