よつばと! Vol 12 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

Yes! Me! I do! :raised_hand: I think it would be great!

(I’m miles behind on Yotsuba, but I’ll catch up with you guys one day, and the more questions and answers in the threads, the better, as far as I’m concerned!)

And yes, hope everyone is doing well! Thank you!


Chapter 81! :camping:

Sorry for the wait! I just got back home yesterday night and am feeling a bit sick. :mask:


Hope you feel better soon!

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I’m a few chapters behind, so I’ll be relying on others to point out if this chapter lacks kanji.

For those reading this thread in the future, the kanji-less ゆるキャン△ book club is starting soon.


Uh. If you die of the plague, who’s gonna keep the thread running for us?

Also, ゆるキャンプ time at last!


Alright, finally found the time to read this. Or, I finally forced myself to stop being distracted by the the fact that Uru Live is live again, and read the chapter.

Nice to see Phrase Catcher Jumbo is still catching his phrase, from Big Miura this time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dad was wise to omit Yanda’s involvement until the last second.

Page 140, took me far too long to figure out why Yanda was asking Miura if she had any magic.

Page 154, the shade-cloth they’re putting up is really quite tall. The pole Jumbo is holding is already higher than his head, and it’s not even fully upright yet.

Page 157, Ena ded.

Page 169, Ena ded, again.

When I read something like this or Yuru Camp, I kinda wanna go camping. Then I remember how much of a hassle it tends to be in real life…


I actually really like camping. :open_mouth: I don’t really know how to do stuff, but I can go fetch wood, follow instructions, etc. And it’s pretty relaxing once you get it going.

The worst part for me is sleeping, and that’s because I’m usually uncomfortable anywhere, so camping doesn’t help.

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I know how to do eeeeverything - I’ve watched Yuru Camp. And Primitive Technology. :slightly_smiling_face:

Aye, that. And it invariably rains.


I’m exactly the same! ゆるキャン△ has brainwashed me into thinking I love camping. I think I really want to just go make some curry outdoors. That’s the main draw for me. Haha.

Alright, there are a few sections I’m having trouble with in this (long!) chapter.

Page 133

Literally the first words in the chapter. The 言っといた (言っておいた?) is tripping me up. My guess is this means “This is the guy you mentioned”. Can someone explain this short sentence to me?

Page 142

ひきょう isn’t a word I’ve seen before. Looks like it might mean unfair (卑怯). This seems to be Yotsuba complaining that Yanda was being unfair/cheating, but I’m getting lost getting the proper meaning out of this. Is she saying “It’s not interesting/funny or good”? I figure there’s part of this where she’s defending why she laughed while still saying it’s no good, but I’m missing it.

Page 151

こーゆー = こういう
Got that much at least.

こういうキャンプ = Like this camp
こういうキャンプっぽい = Like this camp-like :exploding_head:

I share Yotsuba’s disdain for Yanda.

“It’s my first time camping in a camp like this.” That seem about right?


Oh, it was, wasn’t it?

Gonna have to check my copy when I get home, but from memory, I think 奴 here is referring to an object.

[Edit]Yeah, it’s Mama Ayase talking about the bag she’s handing to Jumbo. “Here’s the thing I mentioned.”[/Edit]

Basically, she’s annoyed at Yanda for ruining her perfectly good sulk by being funny.

Basically, first time doing a camp-like camp. As in, staying in tents and such. キャンプ refers to the act of camping rather than the location.


I…will admit that I don’t really get camping :woman_shrugging: So much work just to be uncomfortable and gross…
Nature is nice, but not that much xD I need access to somewhere comfy and clean and…indoors at the end of the day.

The place where they are looks pretty, though. I’d be down to hang out in that hammock for a while. Hammocks are comfy. :relaxed:


So in this sentence, what difference does 言っといた provide compared to simply 言った?

Okay, so is the literal translation something like…

そんなのはひきょう‼︎ = That’s unfair
だってそんなのおもしろいとかいいようがない‼︎ = Because what you did isn’t even funny or good.


Ahh, okay. Interesting.

Thanks for your reply!

This was a long chapter O_o

I haven’t gone camping since I was a kid! Not in a tent at least.
Been out in the “untouched nature”, but always sleeping in cabins, not tents.
I much prefer a good bed over sleeping in a tent =P
But I do enjoy a good hike in nature =^_^=


I’ve slept in big ol’ marquee-style tents with a dozen other people for about ten nights in a row each summer holidays for a few years in a row, but that was a while ago. Otherwise it was just one or two nights at a time in a small tent, maybe a few times a decade…

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Sorry for the lateness. :sweat_smile:

Time to read Chapter 80!

Haha! :joy:

So cute!!

So cute!



Chapter 81 was great, too!

What a classic chapter. :blush:

“Yotsuba’s smile is gone for good.” :joy:

(No pics because I read it while I had no internet :stuck_out_tongue:)


Chapter 82! :tent: :curry: :shallow_pan_of_food: :bear:

Last chapter was longer than usual, so I gave a bit more time to finish it (on purpose, of course). :smiley:

Everyone, last chapter of the volume! 楽しみましょう!:grin:


Oh, of course.

Page 198, I was trying to work out the meaning of 殺風景 without looking it up and I’m going “… murder wind… scenery”?

Page 204, I see we’ve got a couple of pyromaniacs on our hands.

Page 206, I remember how surprised I was the first time I discovered that the moon could cast shadows.

Page 219, みんなおきてきた - Gee, Yotsuba. I wonder why.

Page 222, when I first read this in English, I honestly felt like it could well be the end of the series. It feels like such an “and the adventure continues” line. Plus, it took years for volume 13 to come out.


too lazy to figure out what page anything is on
Ahaha, Miura with the bell when the cat comes out of the bushes xD
OMG, they’re all so cute in their little sleeping bags/cocoon bundles, I can’t :joy:
Aww, the last page was a nice way to end :blush:

I can totally see why, it does feel like it would have fit well as an ending to the series.


To be entirely fair, it’s a black-and-white cat, so it’s practically a panda, and panda is 熊猫, and if you take out the cat, then it’s a bear.