Whelp, I made it. :)

Kind of a weird feeling, and a weird time to have made it too. 2020 has been a crazy year, and yesterday night, soon after our apartment’s ceiling leaked water for the third time in like two months (thankfully my Japanese books were safe, haha), I hit level 60.

I started back in January of 2017 when I took the plunge and got a lifetime subscription. (WK team was super kind to give me the discounted price just after the sale ended. Thank you! That really helped jump start my journey here!)

I was definitely a slow and steady durtle, with my pacing getting exceptionally worse when 2020 hit. I don’t have any special or amazing advice to share, unfortunately. The biggest thing I think I can say is that, if you’re struggling, find that core reason for your motivation. Why do you want to push? What got you started? What new things keep you going? What things can you do to make it fun? How can you prove to yourself that it’s worth it to continue?

I think a big moment for me was pretty early on, in the teen levels if I remember right. I was feeling frustrated with my progress and ended up buying a Level 0 Graded Reader, knowing I would absolutely demolish it (and I did, gg past me). But I needed to see the progress in a more physical way. Doing reviews/lessons for so long, you can sometimes get lost in the improvements you’re making. Seeing what I learned from WK in the real world, to actually apply that knowledge, gave me a big boost. (And you don’t need to spend money to do so, I just happened and was able to.)

Letting my friends and family in on my progress was nice too. Having some cheerleaders who got excited with me during leveling up, who also waited patiently for me to finish reviews before/during time spent together, gave me additional pushes.

These forums as well. Damn, if y’all don’t already use them (and you’re somehow seeing this post), get on that! These forums made an indescribable difference in my progress. Gave me help when I needed it, answered my questions, informed me of valuable resources, offered amazing book clubs, and so much more. (Thank you everyone!) I know I never posted much, but you can get a lot out of lurking too. (I see y’all lurkers reading this post. :P)

But yeah, I don’t have much to say really. I’ll be finishing up level 60, getting through my burns, burning anything else WK decides to add down the line, but apart from that, baby bird (durtle) gotta fly :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone else out there! I believe in you, you can do it! :sparkles:






That’s amazing! Great job!


You made it! :tada: :sparkles: Big congrats! :partying_face: :cake: :crabigator:


Whelp, you say?

Anyway, congratulations!



Congrats on making it to the end! :partying_face: :birthday:
You are a hero making it during this year with everything else going on… :sweat_smile: Glad to see you’ve managed ups and downs. It’s very inspiring = it’s all about your fighting spirit and tenacity in the end! ^>^


Aw thank you! It was definitely a struggle xD I think anyone managing to do anything this year is amazing. Hope to see you joining the level 60 crew one day as well :slight_smile:

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whoop whoop!
Big congrats!
I could never keep up without the forum either… I feel a responsibility to the community lol!

So what are your plans now?


Congratulations! So important to look back to see what progress you’ve made, you don’t see yourself growing day to day, but you when you compare yourself with the you from a year or two ago, the differences will be stark!


Congratulations! Do you have any ideas for what you want to do next now that you’ve finished WaniKani?

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Thanks so much! :slight_smile:
I come on most every day to glance at the forums, but I mostly lurk. (And maybe vote here in there in the polls :stuck_out_tongue: )

YES! Absolutely! This makes such a big difference :slight_smile: I love doing it, really shows how much you’ve grown. And it works for any skill too. Gotta be proud of that progress :wink: (and thank you x3)

Thank you! Currently it’s just doing more of what I’m doing right now–Bunpro, Italki, reading Harry Potter (until the next book, then keep reading). I try to write up a paragraph or two a couple times a week to help with production when not doing Italki.

Once I’m done with WK (I still gotta finish level 60 xD), I’ll likely transfer some of that time into more listening. (I’ve found lots of seemingly great podcasts on here that I wanna try out!) And get going more with Russian.

Hopefully next year I’ll be able to visit Japan again. Fingers crossed x3 I visited once before in 2015, and I’m eager to see what the difference will be like now that I know so much more. :slight_smile:

But oh man, is it gonna be weird not having to check WK every hour every day. :frowning:



Will you stick around to burn it all down as well?

Awesome accomplishment and I hope I can join you at the top of that mountain in the next year or so!

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Thank you! And yesss! Burn everything :fire: :wink:
I can’t wait till you do! Best of luck :smiley:


Congratulations :tada:


All the hard work pays off and it’s a great feeling :blush:

I agree about the graded readers, I did something similar myself by buying ones that I thought I should be well able to manage, it does give you that confidence boost that you actually have learnt something.

Best of luck burning everything, that’s my new WK goal as well.



I’m happy to see someone finish at a normal human pace. For a while there, it seemed like every other post was someone getting to 60 in 300 days or so.


Thank you! And yeah, haha, I have no idea how those people do it xD


おめでとう Conan san :raised_hands:t2:

I am happy that you persevered and were able to cross the finish line despite all the obstacles :grin: You deserve the success and happiness :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s to you Conan san :clinking_glasses: For all the glories that will be yours :love_you_gesture:t2:



bow hinata haikyu
Congratulations conan-先輩! A truly outstanding achievement.

All the best on finishing level 60, as well as if you plan on burning all the items. And wow Russian is next! You have quite the journey ahead 先輩. Hope to still see you around here in the forums sometimes. By the way, thank you for posting your journey, way stand up for a non-zoomzoomzoom durtle :sweat_smile: like me.
keep chugging along on your language journey!