Your favorite kanji by radical: 木

Hi! I hope you had a nice week! :purple_heart:

This week we continue with “your favorite kanji by radical” with the radical: 木.

The idea is simple: share your favorite kanji that contains this radical and explain briefly why you like it (to see examples, see the previous post). Suggestion: if you don’t have any inspiration, you can look at jisho per radical…

Personally, my favorite is 桃 (peach). I think it is in part because of its appearance and because I like peaches!

Your turn!


That is my favorite radical by that kanji! (Because we all need 木!) :grin:

Maybe 森. It’s a whole forest of 木!


For now, I definitely need to go with 僣. I didn’t even know that English translation was a thing (though seems like a good trolling kanji).


米。So symmetrical.

Tough cookie. I used to like this radical, but not so much anymore. Probably 森, because of a certain clan in 戦国時代.

木 is not my favourite, but my favourite kanji it appears in would probably be 桐. The paulownia tree is alright but this kanji is used in the name of the first city I lived in in Japan, so it has a special connection.

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I’m only on level 5 but I’d have to say 林. I just love how it pretty much looks exactly like what it means.

機. It looks complicated :wink:

棚 I just like to write it… :upside_down_face:

休 because it really looks like a person leaning against a tree taking a break.

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I like these three kanji: 杲 東 杳, because of the the visual story about passage of the Sun that they tell.

But since two of them are uncommon, let’s say it is 東.


I love that this implies there is a humble way to usurp something.

(こん) for me! Roots are tasty p:

I am partial to 蓮根

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My favorite is maybe 栞 (しおり=bookmark). The pattern 干 is fairly rare in kanji and 幵 is even rarer so it looks interesting.

Also 桑 (くわ=mulberry), because I really like mulberry and also I always find funny kanji with tons of little cross inside, like 桑, 啜 or 爽.

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休, because 休みたい :yawning_face:

I’m a big fan of ごぼう and all Japanese potatoes personally :yum:

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My morning snack had ごぼう in it!

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Nice, what was it?