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のんのんびより Chapter 8

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Start Date: September 29th
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Soooo, this is the Nadeshiko chapter?

What? No, that was like… chapter three. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Naph. You can come and read with us now.



  1. Is 電話BOX (page 118) the standard way of writing “phone booth”? Just it doesn’t seem to be on Jisho or Wikipedia at all. Google Image Search produces expected results, though.
  2. Middle panel of 119 is cute.
  3. Maybe I just completely lack any fashion sense at all, but… why the glasses?
  4. I get that Komari’s dumb and Hotaru’s in a haze of “senpai noticed me!” but how does the whole chapter pass without either (a) Komari recongising Hotaru, or (b) Horaru realising that Komari doesn’t recognise her? :roll_eyes: I dunno, I like this series, it’s kinda cute and fun, but this kind of “comedy of errors” humour, where everyone doesn’t realise they’re having a different conversation to everyone else, it doesn’t really resonate with me.
  5. I wanna visit a dagashiya. Apparently there’s one near the northern terminus of the Toden Arakawa Line in Tokyo…
  6. Kind of amused how Komari is telling her self “be an adult”, then immediately starts her next line with “my mother says”.
  7. What’s going on with Komari’s aside comment in the center panel of 126? 遠回りの道教えとけばよかった, is that 教えて plus conjugated おく? “I should have told her about the long way around first”?
  8. Not really an NNB question per se, but Why. On. Earth is shaved ice with azuki “gold time”?
  9. Page 132, final panel, just what kind of conjugation is 聞きそびれた? Google coughed up this and this, but I kinda already got the meaning, I’m just unsure of the formation.

This explanation is pretty comprehensive


Well, I mostly wanted to complain about one thing ^^"

About that specifically.
And I think there was a panel at the end where Komari says sorry for having stood up Hotaru. How does that even work? Hotaru is just too surprised to say a thing and then the conversation moves on?

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Komari’s apology is just 昨日はごめんね, which could possibly be interpreted as “sorry you had to pay for me”. But yeah, Hotaru even replies “why?”, which ought to lead to further explanation, but apparently it does not. Maybe Komari fled in shame?

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Isn’t it good to know that “lost in translation” doesn’t always require more than one language? :joy:

There is some amusement value to be gained though, from an ~11 year old and a ~14 year old both desperately trying to act grown up, with varying degrees of success.

On the one hand, I completely agree with you. On the other hand, my sister decided she would look really good in glasses and went to the optician’s desperately hoping they would tell her she needed glasses. But a ten-year-old?! As an occasional accessory?!

Maybe let your sister know that it’s possible to buy fake glasses? Pretty sure they’re even a thing in Japan.

They certainly come up in anime often enough.

Don’t worry, she considered that! :joy: ten years later she’s finally been told she needs reading glasses, at least, so, er, I guess she’s happy now?!

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As you asked… I googled. :smile:
Apparently there is a type of bean similar to azuki bean, called 金時ささげ, and originally the name only applied to dishes made with that bean. However, the name has now become used for dishes made with azuki beans as well. (Random internet source)
Of course, this doesn’t answer your next question, about why any type of bean is called 金時…

But further googling reveals this: apparently various red things named 金時 are in homage to Sakata Kintoki a.k.a. Kintaro, as he had a face red with exertion.

Of course, you don’t have to believe everything you find on the internet. :joy:


Well yeah, because she sucks at being an adult.

That’s exactly how I took it.

This was already covered by @Kyasurin’s link, but it’s on jisho too.


to miss a chance; to fail to do (usu. a suffix after the -masu stem )

It’s literally the bonus page. For all we know they both realized shortly after that. :man_shrugging:

So here’s my own thoughts:

  • On page 118, seeing the crazy text (later revealed to be from Hotaru dropping the phone and the wall of text right after was hilarious.
  • On page 120, I want to make sure I understand correctly. Komari bought a new one-piece dress and Natsumi and Renge showed no interest, so she wants to show Hotaru because she thinks Hotaru would understand the “charm” of the dress? The sentence is strangely structured, but in a sense, that’s what I think logically it should say. Let me know if I’m just making that up to conform to what I wanted it to say. If my interpretation was right, a breakdown of the formation would be helpful.
  • I actually found the misunderstanding on page 121 about Hotaru coming from Tokyo to be one of the funniest moments of the chapter. And I didn’t really mind the misunderstanding for comedic effect for most of the chapter.
  • I found it a little odd on page 123 that Natsumi also told Komari not to go with strangers. Seems unlike her to say something useful haha.

Yeah. It’s

{Even though I especially bought an adult-like one-piece,} Natsumi and Renge didn’t show any interest at all.

Well, if it’s Hotaru, she ought to understand this adult charm.

I dunno, Natsumi already showed in chapter 3 that she’s pretty protective of Komari.


Thanks for the confirmation and breakdown. And I completely forgot about how protective Natsumi got in chapter 3. Sometimes it’s almost like she’s the older sister… (And yet the rest of the time…)

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She’s almost always like the older sister. It’s just that she’s also the mischevious brat archetype, which is not usually seen in the older sister. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have absolutely no idea why, but I think this was one of my favourite chapters :smile:

And I usually dislike when misunderstandings are a central part of what’s supposed to be funny in a comedy, even. Like I said, I really don’t know why I happened to like this one.


Glasses are the best.

Are you secretly Akihito from Kyoukai no Kanata?


I wouldn’t go as far as 眼鏡様, but probably.

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