You know you’ve been WKing when



… yup.


When I get into a rhythm with WK I am double pressing enter very rapidly with each entry, unless I’m not sure about an answer. I even rebound my Capslock key to a secondary enter… anyway, now I sometimes finding myself double tapping Enter when I write something in other places just by habit.


After my Japanese exchange student went back to Japan, she told her English Conversation teacher that she thought I knew more kanji than she (the student) did. I’m assuming it’s for similar reasons, since she used to watch me do my reviews.


Every time you open your computer you’re bombarded by notifications for reviewing things and your Internet browser’s default pages are WK, KW, and memrise (I guess this is kind of srs in general things, but whatever).


…when you shout ‘BUT WHY IS THE CIRCUS IN THE TREE’ in the middle of a cafe (構) :weary:

UPDATE: Since posting this, I’ve got 構 correct every single time. Complaining really works .__.


When you are on this forum rather than doing a task that was due about last week…

"… you read Japanese by going “kai-something-something-suru… I have no idea what that means, but the first kanji is ‘meet’”. Vegas Ved
I was doing this in front of my exchange student, and she would laugh and then read them out for me, so I could read the whole sentence :joy:

Also when your speaking your lessons out loud and you sister thinks its your other sister talking to them self, but then realises its their crazy sibling upstairs…


I work next to a Chinese guy two days a week. As soon as he realised I was learning Kanji, we started doing comparison sessions with hanzi/kanji. It’s been fun – he says I write characters like his seven year old, boggles at how many readings there are for some characters, and we try to find the differences and similarities. He likes to test me – both my reading for handwritten characters, and my ability to generate kanji from memory. I am so bad at generating kanji, although my recognition is not bad.

I know I’ve been WKing when I start seeing his browser window and getting an idea of what he’s talking about…


Man. You even wake up at like 2am and do the reviews ? How can I win the race :frowning:


well, I fail again and again at doing this :smiley: Lost another 4 hours this week -.-
But I will only be able to do so until next week probably, as from thereone I will have to go to university. And then I will probably fall back to like 9 days, even if I hope to be able to keep the 7 days


You know the meaning for 裏口 is either “back door” or “rear entrance,” so of course you type “back entrance,” and then “rear door,” and then finally “butt stuff” out of spite.


When finally graduating from NHK EZ to NHK proper. Today I bought my first 朝日新聞 and was able to read the article on the front page about collapsing neutron stars, gravitational waves, and the origin of heavy elements. Not only a 画期的 day for science, but for me personally. Thanks WK!


…when you stop all the conversation around the table because you just realised that your sushi is 鮮魚, and you can read it, and you inform everyone at the table that you can read it and people look at you a bit funny.


(depending on how culturally knowledgeable the people you are around are)
… when you have given up on correcting people and are known as the “Chinese learning person”


…when you giggle while reading something at a Chinese restaurant because it literally translates to “river beef.”
…when you look at a menu at a Japanese restaurant and go “Well, this is ‘meat,’ and this is ‘salt,’ so I guess it’s salte- oh, there’s the English. It’s actually pork broth.”
…when you read Japanese news, get excited that you’re understanding what it’s saying, then realize what you’re reading and feel terrible. “中学生。。。自殺。。。やったーwait, that’s terrible!”
…when you add the Japanese keyboard to both your home and work computers so you can swap on the fly, and on your phone so you can reduce the amount of kana errors you make during reviews.

Those are the ones I’ve experienced recently, at least.


This is very much true :sweat_smile:
If we were actually learning Chinese, though, they probably would think it’s Japanese…


That just happened to me with the head story on NHK Easy tonight!
大きな火事 店や家が30以上焼ける :frowning:


You have 150 reviews, but it takes too long to do them and when you finally finish there is another 75 reviews waiting for you.


You think typing so many random words would help your typing skills, but instead, all you’ve learned is how to type words close enough to the correct word that you won’t get the word counted wrong.


If i get what you’re saying, then I can definitely relate. I think i first experienced this with 別. there was betsuni, there was betsuno, there was betsu and betsubetsu and so forth. I just learned that i had to type “separate” and it would be close enough to let me move on.


I also had a moment in one of my recent reviews where I got auto-corrected to “evil begets email” for 悪因悪果. That’s… totally what it means, right?