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Week 4 May 11th, 2024
Chapter 3
Start page 105
End page 136
Page count 31
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So what do we think is the correct reading for 魔墨? ますみまずみ or まぼく?

I kind of like the onyomi but I suspect it’s incorrect.

EDIT: oh there’s furigana on the same page. Silly me.


Can’t find 半刻 in my dictionary.

「半刻(はんとき)」の意味や使い方 わかりやすく解説 Weblio辞書 says that it’s read はんとき like 半時 and means “a little while”.

Same, Coko, same.

handwritten stuff on p114

I think the various 紋 are pretty straightforward. The 矢 are 柱の矢、浮遊の矢 and 拡散の矢。


Every week one new katakana name. Alira?


I don’t have the manga in front of me right now, but 刻 is also an antiquated unit of time, so it could be related to that. From what I can tell, 半刻 is half of 一時 ( ひととき), which is roughly two hours, meaning 半刻 is roughly one hour. But some dictionaries give conflicting information, so I’m not sure.


Yeah the page I linked talks about 約一時間 so it tracks.


Well, despite Qifrey’s belief that having Coco take the test now would cost her life, Agathe hands over her shoes without a second thought, so she, at least, doesn’t expect it to be fatal. Though it’s possible the shoes are easy to replace. And also that Agathe is lacking in the appropriate experience.


Getting beginners on these forums to start reading Japanese like


She’s a teen, she doesn’t necessarily understand the potential consequences of her actions here I suppose. That being said, if what she says about being only able to take the test once is true, then she might just expect that Coko will fail or give up and be kicked out as a result.

Maybe she’s not aware of the seasonal danger K-dog was hinting at.


つばあり帽 is “spit-having hat” or am I misunderstanding? Is it because the tassels on those hoods look like an open mouth with fangs? Is it meant as a derogatory term?

Page 126

Hah, that one confused me for a while too, until I thought to scroll further down on Jisho. つば also means hat brim.


Aaaah… I skimmed the various hits on my dictionary app but it truncates the definitions to one line so I only saw “guard (on a sword)” and that didn’t seem to make sense.


For me Agathe doesn’t seem to like Coco, I felt like she wants her to fail and leave. I think she only gets one shot at the test? So doing it before she is ready, and without Qifrey’s permission, seems a good strategy to get rid of her. It’s not clear whether her life is at risk on the test. I don’t feel we know Agathe enough yet to know if she’s that mean…


Yeah I think she sees Coko as competition, either as a wizard-in-training or for K-dog’s attention or possibly both. They appear to be roughly the same age and Agathe spent most of her life working to become a wizard while Coko discovered the thing mere days ago but she seems very gifted already (not very obvious in this chapter but it’s clear that she has potential given K-dog’s remark about her fabric measurements in chapter 1).

I guess starting your wizard journey by accidentally casting large-scale WMD-grade 禁止魔法 must also make you stand out a lot in wizard world.

Agathe wants to nip that in the bud before it becomes an issue.


For fantasy naming convention reasons I’d go for Alyra.

Agathe is being such a meanie here. Even if she doesn’t know about the seasonal dangers or whatever, that’s peak mean girl behaviour :angry:

slight spoiler for next chapter

I just read ahead a little and she knew!!! What a $#*%\


Thank you :star_struck:

Agathe's deal

Wow you’re giving Agathe quite the benefit of the doubt here. That’s very wholesome! I was getting full on villain vibes like she’s just doing everything she can to get rid of Koko. :smiling_imp:

More moderate, I’ll go with that for now


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I believe she fully intends Coco to fail. I just don’t think she expects her to die Mister Bond. Mind you, I don’t expect her to do either, considering she’s the protagonist. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah good point! And laughing so hard, I miss harmless Bond style drama.

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Fun chapter.

This is the third series I’ve encountered where mages have used teleportation magic to tip waste into an infinite abyss.

I really like the explanation of magic; feels like coding (though not to the extent of, say, Magiluminere, which I need to see if i can read yet)


Hah, I just read that one in English. The art style is definitely a lot of fun.


It’s level 27 on Natively so that shouldn’t be too challenging.

I wish the nihonguese would stop mashing English, French and German words together haphazardly to make up “cool” words. Magilumière sounds silly. This is cultural appropriation and they need to be cancelled for it.


Func water_splash(force, dir, duration)