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Chapter 10
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After a break I’ll try to get back…


I understand each part and I’m guessing the general intention that from now on we’re having fun in a more exciting way, but I don’t understand the grammar, in particular: why is 楽しむ in the continuative form here?


“Such things don’t exist” - is this interpretation correct? Is it her saying that men don’t like the band?

Is this a verb created from two verbs? Would it mean something like “to completely adore”?


I think they are threatening him somehow, but I’m not sure how. “This kid is awfully good…”? Oh, wait, or are they talking about how attractive Shikimori is?


Does it mean “absolutely different from how she always is”? What’s the role of the と particle here? If I had to build this sentence, I would think it should be いつもより. Would it be wrong?

If I try to understand it literally and very wrongly, “I’m not coolly getting to shyness”. So where did I go wrong? :sweat_smile:

I think this is enough for me for today :sweat_smile:


It’s not 楽しむ, but 楽しみ “looking forward to x”.
She’s saying:
“It’s because we are going to the amusement park with Izumi next week, aren’t we”
“I’m really looking forward to it”


Shikimori is saying the first bubble
“I thought guys don’t like those kinds of things at all”
And Izumi answers with
“That’s not true”

This そんなことないよ is a very common phrase for “That’s not the case” “That’s not true” “It isn’t like that”, etc etc.

It’s the てしまう form of 憧れる, but shortened: JLPT N4 Grammar: てしまう / ちゃう (te shimau / chau) Meaning – JLPTsensei.com

Here, I’d translate it as “I can’t help but”


They are saying that about Shikimori, who’s just out of the frame

イケてる is cool/stylish

“That girl is very cool”
which is why Izumi answers with something akin to
“what is this commotion”

Pro tip: 子, when not said about an actual child, is often a girl


It is that, yes. と can have a lot of roles in a sentence, this is a sort of “from”, as in “it’s different from how she usually looks”. AFAIK, より is only really used for comparisons, when something is more X than something else.

This sort of means
“Isn’t she even more cool when she’s being shy?”

It’s this usage of まで I’m pretty sure: Particle まで: Endpoint Marker


Thank you @Gorbit99 for the great explanations! Apparently, there were many things I misinterpreted and you helped me a lot.

I see that it’s used for comparisons such as と同じ、と違う and others, and it actually makes sense to me as an extension of the “with” sense: “similar with”, “different with”.
This makes sense to me because English tends to use opposite prepositions for opposite concepts (“close to” vs “far from”), but many languages use the same preposition for opposite concepts (for example, both in Spanish and in Arabic you say “close from here” and “far from here”). So it seems that this meaning of と isn’t really a separate meaning.

Oh, so literally “even in shyness, doesn’t she become cool”


The eighties called. They want their Akira cosplay back.

p. 70

What’s ヒョイパク in the background in the first panels? I couldn’t find it in the dictionnary.

Is she saying someting like : “You shouldn’t have eaten so much before going 6 times in the roaller coaster ?”


ヒョイ is the sound of lifting something from a plate, and パク is the sound of gobbling up food.

I’d say it’s closer to “If you eat that much and then ride the roller coaster six times, then… [it’s only natural that you’d get queasy]”.


式守s outfit for their date was awesome. Never have I found 和泉 so relatable :joy:
Not sure what to think of her changing her style to whatever 和泉 likes, but she’s still young so whatever


What’s きゅるん on the left pannel ?

The big explanations of Izumi gave me some trouble but what I understand is that he supports her in her vestimentary choices, even if whatever those choices are, he always find her cute. Or did I miss something important ?
Fortunately, I had Yomitan, because in this part of the chapter, I felt quite lost with the vocabulary :sweat_smile:


It’s essentially an onomatopoeia for “cute”. The fact that it’s written in this font is the joke.

Essentially, yes. Basically, “whatever you do, I think you are cute”


About the content I like we see other good aspects of Izumi’s personality, like his honesty and his wilingness to communicate in his couple well (even if his “well” is far from perfect :grin: )


panel 4

“It was my fault that yesterdays amusement park visit was ruined” or something like that.

I’m confused as to what the following あんなに似合って… is exactly supposed to mean here?
What suits to who? Yesterdays outfit to Shikimori?


This. It’s what leads him to the subsequest realisation that he’d never actually said so aloud.


Oh look, it’s Book Club Saturday, time to make a new thread:


Man every time I think I’m understanding well it throws out a chapter that’s like “hahahaha SIKE.” I could follow well from context at least and I’m glad Izumi realized what the matter was and tried to set it straight.