Where to start with third party apps?

Hello - new Wanikani user here! Liking it so far (although having to wait 3 days for a review seems a bit much…)

Looking at this board there seems to be a load of awesome third party apps / extensions etc available to help improve the wanikani experience and aid learning - Although this thread here (/t/List-of-API-and-Third-Party-Apps/5495/1) gives a list of some of them, which is helpful, there are a LOT of them so it’s a bit overwhelming for a guppy such as myself, so I wondered if anyone could help by just telling me what apps they use personally, and summarising how they fit that into their routine / use of wanikani, so i can figure out what a good all around ‘starter pack’ of apps would be if that’s not too much trouble.

I imagine this sort of thing would also be of use to other newcomers!

I use chrome, i’m on a mac and have an iphone. I am also using anki and going through textfugu (half way through season 2)


I’m using:

Wanikani real numbers - To show how many reviews and lessons you actually have (instead of 42+)
Wanikani real times - To show when reviews actually are (instead of ~2hours, doesn’t work for me though).
Wanikani level duration - To show how long I’ve been on this level
Wanikani review order - To order reviews by radicals first, kanji second and vocab third and adding the meaning and reading together
Wanikani override - be careful with this one, but it lets you ignore wrong answers. Planning on deleting this as I level up and the pace picks up. Never use this to check the actual answer and then ignore your previous. I only use it for typos or if the correct answer pops into my head as soon as I press enter (happens more often than it should).

I make typos way more often than I’d like to admit and I’d be willing to bet it has delayed me by a semi-significant amount of time. So override will be very helpful.  It seems like I’m constantly mistyping by just one letter/character or failing to notice the reading/meaning message which is hugely irritating. 

I’ve only installed the part-of-speech addon since the extra edict definitions are nice to have. Thinking of installing the KunOn addon and Override since I sometime type before I look at what is being asked (mixing up meaning/reading) and do silly typos. I don’t want to add anything that changes order though since I kinda like the randomness.

I don’t think Kun-On works anymore.  I think the last post in that thread is mine.  I tried debugging it.  Seems to be looking for a key that simply isn’t present, and I don’t know how to contact the author.

Personally the only extensions I use is parts of speech and the timeline.