You know you’ve been WKing when


…You mess get angry at the app for marking “bug” as wrong when the answer was “insect” (Countless examples of this)
…You swear you won’t have as many reviews the following day since your queue was 0, but you’re greeted with 150+
…You start noticing the kanjis you’ve studied pretty much everywhere, specially in credits!

How can you guys tell you’ve been WKing?


… you wake up with bags under your eyes because reviews made an attempt to assassinate you the night before.
… you read Japanese by going “kai-something-something-suru… I have no idea what that means, but the first kanji is ‘meet’”.
… you’re on forums when you should be sleeping.


… you read Japanese by going “kai-something-something-suru… I have no idea what that means, but the first kanji is ‘meet’”.

lmfao 10/10


…when you’re like “I don’t think WK taught me that one yet” only for jisho to tell you it was in level 5.

…when you find a really useful compound of kanji WK has taught you, and get annoyed that it didn’t teach you that specific compound.


… you get excited to level up because the next level has that one kanji you’ve seen everywhere

Never have I ever related to something so strongly


You know you’ve been WKing when you know 4 different words for “action” by level 12 (5 if you consider 事).


so relatable…

also reading a text and seeing a compound ends in 県 leads to me immediately marking that part as unimportant and not even trying to decipher what the hell is written there :smiley: (same goes for 市 and 選手 (no need to try and understand names))


guess how many words for dictionary just popped up :smiley:



My experience with learning the word dictionary in Japanese:

  1. “Okay, so this textbook tells me the word for dictionary is じしょ. Alright, pretty simple”
  2. “Wait, this other resource says it’s じてん. There’s probably a good reason as to why these two resources are using different words”
  3. “But hang on, the second resource is now saying じしょ is also right… What?”
  4. “Okay now this site is telling me it’s じびき. What.


moreover it there are multiple ways to spell じてん (at least leading to different kind of dictionarys)
辞典 (dictionary, lexicon)
字典 (kanji dictionary)
and to make things more complicated
事典 (encyclopedia)
probably already forgot at least one :smiley:

all directly after 辞書 (じしょ)
and well about じびき I only know it in hiragana thus far, don’t know wether wk will teach me a kanji version.


Just wait until you learn seven different verbs for “shake”. :sweat_smile:


when this happens in Burn reviews… X_x


That’s the worst!!!


… when you set your alarm to wake you up at 2 am on a weekday to do reviews.
… when you sneak off at work as stealthily as possible to quickly guru those radicals.
… when you learn a new vocab, but you are not satisfied until you know the kanji spelling so you can rationalise why it’s pronounced the way it is.


or you get angry because your alarm didn’t go off at 2 am and you lost 5 hours :smiley:


or when it goes off but you just sleep through it.
or when you it wakes you up, but you are more or less still asleep and you just ruin it for yourself when you do the reviews.


…you get slightly irritated when you’re in the midst of review session in which you’ll go up a level, and you’re interrupted with something “important”.
…you get excited to learn a kanji you’ve seen countless times before but had no idea how to read it.
…you experience the disappointment of failing a burn review.


You must hate yourself :joy:.

I just do 'em at my desk :yum:.


…the teacher and other students in your Japanese 101 class look at you funny because you don’t know to ask someone their name - but you are able to read the kanji for ‘arable land’.

…you do the first 26 radical lessons, find you have nothing more to do then assume you must be the first person this has ever happened to and make a new thread on the forum.