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Week 6 January 20 2024
Pages 55-64
Chapter 9
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可愛いだけじゃない式守さ Volume 1 Vocabulary List - Google Sheets

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All finished !
There are a lot of vocabulary I knew or I could guess from what I’ve learnt on WK and my shojo anime intense binge watching :grin:
I struggled on some sentences, but not enough to be unable to eventually break them.

Quick thought on the chapter

I’m glad that Izumi has finally a topic on which he can compete with Shikimori ^^ It makes their relationship more balanced :slightly_smiling_face:

When I read this manga, i feel like I’m improving a lot, and then I go back to ホリミヤ and I cry :smiling_face_with_tear:


Gotta remember, Horimiya is very much still the hardest manga I’d still consider ABBC level. I’ve been reading for the better part of 1.5 years now and it still has some challenging parts for me.


Thank you for sharing this. I feel less lonely now :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Page 56

集中しなきゃ → Is this the grammar point “なければいけません” / “Must” just shortened very much? So this means “Must focus”?




Thanks! It’s very rewarding at low level to pick out the grammar used, especially when I’ve mostly just studied grammar and not seen it in practise


Agreed that Horimiya was hard. I definitely ignored a lot of stuff that I didn’t understand when I read it.

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Yes, and I believe this point was covered in chapter 12 of Genki 1 if you need a reference :grinning:


The previous week link thread seems to go to the home thread?


Fixed, thank you

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Ok, now I’ve read the right chapter this time… I still prefer the skiing chapter. But this one is ok too.


Though only just. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the 破壊力 that Izumi references? The dictionary says “destructive power”, but that seems odd, at least in a literal reading.

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I also understood it as literally being destructive power and think that is correct. It’s just that you wouldn’t really say it that way in English and it’s more metaphorical. Perhaps something more like “A force to be reckoned with.” As in “Shikimori’s a force to be reckoned with when she’s wearing glasses”.

EDIT: In case that wasn’t super clear what I was getting at there, taking the liberty to entirely reword it, I understand it to be along the lines of “Uh oh, look out! Shikimori’s got her glasses on!”


Yeah, it’s definitely metaphorical. But I think it’s more about how cute he thinks she is :stuck_out_tongue: Not that she is formidable as a student or something like that. I guess she has a formidable effect on his heart :joy:

Story comments

So, he asked her to wear glasses? Did one of them happen to have non-prescription glasses she could wear? Or does she normally wear contacts? :thinking:


I understood it more like she put glasses for a role play. It happens a lot in manga when characters want to give them a more serious / sexy / scary look.

Page 58

I’m a bit confused on the exchange in the final panel.

I’m (Izumi) making a mistake on this math problem everytime…

Then after that I run into confusion I assume:

You are?

It’s common knowledge that only easy to get problems appear on the college entrance exams.

So I assume the situation is just: Izumi is constantly getting a problem wrong and Shikimori is surprised, stating she thought the entrance exam only had easy questions?

Page 63

I’m either blind or misunderstand the Japanese grading system.

I thought the point of the story was Izumi was a higher grade than Shikimori, but she said she wouldn’t lose. Am I reading it wrong or did she not lose again?


I may be interpreting this wrong but this is more like ‘This is a math point/point to be tested that is rumoured to often appear on the entrance exams’ (出やすい’s dictionary definition is a bit odd but here I think it means ‘appears easily’ or ‘likely to appear’)


やすい here is “tend to”, so "It’s rumored, that this question comes up often (comes up easily) on university entrance exams.

I think what’s essentially happening here is:
イ: “I always make a mistake when solving this problem”
シ: “There it is” (read: it’s that problem)
シ: “It’s rumored that that problem comes up often during university entrance exams”


This is class (and school grade) ranking. 位 being “position counter”. So lower number here means better.