Your Genki routine, Or shall I Genki no more?

Hello everyone.
The last months I’ve kept track of weekly goals for japanese, kanjiwise, grammar, reading, listening… etc…
And I’m seen how I consistently leave my Genki grammar routine (exercises and workbook) for the last minute… mainly because it’s the one I enjoy the least. I’m actually happy to see a pair or grup exercise, 'cause I get to skip it :sweat_smile:

So how do you do it to keep it fun (wich seems to be the case for the rest of my japanese study time)? Should I Genki no more instead (I’m finishing Genki I)?


I usually try do to do one chapter of Genki and the textbook exercises during the weekend and spread the workbook exercises during the week to refresh my memory. If you have trouble staying motivated, maybe try to spread the grammar points during the week? Say “this chapter has 6 grammar points, I’ll do 3 tonight along with the corresponding textbook exercises, and I’ll do 3 more tomorrow”.
But then again, I really enjoy studying with Genki, so I might not be perfectly suited to answer your question ^_^’


Thanks. I guess I will try to split the workload… an alarm maybe, as if it was a SRS reminder :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What are you doing with the Kanji in Genki? It’s the part I like the least now, specially after RTK and now WK. It just looks silly to learn it in one place with the right tool (systematically in WK) and then in another place with the wrong tool…


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I basically only rely on Wk for kanji, the Genki system for kanji is pretty lame. I try to write the kanjis i already know as much as possible, but I don’t bother for the rest since I’ll learn them eventually.

Have you tried using Bunpro together with Genki? They have the grammar points distributed by JLPT levels and they mention where each point is in Genki. The cool thing about Bunpro is that they have a SRS (just like WK) but for grammar :slight_smile: This is definitely a game changer in terms of knowing where your weaknesses are.


This looks awesome! I just signed up. Thanks!


I was using Bunpro from time to time, but I never saw the Genki references. Great to have them there. I’ll definitely start to use it more often now.


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They implemented it yesterday or something :slight_smile:

Where excactly can you see where each point is located in Genki? I have missed this.

I believe they might be still implementing this since apparently not all grammar points have it. I started seeing this since yesterday or something.


How do you keep track of your weekly goals? (i’m having trouble tracking things like this)

SRS apps make it fairly easy… I just do the reviews until they are at zero … :sweat_smile: (anki, WK and Kanji Study app)

For the rest I was splitting each Genki chapter into six parts (vocab to put into Anki, reading and reviewing the grammar points along with some youtube video, then the execises grammar and reading/writing for the textbook and the same for the workbook) . I would put a checkbox in a board very visible in my living room… and voila!

the board has also chockbox for reading (Graded Readers) and sometimes I included there JPod101 lessons as well.

Anyway, the best moment it’s when I get to erase all the completed tasks of the week :sweat_smile:

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