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Yeah, I kinda did the “yeah I get the gist” and moved on thing.

Though, Yen Press… oh boy, Yen Press. They’ve gone with putting the phrase in panel 2 at the start of the sentence in panel 3 rather than the end of the one in panel 1, so instead it reads “The number of people enjoying the hot springs has dropped off.” “The devil’s assassins…” “… could sit down to rest in a place like this, never again to rise and go home…” In the anime, she continues straight from panel 1 to panel 2 without pause, so yeah.

I confess I’m still a bit perplexed as to why it’s written as オトし


I’m also not sure about that. My gut feeling would be that it’s to make sure it’s not taken in the literal sense (as in, the customers aren’t actually going to get taken down), but I don’t know. It could be just because she is using some weird intonation or emphasis? I kinda just dropped it in the “teenager banter” category and didn’t think about it any further at the time.

Edit: speaking of オトし, it took me a while to understand where the yen press translation came from.


I’m a bit lost what happens bottom of page 144/top of page 145.

Is she quoting the campsite saying something like “we leave dinner to you” or “you leave the dinner to us”? Is 何作ん “what shall we cook?” or “we don’t have to cook?”

In accordance with what’s been said I’ve brought packet rice.

It’s camp-style rice! It’s something to enjoy at night! (?)

Curry or something like that?

There’s then a backwards and fowards about curry while Nadeshiko starts sweating.

Then ていうかなでしこちゃん - “I mean, Nadeshiko.”

And then into a discussion about not having a trolley on wheels and having to carry her luggage.

I don’t understand why Nadeshiko switches from happy and winking to sweating - is it supposed to be her bag getting heavy? Or is she stressed because she was supposed to bring curry?


I can only help with some bits, so hopefully somebody else will chime in.

This is Chiaki speaking, and she’s quoting Nadeshiko.

“That’s right - you said “leave dinner to me!”, but what are you making?”

I suspect this is specifically what she was asked to do by Nadeshiko, just to add to that.

This is the “meal” meaning of ごはん, not rice (I suspect you were set on the rice path by Chiaki’s previous comment). Nadeshiko is saying that [whatever she’s cooking for them] is very “camping-ish”, or in other words a very quintessential camping meal / very appropriate for camping.

This is because they immediately guess (presumably correctly) that she’s cooking curry rice, and she wanted it to be a surprise / mystery.


I read it as “something to look forward to tonight”.

In this context, it’s more like “on a different note, Nadeshiko”, as a way of transitioning to the next topic.

Yep, it’s definitely because she got caught out. Her surprise was too obvious.


Thanks for those answers. I can unpick some long complicated sentences in formal prose, but can really struggle with some of these short informal sentences. It can be hard in the manga even to know who’s talking at times. So much seems to be left out, especially pronouns!


This was a really nice chapter. I loved the surprise waving in the webcam shot :laughing:

The real-life reference links are great @Belthazar, thanks! Travelling from my couch.
And thanks once again to those who asked/answered questions in the thread, I just glossed over most of those bits while reading :sweat_smile:


Yeah, especially for this exchange - I think she includes a little reaction shot of Nadeshiko in that first bubble, even though it’s Chiaki speaking, which really doesn’t help!

That was actually the thing I found hardest about Girls’ Last Tour; knowing which of the two characters was talking at any time.


At least for Yuru Camp there’s often a little caricature of the character in the speech bubble if the speaker is particularly unclear. Page 145 panel 2 has Aoi’s head in the second bubble, so it can be inferred that both bubbles are Aoi.

Also, if it’s Kansai/Mino dialect, you can tell it’s Aoi. :slightly_smiling_face:


I find everyone in this manga has very unique speaking styles. Besides the dialect and Rin’s dropping of particles that we’ve talked about, Nadeshiko has a very cutesie way of talking, and Chiaki Oogaki uses a lot of ぞ. This sounds masculine to me…is she trying to talk in a more assertive manner to playfully establish herself as the leader of the circle? When the speaker is not clear in manga, I have an awful lot of fun trying to identify who is who based on cues like that.

Also, this mangaka sure likes fish eye lens effects, eh? I guess part of the intended effect is to make the world appear somehow larger and more magnificent to get an Iyashikei-like effect? Since it’s so wide, one is trying to take it all in? Or maybe to look just strange enough to make the reader refocus their attention on the scene? That might make sense for some of the landscapes, though doing that for every landscape would be rather distracting. It’s interesting that it’s used on people a lot too.


I just finished the chapter… took me quite a bit to finish.
It’s great practice for reading without furigana, though. I get the readings of a lot of the kanji I should know wrong. Fortunately I do get some correct, too. So everytime I am able to read a speech bubble without a reading problem, I get a little bit happier less sad.
Overall, this chapter was a lot less frustrating than last week’s chapter! I skimmed through the last few pages just to be done with it. Not so this time.

Not really focusing on grammar, so no grammar questions. But I noticed that sometimes when I’m able to read a sentence that I know all the words of I feel like I read it just fine (and got a decent understanding). Though, after I finish a chapter I often check the English version and realize Oh! I actually didn’t really comprehend the meaning. However I’m not sure that’s completely true. It’s hard to put in words.
Did anybody else experience something similar? Is my brain borked?


Loved the yonkoma at the end! What a cliffhanger - is this the end for Rin??!

Thought this would be the last week but pleased to see there’s a few more pages left. Would love to carry on the next volume but this has been quite hard work for me.

Was interested to find I could write a 若葉マーク in Unicode. :beginner:


Yeah, they’ve been describing it as “this is the last week, but we’ll do the bonus pages next week” for some reason.

Hard work is good. No pain, no gain. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just feel like they’re kind of optional ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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You… YOU’RE kind of optional. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ouch! :woozy_face: You’re right of course. What I mean is my hard work could probably be better focussed on other areas of my Japanese right now. Need to get Genki 2 finished with Mrs Micki.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading your post.

This was my first book club and my first attempt to read manga, and I felt a lot of the things you were feeling. I wondered, countless times, whether this was too much for me. Was I attempting to read beyond the limits of my skills, my very limited exposure to casual speech, dialects, etc. I skipped a lot of unknown words and kanji, mostly because I felt getting more of a “reading” experience, rather than a “looking up every other word” experience, was more important, both in terms of learning as well as my own sense of actually doing something constructive with my time. When I completely lost the flow of the story, I’d take the time to translate a panel to get my bearings again before moving on. I found that reading in this manner allowed me to follow the story for the most part, piecing together what I was reading, in terms of the words I actually knew and the grammatical structures used, while keeping up with the flow of the story and the all-important context.

I’m sure I missed a lot of subtleties and got a whole lot of stuff wrong, but I found the experience to be an enjoyable one when reading in this way.


Yeah, that’s very similar to how I feel and read, too. In the beginning I was dissecting each and every sentence because I knew next to nothing. Now with some basic grammar and a couple of words under my belt I try to read more instead of stopping everywhere and trying to figure out each and every bit and it’s going a lot smoother. Sure, I don’t get everything (especially the smaller things) and often mess up stuff I probably should know, but it’s more enjoyable and helps me keep my sanity.

Sometimes when I notice I start looking up too much and trying to figure out a sentence which I thought I should be able to comprehend but don’t, I stop for a few seconds and move on. Looking up too much just overloads me with information I’ll most likely forget when I continue reading the manga or book or whatever.

I do look up words when I think I need them or just feel like it. Though I tend to look up more while reading Yuru camp (than for example Flying Witch) because of more special vocab (the camping stuff) but especially because of the missing furigana. But the stuff that gets repeated often tends to stick after some time. For example 焚き火 and 薪 - I couldn’t keep them in my brain in the first 2 chapters, but now I recognize their meaning and reading more easily and I didn’t even see them on WK yet (except 火)



Well, where were you checking the English? Cos Belthazar’s examples from Yen Press have suggested that we should assume the meaning is the opposite of however they’re translating it :grin:

But even so… I think it’s natural, and the thing is that you’re still learning and getting practice at understanding, even if you’re not always completely correct. You can’t know what you don’t know, so there are always going to be things you miss. Everyone experiences that feeling of “wow I’m glad so-and-so asked about that question, cos I had no idea I’d totally misunderstood it”.

You’ll gradually get more comfortable with the bits you do know, and that starts to allow you to pay more attention to the bits you don’t, and you notice more and more nuance and detail.

tl;dr - no, your brain is not borked :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, I was basically going to say that. I definitely wouldn’t rely on the translation of this manga.