YouTube channel recommendations

Does anybody know any YouTube channels featuring:

  • Book reviews (Japanese or foreign or both, doesn’t matter as long as someone is talking about books, opinion about them, etc. + bonus points if the YouTuber is into fantasy)
    → An example for a channel I like from this category is 文学YouTuberベル
  • Self improvement, discipline, generally ‘becoming a better person’ kind of content
  • People playing pen and paper role-playing games

Any recommendations are welcome or suggestions for keywords I could use to look for channels :blush:

Edit: I mean Japanese YouTubers speaking Japanese


Assuming you’re looking for these types of channels and also they speak Japanese, is that correct?

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Indeed. Similar to the example I provided
I thought that was a given because I’m posting it here :eyes:

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Listen, it never hurts to be extra clear :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I edited the original message to make sure everyone knows :rofl:. Thank you for asking!


Book reviews:
ほんタメ - guy and a girl talk books. Various genres.
Masaki Books - He reviews various genres, slight mystery slant
ペキョ - He reviews various genres, he doesn’t post as much as other creators though so I haven’t seen any of his recently enough that I remember if he has a genre slant.
あべしぃ - 100% mystery book focused so not sure if you’ll dig it, but I like him. His self-deprecating captions always kill me.

Self improvement:
Rescue House - Basics of how to help people and/or yourself in dangerous situations. I don’t know if this is what you meant, but I like the channel and it’s helpful.

Nakata University - he’s got a bunch of stuff on a ton of topics, but business/investing/how to speak better/how to be healthier/etc self help topics are common

Book reviews of self improvement books:
フェルミ漫画大学 It’s so specific isn’t it? Basically the contents of self help books are covered in a narrated manga format

For book reviews honestly 小説 and レビュー will get you far. Adding in the name of the genre you’re looking for won’t hurt. I’ve watched a ton more than I’ve listed here, but those seem to be the only ones I actually subscribed to. BookTube is a big place.


Oh wow! Thank you so so much! I wasn’t expecting to get such an extensive reply. They all sound awesome, and really anything about books makes me happy. I want to learn the vocabulary so that I can talk about books more eloquently in Japanese :blush:.


Ha, I feel that. I read a lot of reviews on BookMeter for that purpose (also they’re just entertaining).


see the last of the YouTube suggestions. :slight_smile:

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Which one do you mean? This one?

I already mentioned it in my post as the example of the channel I always follow for book reviews. Or do you mean another link?

my bad, I was reading sloppily and missed it.

Osho Taigu’s Heart of Buddha posts a lot of videos that are responses to self-help-type questions. I’m not personally Buddhist, but I’ve been enjoying his videos regardless, and he sometimes subtitles them in English or other languages. He’s got a nice calming voice.


It seems like a really interesting channel, and definitely something I’m not used to listening to. Thanks so much for the recommendation! :blush: I love how clearly he speaks and his voice is indeed so nice.


乃木坂工事中 has a YouTube channel if you like Idols or Variety shows.

What sort of channel is that? Ah… idols… I asked for something a bit more specific. Do they talk about any of the subjects I’ve mentioned? I’m interested in building my vocabulary in these fields so I could explain myself better (about the subjects I’m passionate about) to native speakers, idols don’t particularly interest me in that sense.

Sometimes they talk about the books/manga/games they’re playing, and every year they have events revolving around talents they either have or want to improve on. I like it a lot because the content varies but is useful for everyday situations.

I’ll check it out when I have some time, then. Doesn’t hurt to give it a go :blush:. Thank you for the recommendation.

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Yeah its good “I don’t have anything else to do” entertainment. aka 99.999% of Japanese TV.


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