Registering a kindle to Japan

I have bought a new Kindle Oasis which I want to use for Japanese content. I have read several threads here on how to register a kindle in Japan but I still have problems to do so.

I currently have an account with Amazon (Germany) and with Amazon (Japan) with my real postal address (in Germany), two different email addresses and two different passwords.

I tried to open yet another account with planning to use a Japanese address. In the course of creating this account I am asked for an email address (I used yet another one) which was then verified by sending a temporary password to this email address. In the next step I was asked for a mobile phone number. I gave the only number that I have and was told that there already is an account connected to this phone number. I could have continued but my existing account would have been cancelled then.

So I gave up the idea of creating a second “Japanese” account with I then tried to change the region of my existing account, but this didn’t work either. I get the message:


Clicking on “Manage Your Content and Devices” just reloads the same page.


i have two separate accounts for and for the rest of amazon. i can’t remember giving my phone number, but if i did, that wasn’t a problem.

the real clincher for me was giving a japanese shipping address. i used to get a legit shipping address, it’s free as long as you don’t use it for physical items.

you can give the multiple shipping addresses. that way you might not have to make two accounts there? i just have to make sure to have the right address selected when buying stuff which they can’t sell overseas (e.g. digital versions of manga).


I’ve got this message sometimes trying to order Kindle books with my account and what worked was using a VPN (set to a Japan location) for making the order.

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I think I’ll mostly second what has already been said, but for the record:

  • I use two addresses
  • Kindle uses a Japanese one for my “location”, but for the billing/credit card details I use the overseas one and it’s working fine (for Kindle only, I wasn’t able to buy music and audiobooks with the overseas billing address, but it wasn’t that important for me)
  • I only ever used VPN for the very first purchase (but I did use it)
  • I think the most worrying thing is that you cannot access “Manage Your Content and Devices” page, as this is where you change your Kindle region which is separate from the addresses list

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There was no way of avoiding this step? I think back then I skipped it.
Recently, Amazon JP always keeps asking me to add a phone number and I decline.

You can’t create an account without giving a phone number. They use it to confirm your login.

Bummer… A couple of years ago this was not a requirement…

Somehow, I have an account on, using the same mail address and password as my french account and I can buy on and even use a japanese kindle account… I think my Iphone and Ipad can make the difference between the 2 that’s why I can do that I think…
It’s weird that you need to be a japanese customer to use when delivers to other countries

It’s about the rights to the digital distribution something something. Which would be fine if digital Japanese version of the books would be available in the other regions too, but they aren’t :roll_eyes:
I agree it should work as with importing physical items, eh. :confused:

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