These lessons are like life. Slow at the start, but rapidly speeds up after the tutorial levels. After you graduate, pain xD I jest, congratulations!

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i am so happy but i know its going to be painful down the road

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Pain is easiest endured with friends. The friends you make here can make it possible to progress far faster than one would alone. Best of luck :smiley:

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correct me if im wrong

WK doesnt give u readings for radicals but it does for kanji

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is there even a such thing as a “reading” for a radical? only a meaning, right?

radicals have names. radicals do not have readings.
radicals dont have meanings.


This is correct. The radicals are put in place just to help you recognize different parts of kanji, and using these radicals, they create their mnemonics to tell “stories” that help you remember the meanings and readings of the kanji/vocab.

In short: there are no readings for radicals.


another quick question for u

if WK gives me the kunyomi reading and when im reviewing i enter the onyomi reading does that count as incorrect or correct?

Usually it will give you the opportunity to change it and show a prompt along the lines of: “we’re looking for the on’yomi reading”, or vice versa.

EDIT: This is the case with single kanji. But for vocabulary words with multiple kanji, it will be incorrect.

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Not quite true. It’s the case only with kanji items. With any vocabulary item, be it single kanji ro multiple kanji, it wil be incorrect.


How to use WK in three easy steps.

  1. Type the vocab reading when it wants the kanji reading, or meaning when it wants a reading, or meaning when it wants a reading, or radical name when it wants a meaning or reading, or reading or meaning when it wants a radical name, etc.

  2. Don’t forget to accidentally waste the chance to see the correct answer after you make a mistake, you must hit the enter button immediately so that you make the same error again and again until eventually the correct answer bludgeons it’s way to the front of your mind and your % accuracy is floored.

  3. Cry.

This is a joke post, don’t sweat it too much :stuck_out_tongue:


is there a WK app?

Yeah I meant kanji vs. vocabulary.

I’m not sure, actually.

There are 3rd party apps but nothing officially sanctioned by WaniKani. They work well though.

i read there was i believe but the android version is 3rd party

so if i want to learn on WK im restricted to basically only my computer

if so, that sucks

They’re third party, but work perfectly fine (speaking for the Android one, anyway).


There is no official app as far as I know.