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Week 3 2 March 2024
End page 47
End point (kindle) 585
End phrase あなたが組長に昇格すればいいじゃありませんか
Pages 14
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Google sheet:

セーラー服と機関銃 vocabulary sheet

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Proper Nouns

Name Hiragana reading Notes Kindle location first mentioned
赤川次郎 あかがわじろう the author cover
尾田医師 おだいし Doctor Oda 24
目高組 めだかぐみ Medaka clan 86
星泉 ほしいずみ main character, Izumi 170
酒井好子 さかいよしこ aunt Yoshiko 172
星貴志 ほしたかし main character’s father, Takashi 179
酒井呈一 さかいていいち Uncle (Yoshiko’s husband) 201
知子 ともこ Tomoko (?Izumi’s mother) 211
奥沢哲夫 おくざわてつお Classmate of Izumi, Tetsuo (son of an executive, smart dresser, family expect him home for dinner on time) 251
渡辺周平 わたなべしゅうへい Classmate of Izumi, Shuhei (stocky, bowlegged, loves Judo) 251
竹内智生 たけうちともお Classmate of Izumi, Tomo. (Smart, heading for Tokyo university, wears glasses) 261
マユミ - mysterious woman in Izumi’s apartment 348
三浦久子 みうらひさこ Miss Miura, teacher 357
保科校長 ほしなこうちょう Headteacher Hoshina 368
和子 かずこ classmate, 433
健次 けんじ Kenji, Medaka gang member, short, unbalanced (brought the doctor in the car in the prologue), chews gum 555
英樹 ひでき Hideki, Medaka gang member, skinny and unhealthy looking, wears thick glasses 556
たけし Takeshi, Medaka gang member, stocky and overweight 558
佐久間 さくま Sakuma, Medaka second in command, unusually tall (‘beanpole’), in 50s 558


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How have other people found this week? I found it mostly pretty straightforward, though Takashi’s letter took me a while (and a bit of help) to decipher.

I highlighted this phrase, which my dictionary and ichi.moe didn’t help with


It was easier once I googled and found that the penultimate word was a contraction of 始まらない
(I was also unsure for a while if this was Mizumi reflecting (for herself) that it was pointless to keep fretting (over her father’s death), or someone else attempting to console her. (I decided on the former eventually))


Yes, you’re right. You can tell because 和子 has just asked 大丈夫なの? so this is 泉’s reply (うん、大丈夫よ). Keeping track of who’s saying what in conversations can get a bit tricky because the dialogue lines often don’t get unambiguously tagged for who’s speaking.

The next part is interesting grammatically because the line そうよ。その調子よ is spoken by 和子, but because the verb 叩く is in the passive the (unstated) subject of the sentence is 泉, and so the と-marked line of dialogue is sitting there without a verb of speech, acting kind of like an adverbial clause (compare the Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar entry for と).


Been so busy that I’ve had to cram this weeks and last weeks into today!

And now the story has finally started to take off! I’m wondering what kind of Yakuza leader she will be (assuming that she eventually accepts lol)! She seems pretty tomboyish and confident overall, so this will be interesting!


I wanted to talk about this sentence:


because I had to look up 鈴なり, having no idea what bells could have to do with anything, and I found the etymology interesting. It turns out the bells in question are these 神楽鈴 (かぐらすず) that you might recognize as getting waved around by shrine maidens in anime sometimes:

From that we get to 鈴なり being used to describe the kind of plant that has lots of little fruits all in a bunch, from the visual resemblance (the なり is なる 《生る》 (v5r,vi) (uk) “to bear fruit”, not the common なる “to become”):

And finally from that “lots of small round things clustered together” fruit image we get a more metaphorical sense of “lots of people crammed together into a small space” – students’ heads sticking out of windows like so many grapes in a bunch.


Thanks for looking this up and explaining it in such an entertaining way. I’m lagging behind and only just finished half the week’s portion today, and I was just wondering if I should ask about this sentence or just forget about it and keep speed-reading.


fascinating! thanks!!