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Chapters 9 and 10

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I’ve selected reading along, but I actually finished the book early about a week ago…still reading along with the discussion though.


So last week I set out to read two chapters and ended up reading two volumes…

Definitely going to stick around to discuss. Everybody’s in for a treat, so far it only gets better each volume.


I’m really enjoying this book :slight_smile: This weeks two chapters were both really interesting. I feel like I get pulled a little deeper into the story with each chapter, with each one adding more little mysteries so I’m really looking forward to finding out more of whats going on.

Chapter 9 Comment

Poor Emiriko thinking Kate had been blown through the grate! :rofl:

I only needed to look up one word in the whole of Chapter 10 - feels good! :muscle:


hey guys :see_no_evil: so erm… :see_no_evil: I added some words and messed up more than I wanted to
please can anyone help me…? I have no clue how to get the background color of the page number to show up correctly I’m sorry :pleading_face: :disappointed_relieved: :sweat:
maybe it actually was a good thing for you when I was going through the chapters as (close to if not) last so at least I didn’t mess with anything x-x I’m sorry…!! :see_no_evil: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :see_no_evil:


I’m not certain what happened, but I’ve got it fixed now.

Thanks for helping add words!


thank you very much!

not sure what happened either :confused:
the expected behaviour is that it would by itself choose the correct color (or at least same color for same page), right…? :confused:
because all I did was write the page number idk :see_no_evil:

Story wise I got to say I really enjoy this manga!
It’s very manageable (difficulty wise) and I like the visuals and story - so much that I’m thinking about ordering the next volume(s) ^^’
Really hope there are gonna be book clubs for those as well! :smiley:
I seem to be very fond of cute girls hehe :sweat_smile:


Correct. Placing a number into the page column should cause it to be colored, and consecutive page numbers get the same color. (The idea is that at a glance a reader can see which words are from the page they are on.)

I gladly accept any blame for my conditional formatting not working as expected!

I just wish I saved a copy before resetting the conditional formatting so I could investigate it later. Well, no worries, as I can do that if it comes up again.

I think there’s definitely interest there, both from people who are looking to keep reading, and those who’ve read on ahead but would like to follow along with any discussion. I plan to put up polls for an offshoot club this weekend.


I know what happened!
Adding a new row in above Row 3 causes the custom formula in the conditional formatting to change to =MOD(count(unique(#REF!)),6)=1

I don’t know WHY it does that :smiley: But thats whats happening.

Also, I’m thrilled to hear that there is likely to be an offshoot :slight_smile: I’ve really been enjoying this book!


Ah, this does make sense. The vocabulary words begin on row 3, so the formatting can conceivably break if adding a new row above the current “first row” of the range. That should be fixable without much difficulty when I have a chance for it later.

Thanks for checking into it!


Any time!

I fix this problem in sheets I make at work by adding an empty row with a height of 2 above the line that I want to start the formula from, and starting the formula in that row instead so nobody ever selects it and adds a row above it.

There is almost certainly a more elegant solution than that though :sweat_smile:


Continue out semi-off-topic discussion, any reason for this versus simply hiding the row?

I avoid empty rows just in case sorting is needed. For example, if pages are out of order, sorting by page number fixes it. But aside from this one use case, an empty row can definitely help for conditional formatting.

My plan is to try and include the header row in the conditional formatting, but still have the first vocabulary word start out with the light red background.


Hiding the row should work just fine :slight_smile:
I found people kept on unhiding the blank row (I was making communal checksheets for a whole team to use together), there seems to be something irresistible about those little expand arrows! :sweat_smile:
So I switched to using a tiny row and people stopped noticing it existed.

A blank row does interfere with sorting, so maybe its not a good solution in this case…
I’m definitely interested to see if you can find a way to include the header but still start on red.
As an aside, the formula you’ve already used for the colouring in this sheet is really cool, I would never have worked out how to do it without seeing your formula!

I’ll try to stop my off-topic chatter about spreadsheets now though, and get back to talking about the actual book :laughing:

Chapter 9 Thoughts

I originally thought the shadow/soot situation was a fairly recent one, considering chapter one seems to be roughly Emiriko’s first day on the job.

However, when you consider the existence of the soot removal rooms, it feels more like a long time has elapsed for building up various aspects of the mansion/castle for these “living dolls”.

Contractor: “Sure, I can add in a few dozen rooms with giant fans that blow down through a vent in the ground. It’s my specialty. I outfitted two mansions and a woodland cottage with the same just last week.”

If one theorizes that the dolls are actually the human bodies of the shadow people, that makes the existence of these rooms even more mysterious, because of the time to build it all out. I wonder if instead, this is a long-standing, long-used building where unrelated people are banished to if they become shadows.

And now I’m off to finally get to reading chapter 10!


It started getting much more interesting in these two chapters. I’m very excited to see who the green-haired girl was, the social dynamics that will develop between Emiriko and the other living dolls. I also started getting a very sinister aura in chapter 9 and 10, which is something I love. Can’t wait for next Saturday to continue reading!


The contractor comment is hilarious but that theory is terrifying. Maybe the soot-thing is some kind of pandemic and this is where the shadow people have been banished to.

These chapters were great and it was awesome to finally get some more LORE. Kate in the cleaning grate made me [shocked pikachu] face.

Also 100% up for an offshoot club as I’m likely to start volume 3 this weekend.


With IRL commitments making me really busy lately, I’ve been barely not falling behind on this one. Excited we’re almost finished!

Chapter 10 Page 123

First panel:


Is this: “You don’t understand because those things aren’t important to you
or is it: “You don’t understand because you don’t have important things

Or is it ambiguous?

Edit: Just put together that it’s probably the latter, given the context later when she makes herself a penguin-looking doll.


Correct. The ない means that 「あなたには大切なもの」 does not exist


I felt so bad for Emiriko when she thought that Kate was going to disappear. Then I thought that Kate was messing with her. I’m still not entirely sure she wasn’t.

Also I looked back and saw I took this note from Ch. 9 (so it’s uninformed by anything beyond that):

Emiriko seems almost programmed to feel uncomfortable with certain things, like showing Kate the soot removal room for fear of distraction from her cleaning duties. I predict the Shadows are sinister but Kate is the odd one out in being kind and wanting to know about Emiriko’s living circumstances, and teaching her how to read.


Potential spoilers so don’t read if you don’t intend to carry on to volume two but I think your theory has a lot of weight considering events that happen later on. Will go into more detail if you’re further ahead!