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Oh yeah, names are definitely just transliterated to match the pronunciation as closely as possible. Names don’t really translate anyway, it’s not as if a Japanese person named 花 would suddenly be called Flower in England.


I didn’t know that actually, thanks for telling me! I really new to Japanese (I haven’t even gotten past level one yet) I was just curious one day and looked it up and that’s what I got.


I don’t like my name in Japanese at all: イーブイ
Yes, it’s the same as a pokemon :expressionless:


But Eevee is so cute, how can you not like that name :stuck_out_tongue:


The pokemon is cute, but the way a V is pronounced in Japanese is… not

Fun fact: people always spell my name as Eevee in English now (it’s Evie) :smile:


I didn’t practice too far with transforming foreign words to Japanese and maybe someone more knowledgeable with Brazilian than me could correct this, but that could be チアゴ (tiago/chiago depending on what kind of romanization you’re familiar with.)

Mine is フィン, and for that one I’m pretty sure. :slight_smile:


My Japanese name is 王強

Yeah, you would usually just use katakana to transcribe your name, but I felt like translating would be better. You know the rules, and so do I, but a full commitment’s what I’m thinking of. You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

My real name: Rick Astley


Well, I’m kinda new here, so hi all :smiley:
I dunno how to use kanji and katakana properly yet, so I used Google Translate and it threw this at me:
So… I hope it’s right :smiley: But in my language we would say “Pavel”, not “Paul” :slight_smile:
Edit- (Also it sounds like “Poro” in Japanese… which is a really cute little creature >_< )


I would guess your name would be パーべル (At least that’s how I imagine it is pronounced).


Where possible, I’d rather go for meaning translations rather than phonetics

Unfortunately for me the name James, this doesn’t work as usurper 僭主 isn’t a name in Japanese. Jiro (二郎) could work maybe, or 進. (James comes from a guy who was the second born, and supplanted his older twin brother)

Names like Paul would translate better. I think it would be Kenzo.

I’m also interest in comparative mythology. If there’s any similar stories in Japanese legends, I would take the name from there.

A lot of my Chinese friends just chose to take a local name they liked the sound of when they moved to the UK.


Ye, that would be correct based on my language :smiley:
Google also threw “パーヴェル” at me, so that would be the option with “ve” instead of “be”.


@Darkry Here’s one famous Pavel as パべル. パベル・ビズネル - Wikipedia


Oh yeah :smiley: One of our great tennis players. Nice one :smiley: But I do not like “Kenzo”, like @WhenInDoubtUseNi suggested :confused: Doesn’t sound cool to me :smiley:

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Cool story time!

I’m a Kendoka, and when my sensei went to Japan some people at the dojo asked for custom made zekken (a piece of cloth that goes on the bogu, where your name is written for identification). Since I’m not japanese, I asked him to write my name for me.

I thought I’d get a simple ジョウナス, but instead he choose kanji for my name: 上那須!

I treasure that zekken deeply, specially now he’s passed away.



I sign my calligraphy as 守禎冕(ステーベン)- because I used to practice several martial arts(守), [try to] feel blessed (禎)and the etymology of my western name is “crown”(冕). Turning names into kanji (based on a combination of pronunciations and meanings) has actually been a little business of mine since 2008. :grin:


My name is Sara, and back in high school Japanese class it was セラ, but personally I like サラ a bit better.

I know that non-Japanese people don’t use kanji for their names, but I get a kick out of the idea that my name would be 皿…きれいなかんじですね!


welcome @Darkry and @Sjeagen! @joeni pls?

my first name does not work with japanese. if i went there, i think i’d use my second name, which actually sounds japanese: ユナ it actually sounds closer to its breton original than the french pronunciation of it with the japanese ゆ sound.

lol and your chibi version would be 小皿 and your showering self 皿洗い!


My calligraphy teacher chose kanji for my calligraphy seals (which I carved from stone blocks) based off the meaning of my full name, which means “the archer” (or “warrior” if you take it more generally). I can’t recall the kanji now completely, would have to get those seals out again. I do remember it contained the first kanji for the town since the first sound for both my name and the town is the same. My teacher and the other students were super excited about that!


I thought it was マルテ for a long time. But my Japanese teacher wrote マーテ on all my emails, so I have used that since. :grinning:



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@Darkry and @Sjeagen

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