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Volume 1


Start date: January 8

Next volume: Volume 2

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapters and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun! :cat:

Reading Schedule

Week Start Date Chapters Pages
Week 1 January 8 Chapters 1-3 3-23
Week 2 January 15 Chapters 4-6 24-46
Week 3 January 22 Chapters 7-9 47-66
Week 4 January 29 Chapters 10-12 67-82
Week 5 February 5 Chapters 13-17 83-91

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(Edit) Why in the holy name of the mother of all cats can’t all Kindle digital manga be decent like this one and provide pictures in good quality? I set zoom to 400% and the image is still perfectly crisp. There were others I bought digitally and they look like utter garbage even at 100%… sighs


I’m sorry for a newbie question, but could someone please provide a link to buying the Kindle version? This would be my first WaniKani book club attempt…


Here’s the link to buy the set of all four books:

However, if you have never bought from amazon.co.jp before, you have to keep in mind that there are some hurdles to buying from there. Basically, you need to create a new account (since an amazon.com account won’t work), and your Kindle device will need to be moved to this new account (which means any books you had tied to your previous account will be unavailable).

Here’s a guide on how to set up an account there:



Thank you! I appreciate the help!


You can also buy them from BookWalker which is quite easy (but not compatible with the Kindle physical reader if you are using it):

I forgot to put the links in the first post here and in the book club, I’ll do it right away.

Also: Welcome to the bookclub :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to ask, we all began somewhere ^^
With @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz and @Abstormal, we got used to simply commenting on the story but if you need help breaking down sentences or understanding something, we’ll be happy to help :wink:


Honesty, I’m currently trying to read a book at the Beginner level buuutttt. Yeah I need to start from the very beginning. Count me in learned too much Vocab and neglected everything smh!


I haven’t read the original series will I be okay to start with this spin off or is there important information I might be missing?


If you know more vocab than what WK taught you so far, you already are better off than I was when I started reading チーズスイートホーム ^^ I had to ask a lot for help…
Breaking down sentences like was done for the first few volumes of the main series is tedious but I think it helped me a lot, give it a try if you have the time :wink: (the link to the treads are in the first post of the club thread if you want some template/inspiration).

It seems to me that you will need some context about the characters but I guess we can give it to you if you are ok with being spoiled.
Looking quickly at the first few pages, I would said that the story if this spinoff starts at the earliest between books 5 and 6 of the main series (based on (spoil of the main series up to the last two chapters of volume 5) “the black one” being part of the story while the family is in the 2nd home).


Thank you for your reply! I am alright with being spoiled if it’s too much trouble to provide context I can just quickly binge read the original in English and then catch up here with the Japanese volume.


(Damn, my message was sent way too soon…)

As you wish :person_shrugging:

If you want to jump straight into it, here is a quick summary for the characters in this week’s chapters:

Character description/background, spoiling the main series
  • チー (Pee u_u’): our queenmain character, she is a kitten with so short an attention span that she got lost about 1 meter from the door to her home (ch1) while her mom and two siblings passed said door. Startled by everything around her, she ended up crying in a public park, where a little boy (ヨウヘイ) fell first in front of her then in love with her (Oh! yeah! be warned that I can’t stay serious more than a few sentences :stuck_out_tongue:). She “got” her current name because she kept on peeing wherever she was when she needed to and heard ヨウヘイ call his mom when she did; she started responding to the word before the humans could even come up with a proper name. For most of the main series, she thinks that she is a human x) Her original name was セーラ.
  • The cat in the first frame: チー’s mom. Heartbroken by the lost of her daughter.
  • The dad: a human (duh!). He works from home (Wikipedia says he is a graphic designer). He loves チー very much. Btw, the name’s 山田 (ケント says Wikipedia, I don’t remember seeing it in the main series).
  • The mom: also human, she is a housewife and was somewhat more reluctant about keeping チー, especially because their first home did not allow pets. But now that they moved (vol 4) to a new apartment in a building that welcome pets (on the other side of the public park), everything is fine :slight_smile: Wikipedia says that her first name is ミワ :thinking:
  • ヨウヘイ (best boy!): チー’s new brother, loves チー and loves to play.
  • くろのい (the black cat): first seen as a mischievous cat from the same building as the 山田, he causes quite a bit of trouble, making the 山田 fear that チー will be found out. His owners move out of the building, breaking チー’s little heart. Later (end of volume 5), she finds him again, a few streets from her new home. He is a friend and mentor to チー, trying to make a proper cat out of her. Also, @Abstormal thinks that he is likely to be her father but it’s not said in the story :person_shrugging:

Thank you so much for taking the time to type this out! I really appreciate it. I’m just starting to learn how to read Japanese so I’m excited to join book club!


My pleasure, I’m happy to have people join us :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to ask if there is something you don’t understand, we’re here for that :wink: (and to comment on the story :stuck_out_tongue: I like to talk to the characters while I read :crazy_face:)


Here we go!

Chapter 1 (p3)

Oh! right, to anyone that did not read the other series and does not mind the spoil: チー doesn’t remember her mom. Sometimes, she dreams of her in the main story but it’s more about sensations than how she looked like.
Please remember to not feed real cats with milk, it’s bad for them :frowning:
That evil smile ^^
Cats, first cause of BSoD :stuck_out_tongue: You should save you work often! (And lock your session when you get up :eyes:)
Kitten 2 – Little boy 0
Hu? Is this series actual an alternate version of the main story? チー should already have heard くろのい say that :thinking:
Hunger > grudge x)
Wait a minute… that’s definitively not in the same timeline as the main stories as more than a month went by before they changed home. Either that or I am mistaken about this happening in the new apartment :person_shrugging: (But I doubt it)
Also, is this feast reality or her delusion? x)

Chapter 2 (p10)

Poor mom ^^’
「か かわいいなぁ :sob: 」 xD
Poor plant :frowning:

Chapter 3 (p17)

チー: “Memyowhat?” :stuck_out_tongue:
Fun, the onomatopoeia for a hiss (シャー) sounds like the word for cat in French (chat; although the “a” is prolonged in シャー) ^^
チー never uses her head the right way :stuck_out_tongue:
Even the black one doubts that チー is a cat x)
Yeah, she should jump the same way to get on top of the wall :')
Poor 黒のい xD 頑張って!

I prefer the art of the main series, anyone else?


おいちい。。。。。I guess the cat changed the shi sounds to chi. So far I like it, I just wish I could read at a better level but I’m fixing that this year.

Don’t feed yo cats that type of Milk yo.

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Here’s the whole list I have noted down, in case anyone finds it useful.

Chi's speak Normal Japanese

Keep in mind that these changes don’t happen 100% of the time; sometimes Chi uses ら and actually means ら, so it takes a bit of experience to figure out what Chi is saying. If anyone has trouble with any of Chi’s sentences let us know and we’ll do our best to translate ^.^


Ohh I was wondering about that too thank you!

Chapter 1

I was never sure what this was supposed to be. I feel like it mimics the story, while not following the canon quite right… so it is a bit weird XD
Different style too…
I’m glad we are doing them, but the main story is by far better =P

Chapter 2

I have no plants. Only grass, which is for the cats =P

Chapter 3

Chi is barely a cat =P
I am baely <2humsn<2. <i sm so slepy I could fall asleep standing up! Been this way lately (cause my body sucks)
… I write like crap too XD
I’ll leave it for the lulz

I agree. The art was better in the original.

Chapter 3

:joy_cat: :orange_heart:
Yeah, same here… If you find somewhere we can get new bodies, I’m interested :stuck_out_tongue: