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Week 11

Start Date: September 7th
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134 125 79% 見つめていた。 13

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well… wow.
I really liked this part, especially when the sister is over (which, granted, is most of this week’s reading) and when she’s like: “so, where’s this guy?” “In the bathroom.” “Eh?” “He lives there.” :joy: loved it.
But the bit towards the end, where her sister starts crying and asking her to go to therapy with her, was … a lot. I really enjoyed reading it and actually, the best part is probably how quickly the mood changes, but how it’s not at all jarring and works amazingly well. So glad we picked this book.


That feeling when you click on a spoiler and it’s actually a spoiler. :joy:

In my mind the week changes after the reading on discord so I didn’t check which week this thread was for.

I really only have myself to blame. :joy: :woman_facepalming:

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I’m so sorry the spoiler game is ruined for you :joy:
Fair warning here: nobody click on the spoiler in my message above, it’s actually a spoiler :joy:

I never check either and it always takes me second to realise that I don’t actually have a clue what’s going on and then go check the title xD


By the way, I didn’t say anything earlier since I figured you probably were hoping for nobody to notice and quietly fix it on your own… but you forgot the word “book” in the poll :sweat_smile: @Sylph

To be clear, don’t edit this week’s poll, because that would reset the results


I think it can’t be fixed any more because it would reset the poll?

But really not very sure what exactly resets the poll and what would be fine…

Yeah, I know, just figured I’d say something in case they want to fix it for the remaining threads :slight_smile:


Oh wow I can’t believe I never noticed this :see_no_evil:
I checked all the way back to Week 2 and it’s not there. Not even once.
Being always reading along is bad sometimes…
I’ll try to remember to put it in next week :innocent: sorry guys

Sorry I didn’t answer before, I’ve been really busy the past few days and I’m behind on everything :scream:


This is the second time I got caught by 奴等. Grr!


Some questions please, if I may~

At 71%


And me neither >.<

I mean, what exactly is 白羽さん talking about? If I understood correctly, he wants to become a parasite as a sort of revenge, because he thinks it unfair that it is possible for women to be economically dependent on a husband but not the other way around?

He says that if she tries to chase him out, everyone will judge her. I find this really confusing… isn’t it precisely because society will usually look down on a man who is dependent on a woman that they would even encourage her to chase him out?

Did I misunderstand something somewhere?

At 77%

だから何も問題は起きていないのに 「あちら側」にいる姉より、問題だらけでも 「こちら側」に姉がいるほうが、妹はずっと嬉しいのだ。 そのほうがずっと妹に

I am not sure I understand this correctly… the 「あちら側」refers to the world of “normalcy” and 「こちら側」to the world of “weirdness”? So basically, “she prefers an older sister of that side, even if she’s full of problems, to an older sister of this side, even if nothing is wrong with her” ?

Random commentary on this week's reading

Mind blown when 白羽さん comes out of the bathroom and actually says something that makes sense. I found this totally unexpected, and even still not 100% sure it is not a fluke, considering he doesn’t really seem to care about 恵子 at all, and I can’t think any reason why he’d gone out of his way to get scolded (except, maybe, that he found his life as a parasite somewhat in danger?).

I think 妹 knows that everything 白羽さん said was a lie, and I found it really sad to see her cling to this false sense of normalcy at the first opportunity. I just can’t see this situation ending well for any of the parties involved…


Can’t say anything to the first part, will need to actually open the book for that. :smiley:


It’s the other way around, the あちら側 is where 恵子 is actually at, where she doesn’t have a problem with anything that’s happening, and こちら側 is where the sister can help her with her “problems”. Pretty sure this is, from the sister’s pov.

Didn’t this imagery come up before in the book? Something to look up later. :slight_smile:

I was so blown away when he showed up to her rescue, too! Maybe meeting 恵子 helped him see some things from a different perspective? But yeah, maybe he’s just protecting his habitat… Even so, that kind of goes against his reason for even being there (which was to not have to deal with society’s expectations - which he’s actually confronting as in dealing with now). Nect week can’t come soon enough! :smiley:

I was also pretty sad with how her sister handled this situation. Especially since she was introduced as 恵子’s supporter, who even helps her make excuses and fit in better. Maybe the ‘hope’ that 恵子 was “fixed” now prevented her thinking clearly.

That last scene, where her sister and 白羽 are enacting this… I want to call it a play, almost, and she’s just watching as a spectator felt like a pretty alt description of everyone’s status in society. With her sister as the normal part of it, 白羽 sort of not fitting in and getting scolded, and 恵子 as the actual outsider removed from society, where neither part actually knows what to do with each other.

I might be reading too much into that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Page 125


What does the の中で actually do here?

Also, I’m not sure I understand how to use/interpret 以前に in general, so it’s making it difficult to understand exactly the meaning of the sentence (even if I get the general idea). Monolingual dictionaries only seem to have 以前, and that hasn’t been particularly helpful.

The section from pages 125 to 128 was pretty brutal. No other specific questions really, but it was hard to get through.


For 以前に, maybe it’s the one described here ?
So not about temporal meaning, but about priority : a human female before / instead of a 店員


I agree about the priority meaning for 以前.

I think it’s pretty straightforwardly describing how his feelings changed inside the 店長.


The section from pages 128 to 134 was much easier than the previous section. It took me a little longer than it should have to realize that the lie about the ex-girlfriend was for the sister’s sake, but I figured it out after a couple minutes.

Comments, hopes, and speculation

First, after the sister is crying her eyes out, this line sums up the main character so perfectly:

Well, she stopped talking even though she’s still crying, so that means I have time to get pudding! And then eat it in front of her while she’s still crying! :joy:

So, given the lie that was just spun I don’t think it will go this way… But I think it would actually be cool for her to go to therapy again. In the 20-30 years since she went last (I don’t remember how old she was) surely awareness of autism has improved significantly. Having the book end with the other characters gaining some understanding of her condition (since her sister still clearly doesn’t understand) and perhaps some suggestions for 古倉 to cope with how the world works and get better at handling it (rather than “fixing” her), would be kind of nice.

more of that

Oh, that would be good. I personally don’t think 恵子 needs to learn to cope with society, I mean she is self sufficient in it. I think she needs to accept herself and stop trying so hard to fit in.

Rather, I don’t think she should have to do that and in an ideal world blabla. I mean, clearly she wants to fit in so yeah, it would be nice if something/someone enabled her to do that.

I definitely agree therapy would be good for her and her family! They’re all waiting for her to be magically ‘fixed’, and keep being disappointed because it’s just not happening. Even 恵子 herself, which is just. :frowning:

It would be nice if they could go on the way to accepting that 恵子’s differences just are, and they’re okay and no, she doesn’t need to meet your/society’s standards of normal.

Just starting on that road would be lovely. But, well. I think the one who’s most likely to jump start that is 白羽, since he as an outsider can see this less emotionally.

But I can easily see this not happening, too. 白羽 is bringing fresh winds, but they’re all so set in their thinking… :frowning:

In other news, the internet knows too much again.

I got recommended this Youtube Video about a teenage girl living with a form autism. Now, obviously this is a very different person, but I also found quite a bit of overlap! She also mentions how other people just intuitively know how society works and how she tries to wear appropriate clothing, for example.



I am amazed that we are so close to the end and I still have no idea where this is going. As before, I found some parts of this section funny (specially the コンビニ people getting overexcited over 恵子’s business and 白羽さん being in the bathroom) and others pretty sad. Of course, the bit with the sister. But also how 恵子 is noticing that the コンビニ people are changing and they are not the same anymore even if they still wear the same uniform (or maybe they were always like that but it wasn’t noticeable).
I think all the relevant things were mentioned in this thread already so that’s it from me :stuck_out_tongue:


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Just hit page 131. Keiko… whyyyy would you show your sister that Shiraha is living in the bath?


Everyone said to her that she should keep a man. Nobody specified where.