Gets me every time

Unlocks next level

Me: I’m going to succeed in maintaining a 0/0 streak, this time!

A lot of reviews come in

Me: Uhh, I’m going to do 10 lessons every time I do my reviews, in order to arrive to 0/0, and then I’ll keep my streak!

About 40 lessons remaining

I do my reviews

Look at lesson count

20 lessons added

Me: That’s it I quit



I’m feeling the burn too my friend ;___; Maybe knowing you’re not the only one will help you stick to it. Stay strong!

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But that’s the best! It makes it possible to do the same amount of lessons every day.

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I can’t remember the last time I was at 0/0 :upside_down_face:



Jesusss… too much reorder script?


guilty :frowning: I wanted to get to 60 fast

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How many vocab lessons did you have when you reached lvl 60 ?

:thinking: Not sure, but it was over 400 I think. After dinging 60 a lot more unlocked and now it’s got up to this

I usually do all new lessons as they come up or within a day of them coming up to maintain 8 day levels. I didn’t do that last level and had 50 is lessons carry over into the new level. Spent three hours on my phone in one day catching up on all of the lessons and subsequent reviews, that has motivated me not to do that again.

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