Zooming issues on mobile

Not sure what changed back stage with the new update, but when doing the WK on my Iphone in a browser, I got issues of sudden zooming in (and trouble zooming out) on the reviewing screen. Not sure this is already a listed problem that can happen or not, but just wanted to lift it.

I very rarely do any reviews on my phone, but this was a persistent problem. not great to suddenly be so zoomed in you can only make out the answer box but not the question asked anymore. Also, it wanted to switch between zoomed in left bottom side / zoomed in right bottom side. It could be undone, but I never figured out what triggered it. Just that some kind of trigger had clearly become introduced to make way for the behavior in the browser (Firefox on iPhone)

@Mods just posting in here rather than emailing as it’s not a real problem for me personally. Like I said, I mostly use my laptop. But, just wanted to let you know about the issue and maybe see if there are other users out there that have experienced the issue. :slight_smile:

Zooming looks to be disabled, which an accessibility WCAG failure:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no">

Should be:

<meta name=viewport content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1">

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I’m sadly inable to speak code but happy you’ve taken time to reply and post info about the issue! :bowing_woman:

All good! This is actually great that you brought this up. Zooming should always be enabled for accessibility. Doing so satisfies WCAG 1.4.4. Without zooming enabled, the site could become unusable for many people.


Not sure what you’re saying or implying though I totally agree with you with the accessibility focus that I think WK should be working on. But that’s not what I was going on about.

It was forced into zooming in multiple times during reviewing and I have no idea why or how. the Mods hopefully knows more about his issue.

Oh, I misread your issue. What I mentioned is still an issue that should be fixed. But I’m unable to replicate your issue on Firefox mobile for iOS. I tried a few lessons on my phone (iPhone 11 Pro) and didn’t run into any zoom issues so far. If the font-size is below 16px on iOS, the browser will zoom into an input field (For mobile Safari at least). But that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. Can you replicate the issue every time you do a lesson on your phone? Even if it’s in the recent lessons view?

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I’ll give it a try next review comes up! It was a constant problem yesterday for me. ^^ Today, I’m back on my laptop so I don’t really choose to go on mobile unless required. ^^’

My next big review is 18.00 for me Stockholm time. So in just a couple of hours. I’ll post back then. ^^

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Hey @chongo! I got your email about issues with zoom and I have passed it along to the engineers.

@ekg We haven’t seen the issue of unintentional zooming in and zooming out on mobile so it would be super duper if you could email us at hello@wanikani.com so we can gather some more info about your set up. It’s a little easier for us to handle things that are buggy through email and our internal tools! You can simply copy and paste the OP if you would like and then we can continue the dialogue there. We really appreciate it! :nerd_face:

-Nick at WK


I’ll see if I can dublicate this issue tomorrow and the I’ll email you the results. :slight_smile: As mentioned, I’m not usually on my phone, so I can’t really give you much info about how prevalent the issue is. I have no idea, besides it appearing. I did some restarts of the reviewing process and then suddenly, there I was again zoomed in against my with and unable to see the full reviewing page but the ö
bottom part. ^^;

Sounds like a pebkac to me. :eyes:

I double-tap or flick zoom sometimes.

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