Back after a break, dealing with the reviews

I took a break from Wanikani and came back to around 550 reviews. I can do around 150 a day during commute but the next day they come back again…what should I do to get it back to 0? I used to have 130 reviews or so per day and that was not bad

The reviews don’t all come back as fast as you do them. Everyday there is some progress. Keep going and eventually you will have the upper hand.


Also, stop doing lessons until you’re at least mostly caught up.


I was in a similar position a few weeks ago after not having time to do any studies for a month and wound up with around 400 reviews.

I just powered through and stopped all lessons until I had everything under control again. I got many wrong as they had not hit the point where I’d remembered them but I’m now back on track and able to do lessons again and maintain reviews.

You can do it!

550 really isn’t that bad, you’ll get through it quicker than you think.

How about in addition to your 150 a day during the commute you add another 25-50 when you first wake up or before bed? You’ll be back down to zero in no time.

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Something similar happened with me. I’ve been using vacation mode a little to get the balance back, and I’m still not caught up after about a week of doing this. We’ll see how it goes in the next week. I’ve been gaining a little more momentum recently, and it helped that I reset one level to get back down to a more manageable load.

As others said using vacation mode can help.

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