Yay! Level 60!

Congratulations to the first Olympian to get cake!!! Yay!!!

Love your advice and agree 150% on joining a level up group. The friendly banter and support keeps you going… and those that get to the top send inspiration your way! Again、congrats.


Thank you all!!

Glad I could help! It is definitely worth giving it a try. You’ll level up slower, but I think it is better in the long run.


Are you sure about the “don’t do all lessons at once” thing? I just started but I’ve been doing all lessons/reviews as soon as they pop up, because I wanna progress! Is this counterproductive? But wouldn’t only doing 10-20 a day be very slow?


Just from my own perspective (I’m only level 28), it was very manageable in my earlier levels, but increasingly started to get pretty crazy.

Here is my heat map (a downloadable script from Kumi):


From left to right, the colors are as follows:

  • Less than 50 reviews
  • 50~100 reviews
  • 100~200 reviews
  • 200~400 reviews
  • 400+ reviews

In summary, the darker the color, the more reviews. The black squares are days I leveled up. You can see in the earlier levels, I never had more than 250~300 reviews a day on a heavy day. You’re level 3, so you’re probably right around there now/will get there soon.

But it gets progressively “worse” as you level up and learn more items and the reviews begin compounding. On some of the very dark-colored days, I was doing 400~450 reviews.

If that works for you, that’s totally fine! But to @Pep95’s point, it’s starting to get pretty time-consuming for me, so I might try to incorporate some spacing out of my lessons.


I did around twenty a day, and it’s sufficient to level up at basically the max possible speed. :slight_smile:

The only things that matters for leveling up are radicals and 90% of that levels kanji.

If you do radicals the moment they pop, you can spread the rest of the kanji and vocab that is unlocked until the radicals Guru 72 hours later. If you polish off the remaining kanji then, and focus on vocab the next 72 hours, you level at near max speed.

I personally didn’t want to do real max speed, since at 6 days and 20 hours, that means your sleep schedule becomes ridiculous.

Then you just have to make sure to always do the 150ish reviews you get a day. 200ish reviews after Burns start.

As @_Shiori points out, those many reviews get strenuous. I didn’t hit 300+ reviews in one day until somewhere in the 50s or high 40s.


I think I’m going to steal this idea :’) Do radicals and kanji first, then just spread out the vocab.

The gajillion vocab lessons that unlock after you level up really kill me lol.


Probably depending on how different people remember things, this is so real. I have had many times where I answer without reading closely because words from the same level appear in a row during review, then trip on a visually similar kanji to another from that level.


As @_Shiori said, in the earlier levels, go ahead and do as much as you want, but be careful to not get too used to that, because I couldn’t really go back when I discovered it wasn’t a good idea anymore at around level 40 or something. At some point those lessons become a bit overwhelming. 130 lessons in one go is definitely something you want to make time for. :yum:

If you look at my heat map, you can also see that it started to become more and more ridiculous after January. I had to take a break in July just because if was getting out of hand.


Yay! You did it! Congrats! :partying_face:

image What a fitting amount of likes :eyes::durtle_love:


Pep will receive my appreciation and there’s nothing they can do about it fwahaha


Thanks for the congrats though :tada::slight_smile:


Congrats ! :muscle:


Thank you!




The reasons dietitians/nutritionists/IG influencers/etc recommend whole grains are:

  • More fiber - It does, but not by much. In a fiber/calorie ratio, vegetables win anytime. If you eat veggies, you’re fine with fiber.

  • More vitamins/minerals - Yes, they do have this. What explains this is what whole grains are less processed, their seeds have literally more “layers”. If there’s more of the seed, there’s more vitamins and minerals (and fiber). The thing is, more phytates (or phytic acid) are there too. This acts as an inhibitor to minerals like iron and magnesium. One cannot argue that whole grains have more of x and ignore that they also have more of y which inhibits absorption of x.

  • Slower digestion - sure, it makes sense. If the seed is less processed, it will take longer to digest it. This isn’t significant however. It’s also not like you just eat whole rice as a meal and that’s it. There’s also vegetables and protein sources slowing down digestion. Actually, a good trick with reducing the insulin response post-meal is to actually leave the carbohydrate sources to the end of the meal (so u’d start with the steak and veggies over starting with the rice for example).

  • Heck, they might go for whole grains and add more sodium to the product just to have it not taste as bad and fool you into believing it’s healthier. There are tricks.

To sum up, it’s up to you. Go for what you enjoy the most (or for the cheaper products cuz :moneybag: is important). Health-wise, it’s tricky to say which one is best.




Just to add to this question, I only just discovered Confusion Guesser, and it’s the absolute best to squash my leeches. A few minutes in and I already solidified what my problem was for three pretty big leeches.


Now I feel guilty for pressuring you into mentioning my script in your level 60 thread - that was not my intention XD

Oh, and congratulations for reaching level 60! :crabigator:


There was no pressure don’t worry, just hope more people discover this script :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: I was mostly disappointed that I didn’t use it before, and wanted to make sure that people get to this script asap :slight_smile:

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Just realized I forgot to congratulate you!

So… Congratulations! Proficiat! Gefeliciteerd!


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