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のんのんびより Chapter 6

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Start Date: September 22nd
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Some initial thoughts from a quick read-through:
This chapter was pretty amusing. Although I’m not sure I 100% understood everything the teacher was saying in the beginning, or all the stuff Natsumi was going on about after her tantrum in the middle. I think I got the gist, but I should probably go back to that at some point.

Poor what’s-his-face xD
I literally cannot remember his name. I think I’m just going to call him “the guy.” Or maybe “Scarecrow.” …“Straw Man”? (ba-dum tshh)

An interesting instance of furigana-that-are-actually-still-kanji on the top of pg 86. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. :thinking:

I love how Hotaru is totally in her own little rice-ball world at the end xD


Finally read this chapter.

Hotaru is certainly a very stylish dresser, for an elementary school kid. What’s with that jacket? :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the three reaction panels on pages 80-81.

I assume バックオーラーイ (page 84 panel 4) is a standard call when spotting for a reversing large vehicle?

Took me until my umpteenth reading to figure out why Suguru is also covered in mud on page 92: because Natsumi pushed him on on page 89. That guy needs more presence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kazuho’s ulterior motives aside, though, I reckon this is a school excursion worth going on.

Suguru. Aside from the man with the cow in chapter two, he’s literally the only male character in the entire manga, so you’d better remember his name. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any vehicle, really. Also used forward when visibility is bad. For some reason gas station attendants use it even forward even with good visibility. I guess they want to justify their salaries.

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Also just had a quick read-through, and mostly understood via the pictures :sweat_smile: in my defense, it was pretty late at night…

Haha, yeah, absolutely my thoughts as well. She looks like a University student who rides a motorbike, not a ten-year-old.

I didn’t even really understand what the teacher was going on about and I still loved these :grin:

I didn’t even notice! Will have to look out for that on my next pass.

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I love how he doesn’t even get a voice actor in the anime
Still has some pretty great moments though


On page 81 when the teacher says はーじまーるよー I couldn’t help but think of this:


Thoughts on the chapter:

  • The repeat panels on pages 80 and 81 actually had facial expression changes! This author is beating the Aria author in that regard so far! (cc @Belthazar)
  • On page 82, Hotaru gets serious as soon as she finds out she can have some of Komari’s homemade onigiri :laughing:
  • On page 83, did anyone figure out what the ガチ is supposed to be in 植えた苗ガチ踏みしてるんすけど?
  • Oh man, on page 86 we’re getting kanji as furigana. The furigana for 先生 is かず姉.
  • On page 91, I don’t really get what this means: 目立たないところにいるってわけじゃないし、すぐに誰が見つけて. One of those cases of understanding all the words but basically having no clue what it means.
  • What is てか in the bottom right panel of page 92 and again in the first panel of page 93? From jisho, looks like it might be てか from ってゆうか from というか.
  • I can’t believe this whole thing happened because the teacher wanted to compare the machine to working by hand! And then a test tomorrow to boot! Plus everyone looks so annoyed/distraught, and Hotaru is just like yummmmm. :joy:

It looks like he just fell in to me.


目立たないところ A place that doesn’t stand out
にいる to be in (a place)
って that
わけじゃない It is not the case
し Conjunctive particle. Follows items in a list of reasons.
すぐに right away
誰か someone
見つけて to find

It’s not like it’s in a place that doesn’t stand out, so someone will find it right away.


For a smoother English translation, I’d go with something more like “It’s not like we don’t completely stand out in this place, so someone will notice us soon.”

(I think I’ve got the right panel in mind. Haven’t got the book on me. Will address the other concerns when I do.)


I haven’t read the chapter, but from the page I thought they had lost something. :joy:
Oh, then it makes sense with the いる. Missed that one. :sweat_smile:


Thanksss. I need to stop trying to look at ところ as some abstract concept when it can be used more literally as a physical place haha.


I feel you, just learned 「~た」ところ as a grammar point, and どころか.
That’s where the magic of 漢字 should come in.

I found this whole little interaction a bit confusing, honestly.

I had dismissed the first result Jisho gives us, “serious; diligent; earnest”, but is it possible that the simplest answer is that the teacher is commenting on how Renge looked like she was really diligently concentrating on crushing the plant?

Sometimes I feel like re-watching the anime would answer a lot of my questions :sweat_smile:

There were quite a few times in the first chapter where the words on Hotaru’s shirt disappeared and it really bugged me though :wink:

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Aye, Jisho does say that, but I wonder if it’s more like ところで. At least in terms of usage if not direct correlation.

Page 89, first panel, her left hand is squarely in the middle of his back.

Also, the calligraphy at the back of the classroom changes pretty much time it appears. Think someone is just looking down on Amano-sama. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did say in that regard :stuck_out_tongue:

Aria’s art is definitely better on the whole. :wink:


Wow, I did not see that at all!

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Exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I should read this, but I’m lazy. :weary:

Adding insult to injury, I’m creating the next threads now (a day early) because I don’t know when I’ll have time tomorrow.