Zeroed my lessons

For a bit of context I usually do anywhere from 0-10 lessons a day, but I am so close to leveling up to 7 and I had 85 lessons left to do. I normally would let them carry over, delaying my progress on the next level but I felt like speeding things up for at least a while. So I did all my lessons, and plan to do all my lessons whenever they show up right away. These reviews will definitely be painful, but hopefully if I can level up quicker for at least a while until I can’t handle doing this anymore, that’s a win. Wish me luck everyone!


Take into account those lessons will comeback in the future, and if you keep that rhythm they can really add up to a lot of reviews in some weeks. It certainly can be done, but I’d take it a bit slower to check how you’re coping, ie. instead of doing only 10 lessons a day, try do 20 a day, if after some weeks you feel comfortable, try with more…


How is doing twice as many lessons per day taking it slower?

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I think they are saying it will be faster, but recommends going a little slower as to not get overwhelmed.

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As someone who did this and recently dealt with almost 400 reviews in one day (374 to be exact) I highly recommend taking it a bit slower. As Gymgirl above me said, if you stick to around 20 lessons or so per day, you’ll probably be happier with things more spaced out. It feels good to zero out your lessons, but remember that they all come back to haunt you! :ghost:
That said, congrats on getting 0/0 :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: You should check out the 0/0 thread!


I’m seconding being cautious with huge lesson binges. That works for a few people, but for most of us, it gets to be quickly unsustainable. Those 85 lessons are going to come back four hours later, then eight hours, then a day, then two days, then a week, then two weeks, then a month, then four months… Even if you can handle 85 reviews on top of everything else today, how about six months from now when you have potentially hundreds of other reviews in circulation?

If you want to level up faster, there are ways of doing that that are a little more sustainable in the long term. The Ultimate Guide for WK has a lot of tips for increasing your speed and building your own schedule in WK. I recommend giving this a look and aiming to do a set number of lessons a day to reach your target pace. This might seem slow at first, but it will make things a lot easier for you in the long run!


“instead of doing all the lessons in one go, try doing 20 per day” is what they ment. Otherwise you will end up like me and Silversong.


I suppose that’s true. Regardless, I think it was good to finish all of my lessons of this level before going to the next. I’ll try 20 next then

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It’s a bit misleading to say that, though. Whether or not you do lesson binges (like I do, up to 100s), after Guru the reviews naturally spread out across SRS stages because of differential failures. It doesn’t really matter in the long run whether you do 30 lessons per day or 120 every four.

Personally, I think lesson binges are a good method for people who lack consistent motivation (like me). Sometimes I do 150 lessons at the end of each level, of the vocab of the last level plus some vocab on that level.

You can see that the average per day increase in review count hovers around 150-250, which varies with my last lesson (binge) session.

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This is the exact problem that binging causes, which some people have a harder time dealing with than others. Here’s my forecast for comparison:

review forecast

I do 10-13 lessons a day, not 20, so that’s why my review increases are lower than yours, but the number is generally really consistent. 150-250 is a pretty extreme range! The problem with having such a huge range is that for many people, if you struggle with motivation, that 250 review day might land on a day when your motivation is low, and it might be really difficult to complete extra work that day. Whereas if the number of reviews is consistent, your workload is predictable and even, which makes it easier to make WK into a daily habit and keep up with it out of force of habit instead of having to rely on inconsistent motivation.

There definitely are some people that do just fine with binging lessons and are able to keep up with it, but I have seen far, far more people binge their lessons and burn out, so it’s something I try to warn people about near the beginning, because when you’re very low level, you haven’t experienced what WK is like when you have master, enlightened, and burn reviews all coming in from studying you did months ago on top of your guru and apprentice reviews from recent lessons.

At the end of the day, everyone can make their own decisions about their study habits. I’m glad that binging has worked out fine for you, and I hope the OP can figure out a good strategy for them as well.


Ultimately if you can zero your reviews every few days it shouldn’t matter, though. Two people progressing at the same speed with either method will have roughly the same weekly review amounts. For some it might be disheartening to not be able to finish all of their reviews in one day, but that’s up to them.

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 08.54.39

My heatmap’s really patchy (pink is 600+, yellow is 100+) but, as you said, it’s up to each person to decide what’s best for them. :slight_smile:

Getting them done is definitely a thing to celebrate! You’re at level 5, so it’s a good time to figure out a pace that works best for you. When I was level 5 I also did all my lessons immediately and tried to get everything done asap. And it worked pretty well–for a few levels. But once allllll those reviews start to creep up on you, that’s when those 85-lesson days (and subsequent crazy number of reviews) start to bite you in the butt. I cannot tell you how many words I’ve mixed up because I did too many lessons at once and they all started to blur together. Which of course leads to higher review numbers lol.

I’m nowhere near high level or anything, but I just hit level 12 and I’m forcing myself to slow my lessons down to 5/day (at least till my apprentice items are more manageable) and the lack of 85-new-reviews has been a huge relief off my shoulders. 200+ reviews in a day can wear you down quickly, and while it looks like you’ve got a decent review forecast right now, remember that every day has more than you think since the items you have today will come back later (regardless if you get them right or wrong, they always come back).

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide your own pace and your own time commitment. The general “ideal” I’ve seen is to have ~100 apprentice items at a time, which you have right now. If you have the time and mental energy to do 80 lessons a day, and are not having any trouble remembering them, keep at it! But remember the lessons add up quickly, and too many lessons a day make it harder to remember things. Best of luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:

lol sorry for the essay

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Thank you for sharing this, i had no idea and didnt imagine the huge study load way beyond my level. I think I’ll follow your advice and try to integrate it into my daily schedule :fist:t3:

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Apprentices are no problem if you don’t mind handling that many reviews per day as apprentices are still in short-term memory and are relatively easy to clear.

However, the problem will come back hard when you fail to Enlightened or fail to Burn as those intervals are spaced too far apart, and the SRS penalty is doubled so that you might end up with many leeches bouncing around. Getting depressed is a common issue when getting to that point, as your time on WK would increase a lot because you need to clear a high amount of reviews and be busy killing leeches.

I just want to say its impressive you can do 600+ reviews in a day, 400+ for me is rather dreadful already

Well, the amazing level-up consistency you had in your level 60 post made me jealous! I wish I were able to do that too, haha. It’s just a matter of necessity that I do that many reviews, letting them build up for too long isn’t great for your memory — I’m just awfully lazy most of the time.

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