スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You 🚬 Volume 2

Welcome to the Volume 2 discussion thread for スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You

This is an offshoot book club of スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You, which we read together with the Beginner Book Club. Due to popular demand, we will continue reading here at a slower pace!

Following other offshoot clubs, as less activity is expected, there won’t be weekly threads - it’ll just be this thread, with a post by me every week to indicate that it’s time for a new chapter.

You can find the main thread for the book club here: スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You).


Proposed Schedule

Table of Contents

Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 30th of September Chapter 21 3 to 26 23
Week 2 6th of October Chapter 21 一前 27 to 36 9
Week 3 13th of October Chapters 21 一後 and 17 37 to 52 16
Week 4 20th of October Chapters 18 and 19 53 to 68 16
Week 5 27th of October Chapter 20 69 to 76 8
Week 6 3rd of November Chapter 22 77 to 102 25
Week 7 10th of November Chapters 22 一前 and 一後 103 to 118 15
Week 8 17th of November Chapter 23 119 to 144 26
Week 9 24th of November Chapters 23 一前 and 一後 145 to 160 14
Week 10 1st of December Chapter 24 161 to 190 35
Week 11 8th of December Extra chapter 191 to 207 16


スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 2 Vocabulary Sheet


Welcome to the thread everyone - this week, we will be reading chapter 21. As you can see from the table of contents (picture above), the numbering of the chapters this volume is a bit… weird. As a result, we have very short and long chapters, unfortunately (in the previous volume, they were almost all the same length :cry:). So some weeks will be short, and some longer as to not cut a chapter in 2. But the schedule is always up for debate and improvement of course, so let me know if you have any ideas.

Regarding the vocabulary sheet: I’ll see what we can do, but I’ll try to host something in google sheets for now.


This is great news - well done snowwater for kicking this off. :beers:


I will nab this at a more relaxed pace when I have time - was hoping for a half-off deal or something but will probably just bite the bullet.

Cover promises some good hair for 佐々木


Alright, let’s get started!

This is where the manga became a monthly publication – the colored pages quickly reintroduce & set up the series for new readers.

The chapters are now of a more varied length, typically one longer chapter that was released in 月刊げっかんビッグガンガンコミックス followed by shorter chapters that were released in Twitter – 地主じぬし continued to do both even after getting picked up.

The order of the chapters was also changed for the 単行本たんこうぼん release that we are reading. As you’ve already noted, these chapters happen over a long period of time, giving us slices of life from here and there. (The passage of seasons is a good way to keep track of the timeline.)

Chapter 21 discussion

佐々木 getting worried :face_holding_back_tears: As if 山田 would quit without letting her ファン know…

んははは #15.

The sigh of relief, which our heroine most definitely picked up on. 田山 teasing 佐々木 about 山田 is somehow so funny.

にぶす木 is a term of endearment.

The shout is 「ちょっと待った!!!」, if reading marker-written Japanese isn’t your forte.


Oh 佐々木. :laughing:

店長 picked up 山田 having a change of heart, a change in まわし. I love the effect for “山田 is lost in her thoughts”. んははは #16!



Just love this exchange of notes and mutual support.


Updated vocab sheet for 21本目幕間一前 & 21本目幕間一後, added transcripts for those + chapters 17 & 18. I’m trying to get ahead of things as I won’t be able to contribute much from Japan.

God damn these were good chapters. :laughing:

Help for transcribing page 35

If someone has the physical manga on hand, could you take a zoomed-in photo of 山田’s mobile phone screen? This is what I was able to decipher from the grainy online manga:


Page 6

But, it’s been about two weeks and I haven’t seen her.

  • I’m not sure about the conjugation of 見てないんだ, but I’m thinking it’s te-iru in past tense, as in, “I haven’t been seeing”
  • Still getting used to sentence enders, but from Jisho, よな seems like he’s questioning himself … like “I guess it’s been about 2 weeks, right?”

Yup, that’s exactly how I read it.


You’re a godsend, I wanted to add to the vocab sheet as well but always end short on time, so I really appreciate all the work you have. I need to reread a few parts which weren’t clear for me and this will definitely help.

Chapter 21

I think this was one of my favorite panels, I just love んははは <3
Also the note that she left for Sasaki, of course… :sweat_smile:

Page 7

What do I do if I’m the only customer that has strange concerns.

  • Took me a while to see how いち客の俺 means “I’m the only customer” … so different from English ordering!

As well, that kind of thing may be regarded as a nuisance,

  • JLPTSensei has うちに入らない as “not really” or “can’t be regarded,” so I assume it’s the opposite here …
Page 7

I read the first bubble as “As I’m just another customer, what’s the use of having these concerns”, referring back to the previous black bubble with all sorts of dark thoughts. I didn’t get the sense of only from いち客.

Second bubble I agree with; “These kinds of concerns could also be regarded as a nuisance” or something close to that – he fears that he is coming off as a creepy old man.

This actually harkens back to page 5 of the very first chapter, where 佐々木 wonders:



Thanks, and wow, amazing recall!

Page 35

Photo of the phone details.

Page 12

The store manager told her to do it (take the test, or study for the test).

  • Weirdly, I think I just saw a similar construction in the ABBC: [に] + [passive?]. I’m thinking the 言われて is passive, and so 店長に means the manager is doing the saying…
  • Still getting used to sentence enders, here I immediately think の means a question, but from a look up, can also mean confident conclusion, which is supported by the following: だから

Just wanted to note I’ve started this up and will be joining you. This week’s segment went by pretty smoothly (it’s mostly re-setup after all) with only a handful of not-sure-abouts in my head!


Sasaki’s coworker’s expression reminded me of a guy from a specific how to draw manga book lmao. I’ll see if I can find a pic - this weirdo.

2023-10-05 20_43_20-Window


I don’t know what this まね is. I only know 真似 as in ‘imitate’ but that doesn’t seem right.

…huh, I guess that’s all I was confused about this chapter. Weird.


means you’re getting better! :grin:

真似 is the right word there, but I think it’s the second definition on jisho as “action” or “behavior”

more breakdown because it's a kind of an interesting sentence

working backwards →
しまう - in て form, accidentally or unintentionally doing something (he trails off here, but he’s giving a reason for his apology on the previous page)
真似して - acting/behaving

and how are we acting or behaving?
like suddenly asking questions about yamada san

so all in all he’s apologizing for suddenly seeming like he was only interested in talking about yamada, and then tayama calls him predictable, basically :laughing:

Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 2 6th of October Chapter 21 一前 27 to 36 9

Week 2 starts now; we have a short one this week, so for those who are delayed, you’ll have time to catch up!


This weeks chapter was just short and sweet. I gotta say, for a story like this one, the slow pace really works for me. I’m usually easily frustrated when romances go in circles and not much happens, but reading only one chapter per week means I have enough time to forget what happened last chapter, so the next chapter feels fresh and new. Also, the last two chapters were nice and easy to read, which is a really motivating change from some of the chapters in volume 1.


Is it a romance though? I really hope not.