ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 1

What irks me the most is official published translations using miles and degrees fahrenheit in dialogue translations. What’s even worse is when they use both of them in speech bubbles. Like a character saying “This onsen is 30°C, or about 86°F”, and it’s like, no, they didn’t say that. Noone in the world would say that. I can just tolerate having the American translations as a footnote, but honestly, almost everyone in the world uses the same units as the original Japanese, so let the Americans work it out themselves.

(Also saw one manga which had a footnoted “that’s about $x000 USD” every single time the dialogue gave a price in yen, and it’s like, just tell them “divide by a hundred” once and then leave it at that.)

Anyway, on a different note: though Ruri’s name is written in the manga title in katakana, in kanji it’s 瑠璃, which means “lapis lazuli”.


:sob: why must i suffer


Clearly the translator hasn’t been following the dollar/yen currency market.


Any printed manga is never gonna stay up to date. Just say “approximately 100:1” and leave it at that. It works perfectly well for a ballpark.


The copy of ルリドラゴン I bought this morning with a tax included cover price of 484円 cost me $3.61. :slight_smile:


Because Japan’s economy is going to recover any day now. Just gotta wait a bit more.
Apparently some actions done by the US have really made yen a unfavourable currency to invest into since last march, which means it has been on a strong decline since.

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Yes. This is correct. When the US raises interest rates, currency traders can borrow yen at effectively 0%, sell the yen for dollars and get 3% interest income. The way currency contracts are leveraged, your actual gain can be much larger than 3% on capital invested. This pushes the price of yen down. This works really well if you think the dollar will continue to appreciate against the yen. It works, really, really, badly if, as when the yen was at 150:1 late summer, the Bank of Japan spends billions of dollars buying yen and in one day goes from 150:1 to 130:1. All that leverage can wipe you out quickly when the BoJ makes a huge move.

This is why sane traders don’t gamble in the currency market. You can think you can do well but you can’t beat a government bank when you find yourself on the opposite side of that trade.

The recent economic numbers that implied the fed would continue to increase interest rates have been pushing the dollar back up over the last week or so. However it looks like the BoJ seems to think 130 is the upper bound that the Japanese economy can handle without pushing inflation into painful territory. I’d expect to see interventions by the BoJ to keep it from depreciating more than it is at present.


lol, so many new messages in a short time, that my mail program declared it as spam :joy:


Cute section! I forgot how much fun the mom is :laughing: hopefully author is feeling well enough to continue this series soon, I’ve really missed it since it’s been gone.

Looks like pretty much all the questions people have are answered already; I didn’t notice much wonky stuff

Oh man, this hurts me so much when I notice it. We did a group watch of chainsaw man last season with some friends (eng subs, they aren’t learning japanese) and sometimes those got brutal. Just missing whole jokes, or weirdly localizing honorifics, it was bad. Most stuff is really not that noticeable, but every once in a while you get something rough


Yeah it can be really bad. I watch anime with my little brother sometimes, it’s to the point where every once in a while I’ll just tell him what was actually said


Book club so fast. I didn’t even had time to look into the manga :joy: But I also can’t wait to start later today


I vote for having a grammar sheet!
As far as I remember, the bad experience you had with it @Gorbit99 is that it is too much work and usually done by one person?
But for example, in the sentence page 10 “寝てたもん”, I looked up もん, found a grammar point on Bunpro, I feel like it would be nice to have a sheet to put it in for others?


Here’s my full list of issues with the way I tried to run things for it, and a bunch of possible solutions, if you want to read through it once again.

The main goal of the grammar sheet was to make the harder reads a bit more manageable, which I think it did until it was just too much effort.

Have a chat with Tobias, if he would include one. I would at least try to help and contribute, though no promises.

Also, my problem wasn’t specifically that one person was doing the whole thing, my problem was that that person was me. I don’t mind if one single person has all the work, unless that’s me :grin:


Thanks for finding the post again!
I would be happy if it was just one tab in the vocab sheet, and if I’ve looked up something, I can put it there.
I am not expecting it to be 100% filled, and I am not going to look into every sentence for grammar points and put them in myself. For example から is something I’m familiar with so I probably won’t notice it, but if someone meets it for the first time they probably will, and can put it in the sheet when they look it up / after someone explains it to them


Something that may be worth mentioning: While I don’t know if it will show up in this manga for sure, it could come in handy: sometimes the furigana on a kanji is NOT how that kanji is actually read. For more information, click the arrow!
It is quite often the case that, if the furigana doesn’t directly match the kanji, it’s an attempt to insert some double-meaning and make a joke.

Damn! That is such a huge piece of information for me thank you very much!! :heart: that might prevent me from learning something wrong + understanding the intention behind those things you mentioned.


Hello, I decided to participate even though i don’t feel like i am quite ready.
I won’t be hyperfocusing too much on all the whys of grammar, i just want to learn enough vocabs to understand what’s happening and practice reading the kanji I know while familiarizing myself with new ones. I do find very interesting to read all of your grammar break downs and it’s definitely helpful, I will just try not to let myself down cause I can’t fully understand how it works.

I read the pages to try to get a general idea of what’s going on.
Today I’m gonna single out a few things that i think i need to clarify more and see how things are feeling.


Hello :wave: Thank you to everyone who has helped organize this! Reading is a big goal in learning and it would not feel approachable to start so early otherwise. I just finished my first pass through this week’s pages and added a couple items to the vocab spreadsheet, hopefully correctly. I really appreciate the humorous tone of this (and ルリ’s expressions)! I don’t understand all the details of the jokes yet, but it makes me look forward to going through these pages a few more times to see what I can pick up.


I kinda feel like if we were going to do a grammar sheet, it’d probably be simpler to write up a summary of the answers to questions people have had in this thread, rather than attempt to predict ahead of time what grammar points are going to trip people up.


That has also been attempted by our dear @ChristopherFritz. I’m sure it’s still easier than the grammar sheet, but compiling all of it into a single post/document is still a good bit of work for one person.

Though, I do think something similar was discussed in the main thread already – making the first post or two a wiki and letting people post the Q&A’s by page there.

I wouldn’t mind just making my Things to Know post a wiki, and just have another section below it for folks to compile those if they would like. :person_shrugging:

In fact, done. Made that comment a wiki, and I’ll go through and add the question and answers we have gone through so far a little later when I am actually at the PC and not on mobile.

Or else we could just make it a Google doc, actually. Might be better so that it’s just a single document across the entire club instead of having to do a separate post in each thread.

But then, I’m torn. A document is more easily accessible in terms of being a single link, but having it in the forums makes it more immediately searchable, which is useful. :joy:

What do others think, so I can stop arguing with myself? :rofl:


Hey guys, I’ve just read through all the corrections given to me by @yamitenshi , @HaseebYousfani and @MrGeneric . I really do appreciate you three taking the time to help me out, each offered interesting viewpoints relative to your own experience, sometimes about the same sentence, which was neat! I want to thank all of you for the work you put in, but in particular I want to shout-out Mr Generic, your grammar explanations were outstanding and exactly why I decided to try ABBC properly. It’s the precise thing I’m looking to get out of this group, and I was able to understand everything the way you explained it, so thank you!

I have some residual questions, but honestly I think I’m going to move on and work towards transcribing/translating some more pages for the rest of the night, as this whole process of just reading explanations and comparing them to my first attempt has taken an hour and a half. Not that I’m complaining, of course, it’s exactly what I wanted to happen, but I feel as though if something is really that important, I’ll either come across it again, or I’ll just pick it up naturally through reading. With that being said, I do have to ask about the thing that caught me up repeatedly in this week’s reading, continues to give me issue, and didn’t actually get addressed through the explanations. I’m going to post this question as a second reply, beneath this one, so that other users will be able to find it easier.