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Week 4 9 March 2024
End page 62
End point (kindle) 771
End phrase 泉がヨロヨロと部屋へ入って来た
Pages 15
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Google sheet:

セーラー服と機関銃 vocabulary sheet

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Spoiler Courtesy

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Proper Nouns

Name Hiragana reading Notes Kindle location first mentioned
赤川次郎 あかがわじろう the author cover
尾田医師 おだいし Doctor Oda 24
目高組 めだかぐみ Medaka clan 86
星泉 ほしいずみ main character, Izumi 170
酒井好子 さかいよしこ aunt Yoshiko 172
星貴志 ほしたかし main character’s father, Takashi 179
酒井呈一 さかいていいち Uncle (Yoshiko’s husband) 201
知子 ともこ Tomoko (?Izumi’s mother) 211
奥沢哲夫 おくざわてつお Classmate of Izumi, Tetsuo (son of an executive, smart dresser, family expect him home for dinner on time) 251
渡辺周平 わたなべしゅうへい Classmate of Izumi, Shuhei (stocky, bowlegged, loves Judo) 251
竹内智生 たけうちともお Classmate of Izumi, Tomo. (Smart, heading for Tokyo university, wears glasses) 261
マユミ - mysterious woman in Izumi’s apartment 348
三浦久子 みうらひさこ Miss Miura, teacher 357
保科校長 ほしなこうちょう Headteacher Hoshina 368
和子 かずこ classmate, 433
健次 けんじ Kenji, Medaka gang member, short, unbalanced (brought the doctor in the car in the prologue), chews gum 555
英樹 ひでき Hideki, Medaka gang member, skinny and unhealthy looking, wears thick glasses 556
たけし Takeshi, Medaka gang member, stocky and overweight 558
佐久間 さくま Sakuma, Medaka second in command, unusually tall (‘beanpole’), in 50s 558


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If I’d chosen the breakpoint at the end of this week’s section deliberately, I don’t think I could have picked a better spot…
(but actually, it was just determined by the kindle %)


On the subject of breakpoints, how are people feeling about them? The kindle% approach gives us a nice steady workload each week, but slightly less natural points to stop (week 2 actually ended in the middle of a sentence :slight_smile: ). Now that I actually have the physical book I can help with finding good breaks for the schedule for the second half of the book, if that’s helpful.


I’ve been ok with the break points so far. I personally think it’s fine.


Good question.
I think that we should certainly be able to make the breakpoints occur at more natural points as we go on through the book. (We don’t have a schedule yet as the hope is that we might speed up a bit)


Next week we have 14 pages, then 20 the following week (it is extra long to take us to the end of the first section of the book).

How about we change the end point for next week to ~17 pages? Then we will have 2 slightly longer weeks rather than one shorter and one longer.
@pm215 do you think you could find a natural break point around page 79 (assuming you have the same page numbers, or around half way to the end of the chapter if not)??


The nicest breakpoint would be right at the start of page 81, which is the end of section 4 of chapter 1. But that would be 18.5 and 15.5 pages. For an even split of 17/17 we can stop in the middle of p79 at 食事どころではなかったのだから当然だ。


OK, quick poll time

What should we do with next week’s break point?

Should we make it?

  • End of section (next week 18.5 pages, following week 15.5 pages)
  • Even split (next week 17 pages, following week 17 pages)
  • Leave it as it is (next week 14 pages, following week 20 pages)
  • I don’t mind
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I think putting a break at the end of a paragraph would OK, at least better than in the middle of a sentence. Reading on Bookwalker, and page number would be different. Device-dependent as well.


Looks to me as if there is support for changing next week’s end point to the end of the section. (I’ve read ahead, and it is very manageable and not-too-tricky. Ends on another minor-cliffhanger [not literally, like that last chapter of あんたも殺人犯になれる]. Unless there is a flurry of opposition in the next couple of days, I’ll make that change.


Just finished week 3 reading. X_x, a little behind but I’ve got time to catch back up this week. I bought a physical copy to go along with my digital copy and look what it came with:


I also fell behind! I did the week 3 reading yesterday. Reading it in one sitting was quite a lot :sweat_smile: But now that I know I can do it, I may try to read week 4 in one go tonight to make sure I don’t fall behind again.


Same. I read week 3 over the weekend and week 4 today.
The cast is getting quite large again. In 殺人犯, I had the problem that I couldn’t keep the side characters straight, so I guess I’ll just have to start taking notes this time or something :sweat_smile:.


Mmm, I can’t remember which of the three classmates is which, or which of the yakuza is which except the leader… Luckily it doesn’t matter much since they all seem to largely play to their stereotypes anyway :slight_smile:


When I sat down to read week 3, I realized the only one of Izumi’s male classmates whose name I could remember the reading for was Tetsuo :see_no_evil: After finishing, I noticed the OP has the names and readings though. Thanks @Domjcw!


I’m sorta ok with the classmates. Tomoo is the smart one and Shuuhei is the stupid one with bad impulse control. I appreciate that both of them have distinct patterns of speaking and behaving that often makes them easy to identify in dialogue. I’m less sure about Tetsuo…he says a lot, but I haven’t really gotten a handle on his character yet. But at least I remember his name.
The Yakuza on the other hand, oh boy. I only just read the section where the 3 henchman are introduced today, and already can’t remember anything about them. Also not sure about Izumi’s female friend and the teachers.
…Ooooh, I only just noticed that the character sheet on this thread now has physical descriptions! Thank you, @Domjcw . This is sure to come in handy.


Finally caught up! And even read a little further by accident. I didn’t forget my promise to help with the vocab sheet either, though no doubt there are still a lot of missing words.

Week 4 thoughts

I loved Sakuma’s recruitment speech at the start of this week’s reading. Maybe just a little because I struggled through it and felt way too satisfied with myself once the meaning of it all clicked. But it was passionate and afterwards, I really felt for those 4 beat up gangsters in their sad small club room!

It got really dark for a moment with Sakuma. The way Izumi decisively took charge in that moment worked well to change the mood. In general the situation with the Medaka group going under and Izumi’s fake confidence in approaching it makes it silly but still kind of believable. Really looking forward to more!

So far I can mostly tell the male classmates apart. Tetsuo doesn’t have Shuuhei’s aggression or Tomoo’s sarcasm but I think of him as the normie/straight man of the three, which helps differentiate him. The yakuza, like others, I’m still struggling with. At least I know Sakuma after this week :sweat_smile:


No problem, I added in little bits of description to the classmates and Yakuza as I could see them being confusing.
I also find it easy to get the names of 哲夫 and 智生 mixed up!


Last night I read one of Jiro Akagawa’s short stories translated in English “Beat Your Neighbor Out of Doors”. Though only around 20 pages long, there are 13 characters with a name in it. I only remember the names of 7 characters.:sweat_smile:

It’s possible that the writer’s main genre being mystery is why he creates such a huge cast. With so many characters, it’s hard to know who to trust, keeps us guessing about the culprit.


I’ve changed the breakpoint for next week as planned. Will be end of section 4 of Chapter 1.


Yeah, I’d appreciate this also for future breakpoints, often have to find myself scanning to find where the previous week picked off based on approximate percentage, and I’m not so good at skim-reading Japanese still so it takes time.

Yeah, I need to go learn the names as yomitan gives like 4 options per name and I’ve forgotten which it was so I’m basically just seeing them and going “Uhh… name was about to do XYZ”

Anyway, other than names still being a problem, I think this week’s was one of the better sections for my reading ability so far. I didn’t feel like I was doing an extravagant number of lookups for once, and my reading speed has gone up to 0.4 pgs/min . I actually overshot a little to the start of 1-4 just to have a nice wrapping up point, so I guess next week’s assignment for me is just to read section 4.