Your friendly neighborhood has become level 60

I made it! :partying_face:


I feel like a big chapter of my life has closed.
I remember being at the beginning levels imagining myself up here, I knew I would make it, I just couldn’t imagine how this site would be a key part of my life for more than a year. I kept up with this more than any habit I’ve had in my life. And I’m not sure how a life without WK will be like, I hope I can adapt to it with the slowly decreasing reviews :smile: I’m just telling this to show that WaniKani is truly a magical site that clicked with me, and I’m really grateful to everyone who worked on it.

How I started


Entering 2020 with a broken foot, I was at home all day and was starting to get bored, I started watching anime again for the same reason and thought, with all this free time, I might as well learn the language(had no idea pandemic would make that free time a lot longer XD). I was planning to learn hiragana and learn the rest as I read and look the words up in dictionary, like how I learned English. Quickly realized it was foolish, tried Heisig, was too lazy to do it and heard about WK somewhere, and the rest is history :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Where I am now

I guess I’m really cool among my weeb friends now. :sweat_smile: I can read books, play games, watch anime without subzz… Aside from those I realized I’m in love with Japanese comedy, I can watch manzai and comedy skits all day long. There’re still a lot of new words I encounter every day but I have a pretty high toleration for ambiguity by now so I can enjoy anything while only looking up words that catch my interest. I have no idea how good my grammar is. I watched the CureDolly’s Japanese from scratch playlist last summer and I didn’t have much grammar issues since.


music spidey

Put your headphones on, play some Japanese bangers and smash through your reviews. It’s almost, therapeutic…


I regret that blank spot in the beginning so much :sob:


Fast levels? More like regular levels but more relax


I used a ton of scripts, I’ll just mention some of them I really like.

Double-Check: There’s NO WAY I could’ve completed WaniKani without this script. English being my second language, I make a lot of spelling mistakes and typos in general while typing fast. This keeps me flowing and not lose my mind :laughing:

WaniKani Lesson Filter: Allowed me to plan my learning, like dividing the kanji to four days and adding the vocabs alongside them so I could have a mixed learning session.

Level-Up Celebrator!: Celebrating is a must! This makes leveling up much more awesome and also notifies you on important milestones.


I know I’ve been away for months. With the university entrance exams coming up I had to turn my focus to studying. Even WK is taking a lot of time right now so It’s the perfect time to be level 60 :upside_down_face: But when I was here, this community had been an incredible place, also really helped keeping my head straight in pandemic. I interacted with a lot of amazing people, had fond memories, and had fun even just browsing the site and checking out new threads all day long. I’ll still keep reading the forum, like some posts, I could even post stuff if I have time :laughing:

Some thanks to the amazing people that I can remember.
@TrinityBringer for liking my every post and being the friendliest guy.
@theMusicalninja for being the coolest kid on the block.
@denzo and @HotWeather for being the only Turkish durtles that I know of. :smiley: (They’re also really nice)
@ekg for being everywhere in the forum and interacting with everyone super wholesomely.

Also thanks to everyone else, I just like this forum and it’s people a lot :relaxed:


Yeah I got this really cool cake and oh…

noo I dropped the cake :sob:


dayum, I remember when you were but a wee spider-durtle…how you’ve grown :’)

congrats on level 60!


Congratulations! Great thread, btw. :slight_smile:


Amazing! Congratulations on reaching the top! :confetti_ball: :tada::fireworks:

Sorry about the cake, but I’ve got a better one for you! :wink:


Sometimes life gets you a broken foot, but sometimes you find something worthwhile to do with your time. I’m really happy that you decided to pick up Wanikani and for hanging out in the community :grin: I hope you stick around even after reaching the goal. ^>^


Thank you! Though It’ll definitely look weird eating myself :joy:





Congrats! I remember back when we spoke last you were level 10… great progress!


:sparkles: *YOU DID IT!!*:sparkles:
Such an achievement! We’re all super proud of you!
I hope you stick around the forums a little longer! Where else am I gonna see that amazing Spider Drip meme?! :joy:



Wow, super impressive stats
Amazing!! (Bowing low…).
Keep on having FUN with it, kiddo!

–Aunt May


Thanks! Glad to see you’re also back on the forum :blush:

:sparkles:I DID IT!! :sparkles: Thanks man, I’ll be around, hopefully more in summer. With more DRIP.

Thank you (Bows even lower…)

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Is this a subliminal message?


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:

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Congrats! Incredibly impressive. :slight_smile:

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congrats! i’ve only just begun and i’ve already forgotten what life was like without this site.


Congrats on lvl 60!


congratulation, u where pretty fast in my opinion. With japanese bangers, ur talking about J-pop?

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Woww thank you so much guys :sob: I’m super happy to receive these kind messages.

Any kind of Japanese music actually, but generally pop I guess. I discovered quite a variety of songs while doing reviews :slightly_smiling_face:

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