Tablet / Mobile game to get more practice : Beta Testers?


I built a small and boring Android game to help me churn through vocab to bring my mind back up to speed after a long study gap. It’s a quick drag-and-drop to match vocab with pronunciation and meanings. I’m looking at it as “study” for the WaniKani “test” so that I don’t move backwards on too many items.

Would anyone be interested in an app like this? Or are there WaniKani integrated apps like this around already that you’d recommend that I can just jump into instead of making more of my own?


I think it’s a fine idea; there aren’t many mobile apps for WaniKani yet. This would a new way to drill WaniKani on mobile.

Whether you have time to support an app is up to you, of course.

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There is an unofficial WaniKani app called AlliCrab.

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What I personally would love will be an application to do kanji writing practice in a phone or tablet. Like the writing part of KanjiSenpai, but working against WaniKani instead of the subpar vocabulary list KanjiSenpai uses.

KanjiBox has KanjiDraw and they have all the Wanikani kanji sets.

Can’t find KanjiBox on Play Store. I suppose it is an iOS only app.

Skritter has this.

For that name I only find a chinese learning app.

PS: forget it, it appears now on my phone. Gonna try it.

PPS: this application looks interesting, but it doesn’t does what I wanted, that is use WK kanji order, definition, etcetera. It also does an strange trick embellishing your strokes that I’m not sure I really like, I prefer the KanjiSenpai way of guiding you to write it properly and when you finish compare it to the model so you can see the differences in stroke length, space between strokes and the like.

PPS: in the web version, I could enmable the WaniKani lists.

PPPS: WOW, this app is pricey.

Yep, WK lists can be enabled online and are then usable on mobile. The embellishing can be turned off through settings. I guess it can be considered pricey :thinking:. Though it is the only comprehensive solution I have found.