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Week 3 May 4th, 2024
Chapter 2
Start page 67
End page 104
Page count 43
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I think the handwritten text on page 72 is 水と呼ぶにはまるくてういてるような although I’m not 100% sure about the last part. Also not sure why it’s not spelled 浮いて with the kanji. One day I’ll make sense of Japanese spelling conventions…


Whee, Week 3! Before I start on a more thourough reread of this chapter, I can finally ask the question that had me staring at page 52 for the last two weeks.

Click for forbidden knowledge about p. 86

If I understand correctly, He Who Must Not Be Named In Romaji explains that among other things transportation without a door or vehicle is considered Forbidden Magic.

So I’ve been trying to figure out if he committed a crime before our very eyes the night he apparently transported Hogwarts-Apparition-style right into Koko’s bedroom.



That’s how I read it, too. And I was pretty ecstatic to be able to read someone’s handwriting in the first place. Speaking of which, I’m not sure there’s a spelling convention involved here. It was probably just easier to squeeze a hiragana character into this small space rather than a kanji with as many strokes as 浮.





I swear that I encounter あっという間に once a week and every time it trips me up.


A good indication to add it to an SRS if you learn in that way!




A legend of legaia reference in 2024 is even more shocking than キーフリー possibly doing magic crime…


Ok I caught up


Honestly unclear. Still possible that he just flew in with his magic boots.

Also a bit of a dick move to ban magic healing… And the idea that mages would enforce the ban on de-aging seem dubious to me (amusingly a relevant semi-plot point of Frieren chapter two).


I finished the game for the first time like a week ago (I had it in French as a kid but never finished it).

Forbidden magic

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if there’s some sort of good reason for the healing and de-aging ban - like maybe it’s got side effects or adverse effects on the environment that make it unsustainable. I can’t imagine them banning healing for no good reason.

The ban might also have started as some sort of honor codex thing - like, the conspirators who became the founder of the mage class by obliviating everyone else thought it was unfair to have this kind of advantage over the people they just robbed of their memories… or else they were worried about the social unrest it would cause if they had too many obvious priviledges. But yeah, I also doubt it’s enforceable.


Is he saying that Koko wants to learn “kind magic”? I thought that you couldn’t directly talk about other people’s wants that way in Japanese, am I missing something?


He’s not saying what Koko wants, but rather what he wants for her. It’s the てほしい grammar point.


Oh I see… I guess I expected that he would say something like I want to teach you and not I want you to know but that makes sense.


He came in through the window, like a regular, not-at-all-suspicious person.

Translated literally, it’s "in the time it takes to say ‘ah!’ ".


Not using kanji gives it a more casual/laid-back vibe which also fits with Koko’s childish character and vocab (plus 浮 is only taught in middle school so Koko wouldn’t know it yet!) and just in general I think a lot of those non-speech bubbled, handwritten comments in manga use more hiragana
But then again I was looking for examples and Mr Forsaken-By-Romaji uses words written in kanji interchangeably with their counterparts in hiragana so the author probably doesn’t it give it much thought


I love the 3D effects used in this manga (or how to call it?), when they are drawn partly outside of the frame


I think the issue is just that when I try to break down the sentence I don’t think of stopping at a small っ, so I try to parse あっと as a single word and then nothing makes sense.

Hopefully after this discussion it will stick…

Impressions for this chapter

I really enjoy the worldbuilding, the fairy tale cottage, the sun-and-moon apprentices and in particular how the author plays with this concept of magic circles (the Stargate window and smartphone using dials to draw various shapes is a really cute variation on that concept). Having to draw a complicated pattern to turn the light on every time seems annoying though.

Kirfrir :tm: having only 4 underage girls as disciples is… interesting.


More seriously I don’t understand why Koko doesn’t just ask him to go to the archive tower himself since presumably he already has the prerequisites to do so? Why does Koko need to deal with this herself?