Favorite Kanji for Calligraphy

Hey everyone! I’m currently going to a weekly Japanese calligraphy class, and each time the teacher asks me what kanji or series of kanji I want to focus on that particular session. I’ve gone through nearby town names and other basic ones, but what are your favorites/recommendations? I’m also using these sessions to learn new and difficult kanji (the repetition really helps) so don’t hold back even if it’s complex! Thanks in advance!

Ones I’ve already worked on/attempted: 浜、中、頓、別、賢い、萌え、and various hiragana/katakana


I did 花 and 謎 once, 夢 is also a good one; 死.


Colors are fun! 緑、紫、青、赤、黒、白、黄色


I rather enjoy 曜 and 火
I feel like a lot of personal expression comes out of those two when write them.

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天 is a good one coz it’s symmetrical

Is it, though?

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You can probably make it look stylish.


薔薇 ばら Rose
憂鬱ゆううつ Melancholy, Depression


Isn’t it?
It looks pretty symmetrical to me

In computer fonts, sure. Kanji tend not to be symmetrical in real life, mostly because of calligraphic styles.

see the strokes?

one is a long downward to the left, and the final stroke is more straight with a flat end.

I like doing 空, 風 and 心

@BigEm Also gonna sound really stalkerish but pretty sure I’m your neighbor in Hokkaido. I know those kanji well :wink: If you ever meet an ALT named Emily thats probably me… yeah no matter how I put it I sound like a stalker…

On the note of Hokkaido 札幌 and 稚内 Are also fun to write. As well as just 北海道!


My fav kanji to do in calligraphy style are 最愛 and 習 . They’re fun to write and I like the meanings too!

I think I actually did 魔 for my final Caligraphy test back in Japan.
I’d have to look it up, I still have it.

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Pick some nice ones from a list of 熟語 or 四字熟語. That way you get interesting kanji with an interesting meaning. 如是 is a nice two-kanji one with fun meaning (it is what it is).

For a single kanji, work on your ichis, and you will be sure to impress the teacher. :roll_eyes:

But, in all seriousness, 水 is pretty wonderful. 月 is simple but great. If you want a complex kanji with deep meaning, nothing beats 無.

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is nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was waiting for someone to get my joke. :slight_smile:

So, you are saying that nothing does not beat 無?

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Try to find a stroke you want practice on. Like a kanji with a mouth radical, or lots of ichi’s.

Also kana are fun to practice in calligraphy.

Whoah! Not to sound creepy on my end too, I think we also have the same name… this is definitely going to make the prefectural orientation a lot more fun :joy: