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Week 2 December 23 2023
Pages 9-14
Chapter 2
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Handwritten Text








式守: さっきの…気にしなくていいと思いますよ
和泉: え?何が?

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僕の彼しはとてもかっこいい :smile:


Yusss, the thread is up. I just read this week’s (and next week’s :full_moon_with_face:) section today.

Another pick that I wasn’t sure if I would like before I started reading it. Cut to me cracking up at this:


Really enjoying this one so far, I’m liking the short chapter format with the self-contained scenarios!

Just a quick question:


What is the て adding to this sentence here? At first I thought it was a topic marker, but isn’t that usually written as って?





Okay so I’m guessing it’s a very very casual version of と then?


Good morning from Colorado! Looks like one of my questions was already asked by @CandyKale, but I’ll include it here to see if my translation works out.

Page 9

和泉くん: “式守さんて全然怒らないよね”
I’m interpreting this sentence to mean, “You said you’re not angry at all right?”. I’m assuming the て particle is marking a quotation and the よね is seeking confirmation, but I’m unsure of both of those.

和泉くん: “どこからか飛んで来た黒板消しから守ってくれてありがとう。。。”
I am confused as to what is happening with the どこからか, as in I’m not sure of what らか is doing. Overall I’m reading it as, “The blackboard eraser came flying from somewhere, so thank you for protecting me from it.”


Read the first five chapters, liking the vibe of this one. This also feels like an ideal ABBC book: four page chapters, furigana and pretty simple vocabulary (watch out for that 運動神経うんどうしんけい though!).

The handwritten おまけページ were the biggest challenge so far. :laughing: I really need to practice reading handwritten Japanese more… also stumbled slightly on ノールック before the :bulb: moment.


I read どこからか as a set phrase meaning “from somewhere” making it part of the longer phrase modifying blackboard eraser. “Thanks for protecting me from the blackboard eraser that flew in from somewhere.”


This is in present tense, so it’s a general statement. “Shikimori-san doesn’t get angry at all, huh?”


Just fyi, page numbers are wrong in this week’s top post (last week’s instead of this week’s). Thanks as always for running this book club!
So far a bit easier than Horimiya for sure, so good for me to try reading alongside continuing that.


Our overall interpretations mean the same thing, but I broke it down a little bit more into
“Where did that come from? It came flying. Thank you for protecting me from the blackboard eraser.”

I do find it difficult though sometimes to tell what are separate clauses and what is a longer sentence, so I’m not 100% sure!


I mean, that’s similar, but that part of the sentence is very much just describing the eraser Shikimori protected him from. The “come-from-wherever-flying eraser”, or the “eraser that suddenly flew [towards me]”

Thanks for reminding me, I added transcriptions to the first post for the week


Ah okay, hopefully just more exposure will help with determining what is and isn’t part of a longer clause :sweat_smile:


I think this is just じゃあな~、not なら, though maybe I’m misremembering the context and なら would work.


No, you are definitely right, it did seem odd for a ら, but didn’t think about it potentially being 〜

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I like the book so far, no really difficulties with the language yet. I enjoy the shifting art style, which surprised me a bit. In previous books I wasn’t really feeling it, but here it seems to match the pacing of the story and the tone of each page/panel.

p. 11

In the top right panel, what is 地味メン ? Is it a sort of opposite of イケメン ? Like a dull man or something like that ?

In the bottom left panel is ヘーキ a form of 平気 ?

At the end

At the end of the chapter, I can’t determine if Izumi really think his classmates meant no ill or if he agrees with Shikimorisan that they’re being mean. I think he doesn’t realize.


Well, 地味 is “unassuming”, or rather “plain”, so this is “an unassuming guy” of sorts. So sort of, yeah.

Wouldn’t say a form of it, katakana is used as a sort of emphasis thing. They are saying “We are probably fine” or “It’s probably fine”.


I’d assume that he just doesn’t really realize, though not entirely sure. He’s a bit aloof generally, but it doesn’t have a huge impact on the story, so headcanon it however you feel like

For anyone saying, that the book is easy sofar, do keep in mind, that we are in the slow rampup phase and the book will get a bit more difficult as longer chapters get introduced. Though generally speaking, I’d say that this manga is just barely harder than the average ABBC pick, while Horimiya was the hardest (regular) ABBC pick