You know you’ve been WKing when


…you’re reading some text, and in he middle of it start going, “well, the devil is bringing the water slide to Target because he wants to return it, but, uh , the store credit policy pisses him off so… he turns the cashier into a hen! Hen! That’s it.”


…when you’re too busy for a few days and tada you got 450 reviews


Hahahahahahaha the struggle is real!


…you spot one of your leech words out in the wild, find that you are able to actually read it, finally - but are then momentarily confused as to why a little green box didn’t float into your vision from below. :confused:


When you see something written in Chinese and think, “Well, if it were Japanese it would be pronounced ____ but like, I know what it means.”


…you waste time on the forums instead of doing reviews. :expressionless:


That’s literally how I passed my beginner’s Japanese class


I´m loving all of these replies! We missed one:

…you spend time in the WK forums with this awesome community.


Not WK specifically. More of “You know you’ve been studying Japanese when…”

…I woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn’t fall back asleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about how a certain verb should be conjugated, but was too sleepy to actually look it up. xD


lol. The though have crossed my mind. It’s insane behaviour, when you think about it.

Sadly I don’t have a desk. At my job, if one person slacks off the whole team suffers, so I can’t just take a 15 min break whenever I feel like. I can do whatever I want during lunch, but if you’re power-leveling waiting until lunch is not an option.


I’m a little ashamed to admit I’ve done this more than once and even not on weekends when I have to get up for work the next day. #noregrets


I think it’s quite common. Kantan Japan even made fun of this phenomenon in this video

… Doesn’t make it less insane tho :slight_smile:


When you celebrated by yourself when you finally reached lvl 4 and got excited to pay for this…
I’ve been using this app on and off for yearsssss and finally reaching a paid level is an accomplishment to me :relaxed:


“… you read Japanese by going “kai-something-something-suru… I have no idea what that means, but the first kanji is ‘meet’”.”

LOL! True!


When you’ve changed every contact in your phone to Kanji/Katakana.

When all your friends are annoyed at you for changing all their messenger nicknames to Japanese.


When you understand an entire NHK easy article about a space probe sent to Saturn without looking anything up, but your practical everyday vocabulary is so limited that you don’t understand your coworkers using the word 着替える (it means to change clothes for any who don’t know)


Yeah and neither one is entirely right because 虫 includes things like snails. For a while I thought バグ was a synonym, but that loanword is apparently just for computer bugs. 虫 are just 虫 to me now.


…when you are dreaming of doing wk.
… when everytime you see strange form you thinks it’s kanji and try to read them.
…being overly happy to see a word you learn yesterday in a book or article


You’ll learn that one on lvl 27. :wink:


You know you’ve been WKing when your Japanese friends tell you that you know a bunch of difficult words (AKA not common words) even though your Japanese level is still low.